What is the Rarest item in Minecraft ? Top 10 rarest items in Minecraft

What is the rarest item in minecraft ? Minecraft is one of the most peaceful sandbox games to ever exist. The amount of things that can be done in Minecraft is just limited by the player’s creativity. Many items can be found, crafted, traded, or looted in the vast world. But like every other game, Minecraft has some items which are rarer than others, and you need to be lucky or persistent to get your hands on them.

These 10 items in Minecraft are some of the difficult finds

10) Music Discs

Music discs are unique items that can be played in a jukebox to produce music. Minecraft has 13 different music discs, each with a fantastic song and color. Getting music discs is a rarity since there are only two ways to acquire them.

9) Emerald Ore

You can find them in dungeon chests or make a skeleton shoot and kill a creeper. The latter method is challenging and risky, as it requires carefully orchestrating the encounter without losing life. You can also capture a skeleton and creeper and set up a method where the skeleton shoots the creeper.

The lifeblood of the trading system of Minecraft, Emeralds, are very rare to find naturally in Minecraft. Emerald Ore is the rarest ore in Minecraft, beating even Ancient debris. It can only be discovered in mountain biomes, hidden in veins of one to two blocks.

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Spotting Emerald Ore can be pretty tricky due to its sprawling nature. You’ll need an iron pickaxe, or a higher-tiered one to mine Emerald Ore. Emerald Ore is approximately 30 times rarer than diamond ore, making it a real challenge to find.

what is the rarest item in minecraft

8) Sponge

The sponge is a unique block that can absorb water, transforming into a wet sponge. It comes in handy for clearing large water areas or building underwater structures. Sponges are rare because they can only be discovered in ocean monuments. These underwater structures are guarded by older and regular guardians, making searching for the sponge a daring adventure. E

Exploring the ocean monument is necessary, and you must locate the randomly generated sponge rooms to find sponge blocks. Additionally, players need to navigate past or defeat the guardians.

7) Pigstep Music Disc

Pigstep Music Disc is a different music disc that can only be found in bastion remnants chests in the Nether. It stands out from other music discs with its red color and funky tune composed by Lena Raine. Bastion remnants are difficult to find and explore, and the chests within them hold only a low chance of containing the Pigstep Music Disc.

6) Mob heads

Mob heads are items resembling the heads of players or mobs. They are exceptionally rare in Minecraft, as can only be obtained when a charged creeper explodes, resulting in the demise of another mob or player. A charged creeper is a creeper struck by lightning.

To get a mob head, the player must get a charged creeper close to another mob or player and make it explode within a 3-block radius of the target. This causes the target’s head to drop as an item, which can be collected and used as a decorative block.

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5) Wither Skeleton Skull

The Wither skeleton skull is essential to summon the Wither boss. It is rare because it can only be obtained by defeating wither skeletons, hostile mobs found in nether fortresses within the Nether dimension.

However, getting a wither skeleton skull is not guaranteed, as it only has a 2.5% chance of dropping when killed by a player. Using a sword with the Looting enchantment can increase the stakes slightly, but it remains a luck-based item.

4) Elytra

The Elytra is an item that allows you to fly when equipped. Elytra is a rare find because it is only found in End cities. To reach the End cities, the player must first defeat the Ender Dragon and access an end gateway portal near the main island.

Afterward, players must explore the outer islands and find an End city with a ship structure. Inside the ship, you can find the Elytra within an item frame. The steps leading to getting Elytra are very long, making it rare when you finally get one since not all End cities spawn with the ship. So, good luck!

what is the rarest item in minecraft

3) Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted golden apples or God apples, or Notch’s apples are the rarest food items in Minecraft, giving several beneficial effects like regeneration, absorption, resistance, and fire resistance for a limited time. They are also exceptionally rare because they can no longer be crafted like regular golden apples.

The only way to obtain enchanted golden apples is by finding them in chests scattered throughout dungeons, mineshafts, desert temples, woodland mansions, or bastion remnants.

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2) Nether Star

As mentioned earlier, after players get Wither skeleton skulls, they can summon Wither. The Wither is one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. But once the player defeats the Wither, it drops a Nether Star. The Nether Star is a valuable item used to craft a beacon, providing players with various buffs.

To spawn Wither, players need three Wither skeleton skulls, which is a behemoth of a task, and defeating Wither boss afterward, certainly makes the Nether Star one of the rare items in the game.

1) Dragon Egg

The ultimate trophy for Minecraft World – The Dragon Egg, is obtainable after the final battle of Minecraft. The Dragon Egg is the only item that can be obtained from the End dimension and can only be obtained once per world.

To get the Dragon Egg, the player must defeat the Ender Dragon. The dragon will explode once it is defeated and create a portal back to the Overworld, and a Dragon Egg will appear on top of a bedrock pillar. To collect the egg, players will need to break the block under it, make it fall on a torch, or use a piston to push it.

Above is information what is the rarest item in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is the rarest item in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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