What is the most popular Pokemon? 10 most popular Pokemon of all time

What is the most popular pokemon? With over 1,000 different creatures in the Pokemon franchise, there are bound to be a few that hold a special place in the hearts of the fans. Whether it be due to their appearance in the anime or in one of the many titles in the franchise, there are always certain creatures that are more popular with the playerbase than others.

Out of the grand total of 1,010 creatures in the series so far, there is a long list of candidates for the franchise’s most notable monsters. Here are 10 of the most recognizable and popular creatures.

Pokemon’s top 10 most popular species

1) Rayquaza

Emerald was the first game that many long-time fans started their journeys with. As such, they are going to have fond memories of the creature that was showcased on the box art for this game, Rayquaza. Being the peacekeeper between Groudon and Kyogre, the Legendary Pokemon also made an appearance as a fightable boss in the story mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

2) Gardevoir

Many fans of the franchise are aware of why Gardevoir is as popular as it is, and it is not because of the creature’s powerful base stats or typing. Regardless, Gardevoir has become one of the most popular Psychic-types in the franchise, even surpassing Alakazam, the original Psychic-type from the first generation.

3) Garchomp

Garchomp’s great design and important role in the fourth generation of games as Champion Cynthia’s ace has made it as the monster of choice for many players looking to add a Dragon-type to their team. Thankfully, Garchomp has made an appearance in almost every mainline game since its debut, so players can always find a way to add one to their team.

4) Greninja

Greninja is one of the most interesting creatures in the franchise who sadly fell off incredibly hard due to neglect from the developers. Greninja’s awesome design, paired with its unique form of Ash-Greninja, only cemented the frog as one of the coolest creatures in the anime. Players could also obtain a special Greninja in the Sun and Moon games that could transform like it did in the anime.

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5) Gengar

Gengar follows the beloved design philosophy of creatures in the franchise of being “friend-shaped.” The loveable devil with a big grin looks like it was formed with an ice cream scooper. This is the creature that made the Ghost-type popular in the franchise, especially among fans with a soft spot for all things spooky.

6) Lucario

Lucario, much like Garchomp and Charizard, has received a sizable amount of love from the developers as it has notable roles in the anime and main series. Lucario was even featured in a movie that was released well before players could add it to their parties, similar to how Zoroark was teased prior to the release of the Black and White games for the Nintendo DS.

What is the most popular Pokemon

7) Mewtwo

Mewtwo needs no introduction. The original Legendary Pokemon and alleged ultimate lifeform, Mewtwo released itself from its containment and went on a full-scale rampage, destroying everything in the lab in which it was created. Even its creators were not spared from its destruction. Every trainer has at least heard of the power incarnate that is Mewtwo.

8) Eevee

Eevee as seen in Origins mini-series (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Eevee is one of the most interesting cases in the franchise, as the species has become a sort of secondary mascot for the series alongside Pikachu. Thanks to the creature having a wide array of evolutions, players can always justify adding one to their team.

9) Charizard

Charizard is easily the most recognizable starter in the franchise. Being the fully-evolved form of the first ever Fire-type starter, as well as having a great reputation in the anime, fans of the franchise have at least one memory with this mighty dragon.

Having two Mega Evolutions, a Gigantimax form, and some of the most valuable trading cards in the world, you would have a hard time finding a gamer who does not know what a Charizard is.

10) Pikachu

Although its popularity with the community has slowly dwindled following the conclusion of the original run of the anime, Pikachu is still the sole advertising force for Game Freak. With millions of cards, plushes, figurines, and many more, it will likely remain at the core of the franchise for generations to come.

10 Most Popular Pokemon From the Original 151, According To Reddit

10. Blastoise – 410 votes

The mascot of Pokémon Blue and final evolution of starter Pokémon Squirtle (until the introduction of Mega Blastoise in Gen VII), Blastoise blasted in as the 10th most popular entrant. The powerful water type is a favorite among Super Smash Bros. fandom.

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In Nintendo Game Boy Red and Blue, a Blastoise can only be gained by evolving a captured Squirtle or Wartortle. Gary is the owner of the first Blastoise we see in the anime series. He has leveled up the Squirtle he received from Professor Oak and battles with him in EP269, “The Ties That Bind.”

9. Snorlax – 433 votes

Sluggish Snorlax had no evolutions until Munchlax was introduced in Gen IV. He is the heaviest Gen 1 Pokémon, weighing 1014lb, and often falls asleep in inconvenient places.

In Red and Blue, players are first introduced to the sleeping giant when he is found blocking Route 12 and another blocking Route 16. Ash has his own Snorlax in the anime, which he catches in episode 14 of Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands.

