What is the Strongest mob in Minecraft ? All hostile Minecraft mobs ranked strongest to weakest

What is the strongest mob in minecraft ? Minecraft is a survival game at heart. This survival aspect places players against a plethora of different hostile mobs across the game’s different dimensions. However, not all of these hostile mobs are created equally, with some having more health or dealing more damage than others.

Minecraft’s hostile mobs unleash their full fury on players


The warden is by far the strongest mob in the game. It has more than twice the hearts of the next highest health mob in the game: the ender dragon. Additionally, the warden has a ranged attack that tracks players and can go through blocks. Lastly, the warden’s melee attack can kill even heavily armored players in only a few hits.


The Wither is an optional boss and is much more deadly than the ender dragon. It can shoot explosive shots that destroy the environment around the player and can become invulnerable to regenerate health. Killing the wither is incredibly useful, as it will drop a nether star which will allow players to make a beacon, one of the best ways for players to buff themselves in the game.

what is the strongest mob in minecraft

Ender Dragon

The ender dragon is Minecraft’s original final boss. It drops a gargantuan amount of XP when first killed, enough to gain over 60 levels from level 0. The dragon is a major boss fight and ordeal for new players, but often not too difficult for veteran players, with beds making the fight even easier. The dragon still ranks this high due to how much health it has and how much damage it can potentially deal.

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Elder Guardian

Elder Guardians are so dangerous that many players consider them more than a regular mob, more of a miniboss that branches the gap between Minecraft’s regular hostile mobs and bosses. They are tanky, can debuff players with mining fatigue, deal damage to the player when they are attacked and have a laser that deals a lot of damage.


Ravagers are an incredibly dangerous and the single most deadly mob in the game. They drop a huge amount of XP, have tons of health, and can deal incredible amounts of damage to the player if they can close the gap and get in melee.


Shulkers are one of the most dangerous mobs in the game and make the end a perilous place. They will teleport to avoid the player, spawn in large numbers, and can shoot homing projectiles around corners. The projectiles will cause the player to float, and if they chain the hits too much, the player will drop to death.


Blaze is one of the Nether’s most dangerous additions. They can fly, often meaning they are out of reach of the player. Additionally, they can see through walls, meaning they always know where the player is. The fireballs they shoot, while inaccurate, do decent damage and set the player on fire for large damage over time.


Vexes are small flying sprites summoned by the evoker. As mentioned, they are pretty small and can fly, which is where most of their danger comes from, as they can be anywhere around the player and have small, hard-to-hit hitboxes. They can also deal decent damage to players and group up on them if the evoker continues to summon them.

Wither Skeleton

Wither skeletons are a nether exclusive mob, often found in nether fortresses. They have a chance to drop wither skulls, which can be used to spawn the Wither boss. The main danger of wither skeletons is the damage they deal, both directly and over time, through the wither debuff, which is a more deadly version of poison.

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Creepers are Minecraft’s most iconic mob. They are silent until they begin to explode, at which point they hiss. These explosions can significantly damage, especially if the creeper is close to the player. Creepers are even more deadly if they are charged by lighting and are almost guaranteed to kill the player.


The witch is an interesting mob because of how many different things they can do during combat. They can hit players with slowness and weakness potions to debuff them. They can also hit players with potions of harm. Witches can also buff themselves with water breathing, fire resistance, or swiftness and heal themselves mid-combat.


Guardians are a deadly mob for a few different reasons. They deal decent damage to the player if they get one of their laser attacks off. They also deal damage back to the player when their spikes are extended, and they have to be fought underwater, which is always more annoying than surface fights.


Ghasts are one of the two classic nether mobs. They are deadly due to their huge sight range, meaning they can often aggro the player before they have a chance to see them. The shots they launch at the player are explosive, destroying netherrack, meaning players can be dropped into lava or off cliffs if they are not careful.


Hoglins are large pig-beasts found in the Nether, often hunted by piglins. They have a large amount of health, deal a decent amount of damage, and can be an unexpected death if they manage to corner the player or run into the player near the edge of a cliff.

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Zoglins are the zombified version of the hoglin. They are statistically the same as the hoglin, but whenever a hoglin enters the end of the overworld, it will be converted into a zoglin. They rank slightly lower than hoglins just because they are technically rarer.


Vindicators are effectively the illager version of the piglin brute. They have all of the same advantages: high health and damage and reasonable XP drop rates, but also only spawn in limited numbers in woodland mansions and, once killed, will not respawn.

Piglin Brutes

Piglin brutes drop a lot of XP, have a lot of health, and deal a lot of damage. However, what holds them back from making it to the upper part of the list is that they only spawn in limited numbers within bastion remnants and will not respawn once they are gone.

what is the strongest mob in minecraft


Drowned is the underwater variant of zombies. While this makes them less common, should the player not go in the water, they are considerably more dangerous if they spawn with tridents. These tridents deal a lot of damage and can be thrown by the drowned very quickly, which causes them to deal a ton of damage to players who are not prepared.

Skeleton horseman

Skeleton horsemen are very similar to spider jockeys. They make the skeleton more deadly by increasing its mobility. Rather than adding climbing to the skeleton, however, the skeleton horseman is much faster than base skeletons or spider jockeys, making it very hard for players to escape them.

Spider Jockey

Spider Jockeys are a classic rare Minecraft mob, the thing of myth back in the beta days. They have all of the dangers of skeletons but with the added mobility of spiders. This means they can climb walls to reach the player, deal damage at range, and have a decently dangerous melee attack. They are a triple threat of pain.

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