What is the rarest pokemon in Pokemon go? The 12 Rarest Pokemon in ‘Pokemon Go’

What is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go? Pokémon GO might have been something that came and went to the casual Pokémon fan or someone who just jumped on the wave, but for fans of the game, it’s been something that has stuck.

There are still millions of players dedicated to it and with over 900 Pokémon in-game, it can feel like the journey is never-ending. For those interested in going the extra step, we’ve compiled a list of the twelve rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO. We’ll explain why they’re rare and how you can hope to catch them.


For a Pokémon that’s technically available to catch in the wild, Archen is one of the rarest Pokémon in the game. Perhaps that’s rightfully so, considering it’s a Fossil-type Pokémon. It’s incredibly unlikely you’ll have ever come across an Archen, even back in the day when it was available in 7km eggs. As of now, you can only find Archen in 10km eggs. Archen is known globally by the game’s community as one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO worth seeking out.


As of right now, Azelf can only spawn in North America, Central America, South America, and Greenland regions, which means if you’re not in one of those, there’s 0 chance you’ll see one in the wild and even if you are in those regions, there’s still an incredibly low chance you’ll see one. The only way players outside of those regions can hope to catch one is by battling it in a raid.


The Dragon-type Pokémon Goomy made its debut in 2021 and wasn’t particularly difficult to get a hold of then. But ever since, it’s been difficult to catch. You can currently catch a Goomy from a 10km egg, special walking rewards, and by seeing them in the wild, which we wouldn’t bank on.

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Kecleon’s arrival in Pokémon GO was a big moment for fans because it was the first Generation III Pokémon that got added in nearly four years. Getting a Kecleon isn’t as easy as finding one on a map, but if you know what to do, it’s also not the most difficult thing in the world. What you need to do is spin a bunch of PokéStops until you find one blocked by an invisible creature, which will reveal itself to be Kecleon.

what is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go


Along with Azelf, Mesprit is another Legendary Pokémon that can spawn in the wild. Also like Azelf though, if you’re not in certain regions, you’ll have no chance of that happening. Mesprit can only be found in Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East. Even if you’re not in one of these regions, it is possible, albeit highly unlikely that you’ll battle a Mesprit through a raid.


Not only is Noibat hard to obtain in the first place, but if you were hoping to quickly evolve it into Noivern, you might have to put a pause on that because you need 400 Noibat candy, which can take a while to acquire. A great tip is that these are slightly more likely to appear in raids during cloudy and windy weather. This Generation VI creature is certainly up there when it comes to mentioning the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Pikachu Libre

Pikachu Libre is rare in the sense that it takes a lot of skill to get one, but no luck. Players can get this costumed Pikachu by reaching Rank 24 in the GO Battle League, which is the top rank, meaning you’ll have to fight and win against the best of the best to get it.

With all of the updates the league has seen in recent years, this one only gets harder and harder. This cool alternate version of the world-famous electric mouse stands out as one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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Rotom hasn’t been available in the game 100% of the time, so for a while, your only chance of getting it was through a trade. There are six variations of this Pokémon, with Wash and Mow being the only ones released.

They were available for a limited time through events, which is why trading with a player who has them is the only way to get them. Otherwise, hold out for another rare appearance during a future event.


Neither Salazzle nor its base form Salandit can be found in the wild. Salandit is in the 12km egg pool, but not only do you need to land on one to turn it into a Salazzle, but you also need to land on a female one, which again decreases your chances of obtaining a Salazzle greatly. Of course, that’s not saying anything about the 50 Candy you’ll also need.


Like Archen, Tirtouga is another Fossil-type Pokémon that’s frustratingly difficult to catch in Pokémon GO. If you didn’t get it from 7km eggs during the February 2020 Fossil event that it first appeared in, then you likely haven’t come across one at all. They’re now available in 10km eggs at tier 2 rarity.


Uxie is the last of the three Legendary Pokémon that you can find in the wild and this one is locked to Asia-Pacific. Do your best to find someone in another region during raids and hope you can get some luck that way, or save up for a very expensive Pokémon GO trip.


Last up, Unown. There are players who have been playing this game religiously for years with hundreds of thousands of catches who have only seen one or two of these in the wild. Outside of events like GO Fest, where Unown F and Unown G were a little more common, these are almost impossible to just run into.

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what is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go


Salazzle is one of the rarest Pokémon in the game right now. Sadly, it cannot be found in the wild, nor can its base form Salandit. The only way to acquire it is to hatch a male Salandit and evolve to Salazzle. Female Salandits do not evolve. To make matters even worse, this Pokémon only comes from 12 km eggs, which only come from defeating Team Rocket Leaders.

Scatterbug and its evolutions are hard to find, too. They cannot spawn in the wild. Rather, an encounter occurs when players save enough postcard stamps from a given region.

Kecleon debuted recently. While it can theoretically spawn anywhere, you’d never know it. It hides on Pokéstops, so unless you are paying close attention, you might spin it and not realize it’s even there.

Spiritomb was available for a Halloween event. Since then, it’s not returned to the wild, so most players don’t even have one. Meltan can spawn from the Let’s Go! boxes with Pokémon Home, but it otherwise cannot be found at all.

Jangmo-o, and its subsequent evolutions, are very rare. It can be hatched from a 1o km egg, but is one of the rarest hatches. It hardly ever spawns in the wild, though. If you see one nearby, it is advised to go get it.

Axew, which evolves into Fraxure and then Haxorus, suffers from the same rarity that Jangmo-o does. Krookodile does, too, and it doesn’t ever spawn in the wild.

Noibat just had a community day, but it is otherwise almost impossible to get. It’s a rare hatch from 10 km eggs and it hardly ever pops up in the wild. Goomy didn’t have community day, but the same logic applies.

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