8. Ninetales – 471 votes

This glamorous and fox-like fire-type is one of the Pokémon Mewtwo captured and cloned in the film Mewtwo Strikes Back. In Blue, players can achieve a Ninetales by evolving a captured Vulpix with a Fire Stone. In Red, you have to trade for them.

In the anime E58 “Riddle Me This,” Blaine uses a Ninetales against Ash in their first Gym battle. This wasn’t the Pokémon’s original debut, however. E38, also known as The Seizure Episode, was banned after airing once in Japan when it caused over 700 people to suffer adverse effects to a strobe lighting scene.

What is the most popular Pokemon

7. Squirtle – 523 votes

Turtle-like Squirtle is one of three starter Pokémon available to players of Red and Blue. Out of all Kanto starter Pokémon, Squirtle has been trained by Ash, May, Gary, and Tierno, making it the most popular starter Pokémon.

“Here Comes the Squirtle Squad!” is one of the highest-rated episodes from the Kanto anime series, first introducing Ash to his Squirtle and audiences to the much-loved trouble-making gang, who have since garnered mentions throughout the Poké-verse. Squirtle and Blastoise are the only two Pokémon in the top 10 to belong to the same evolution!

6.Dragonite – 551 votes

Dragonite is a flying/dragon type and the final evolution of Dratini. Dragonite debuted in the anime EP13 “Mystery at the Lighthouse” as an unknown giant Pokémon that Bill was fascinated by.

It wasn’t until EP112 that Ash was able to add the Pokémon to his Pokédex. Titled “Enter the Dragonite,”this episode is one of the highest-rated episodes of the entire anime series. In Red and Blue, a Dragonite can be achieved by evolving a caught Dragonair.

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5. Eevee – 581 votes

In Pokémon Red and Blue, they can be found in the secret entrance to Celadon Mansion. Gen 1 Eevee had three possible evolutions: Jolteon (via Thunder Stone), Flareon (via Fire Stone), and Vaporeon (via Water Stone). Ash’s first introduction to Eevee was in the episode “The Battling Eevee”in the anime.He didn’t attain his own untilPokémon Journeys: The Series,making her his seventy-fifth Pokémon overall.

4. Bulbasaur – 710 votes

Achieving the highest placement of the starter Pokémon is grass-type Bulbasaur, the first evolution of Venusaur, the mascot of the original Pokémon Green game that was only released in Japan (different to the later released Leaf Green for Game Boy Advanced). Bulbasaur has two evolutions: Ivysaur and Venusaur.

Ash’s Bulbasaur was the third Pokémon he caught in the Kanto region and his fourth overall in the anime. It was also his first grass/poison type and first of the three starter Pokémon. Ash’s Bulbasaur was in his party for 215 episodes, making it the second-longest Pokémon he has owned.

3. Arcanine – 923 votes

Another of the fire-types dominating this list, Arcanine is the dog-like evolution of Growlithe via Fire Stone. In the anime, Gary’s Arcanine debuted in EP63 “The Battle of the Badge,” where it took on Team Rocket leader Giovanni in a gym battle.

Known for its speed and loyalty, the anime showed Arcanine hiding food in its main to take to its young. In Red, a Growlithe can be evolved to attain Arcanine, but in Blue, it must be traded for. It is the only Pokémon species to have “Legendary Pokémon” as the Pokémon category, but unfortunately, it is not considered one of the Legendary Pokémon (like Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo)

2. Gengar – 1056 votes

Spooky boy Gengar is the final evolution of Gastly and Haunter. The ghostly trio first made their appearance in EP23 “The Tower of Terror,” a briefly banned episode due to its name and proximity to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Gengar is one of the two first Pokémon to be shown in battle during the anime opening and games Green and Red, the other being Nidorino. Ken Sugimori, the illustrator of the original 151, has said that Gengar is his favorite Pokémon.

1. Charizard – 1107 votes

With a sweeping victory that surprises no one, the stubborn fire/flying Charizard takes the title of Favorite Pokémon. Charizard is the final evolution of starter Pokémon Charmander (the only starter not in the top 10) and Chameleon. Charizard is also the mascot of Red.

Charizard became a fan favorite during his run, being disobedient to Ash in the anime, ignoring the young trainer who is deemed as unworthy. This mirrors how Pokémon behave in-game if a player doesn’t have enough badges to control them. In 2020, one of the rarest cards, the 1999 ‘Shiny Charizard’ (First Edition Shadowless holographic Charizard #4), sold for over $220,000. Dig out those old cards, people!

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