What is the lizard’s name in frozen 2? Frozen 2’s Bruni And 8 Other Adorable Disney Characters That Deserved More Screen Time

What is the lizard’s name in frozen 2 ? Recently, Disney+ started streaming Frozen 2 a little earlier than expected. In the latest Frozen movie, Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) continue their adventures together and apart. The film gives fans more Elsa, Anna, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), and Olaf (Josh Gad), and it introduces a handful of new Disney characters, including a lizard-like salamander named Bruni.

Bruni’s adorableness only graces our screen for a few minutes, which is unfortunate. Bruni is just one in a long line of Disney characters denied their spotlight. I say no more. It’s time to take these delightful creatures from the sidelines and make them the main attraction.

Bruni (Frozen II)

Bruni is a fire salamander who can turn his whole body into flames as well as shoot them out. He meets Elsa when he attacks the Enchanted Forest out of fear. She uses her ice powers to try to stop the spread of his fire. Once both learn that the other is harmless, they bond.

Bruni has a very small role in Frozen II. I was actually a little surprised with how little the film used this character, considering he was one of the new characters promoted during the marketing process.

His backstory or origin also wasn’t introduced in Frozen II. Maybe Disney has plans to tell us more about Bruni in future spin-offs and movies, but for now, we want to learn much more about this fire spirit creature. Not just because he’s adorable, but because we’re sure he has many great stories to tell.

what is the lizard's name in frozen 2

Gus (Cinderella)

Octavius, Gus for short, is one of Cinderella’s many trusted mouse friends. In Cinderella, she rescues Gus and introduces him to the other mice that keep her company.

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Gus becomes part of a duo with Jaq the mouse. The chubby little cheese lover often finds himself in danger from cats and other bigger creatures.

Gus is curious and spunky. Normally, I’m not a fan of mice (sorry Mickey) but this little dude is just so freaking cuddly. You want to put him in your hand and snuggle close, diseases be damned! Gus and Jaq appear quite a bit in Cinderella and many other Cinderella spin-offs.

They also have a cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet.Though there are plenty of Gus and Jaq appearances, we want more. I prefer Gus to Jaq, but seems like you can’t have one without the other, so I would love to see a full-feature about Gus and Jaq, even if it’s just about them outsmarting Lucifer the cat.

Pua (Moana)

In Moana, Pua has been one of Moana’s pets and friends since infancy. This adorable pig has been a loyal companion for Moana through her journeys on the island and beyond, but she excludes Pua from joining her on the boat. Pua is a pig of very few words, mainly being an actual pig and oinking.

This adorable Moana creature only makes a brief appearance in the film, but I wanted to see more of Pua, especially after the film established a close bond between her and Moana.

I understand that taking Pua on the journey put the pig at risk of dying, and this was a journey Moana needed to take on her own, but I think we missed out on some great storytelling and moments with Pua.

Heihei was fine, but we may have missed out on great comedic moments from the pair and just sweet moments between Moana and Pua.

Pascal (Tangled)

Tangled’s Pascal is a Rapunzel’s pet chameleon. He lives in isolation with her. Pascal is a little afraid of the outside world, but he is always by Rapunzel’s side to encourage and support her.

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Pascal doesn’t speak but he often expresses his emotions through his expressive personality and face. Once Rapunzel and him meet Flynn Ryder (Zachary Levi) and Maximus (the horse), the two creatures become an unlikely duo.

Pascal and Maximus become instant scene-stealers and comic reliefs. The two have appeared in many Tangled related shows, games, and had cameos in Ralph Breaks the Internet and Zootopia.

Though they’ve had quite a bit of screen time, Pascal is such a fascinating, cute, and funny character that I would enjoy seeing more of him in any Disney content.

Squirt (Finding Nemo)

Squirt is the young child of Crush. He only appears briefly with his dad in a few scenes of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. The adorable turtle has a baby voice, which makes him hard to understand, but adds to his cuteness. Squirt has a similar chill-vibe as his dad.

I just think the turtles’ world, especially involving Squirt and Crush could be an interesting storyline to explore. How does Squirt’s life differ from Nemo’s? Is it all fun all the time? Does Crush have any strict parenting bones in his body? I want to know more about the turtles family.

Ducky and Bunny (Toy Story 4)

Ducky and Bunny are two stuffed animals that were available to win during a carnival in Toy Story 4. Comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele voice these adorable creatures, so they take a bit of a comedic duo persona in Toy Story 4.

One of the funniest scenes from Toy Story 4 involves Ducky and Bunny imagining different scenarios to get the key away from the antique shop owner.

No spoilers, but these stuffed animals don’t have the warm and fuzzy imagination that one would expect. I would love to see more of that dark humor from this pair in more Toy Story 4 scenes or in a few Pixar shorts.

Flash (Zootopia)

In Zootopia, Flash is a sloth that works in the DMV with other sloths. As a sloth, he goes very slow, making getting anything done at the DMV nearly impossible.

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Flash’s slowness seems to act as commentary on how slow things happen at the DMV. Flash isn’t the typical cute and cuddly animal from Disney, but his Zootopia scene is one of the funniest in the entire movie. I would love to watch the slowest animated film ever about the sloths that work at the DMV in Zootopia.

Baby Pegasus (Hercules)

Baby Pegasus is the baby version of Hercules’ trusted companion. The cute creature only appears at the very beginning of Hercules when he’s given to our hero as a baby. Hades (James Woods) steps in and separates baby Hercules from his family and Pegasus. Hercules and Pegasus reunite later as adults.

In a different world, the viewers would have gotten the chance to watch Hercules and Pegasus grow up together, which would have naturally allowed for more baby Pegasus scenes. Hades really robbed us all.

what is the lizard's name in frozen 2

Chip (Beauty And The Beast)

In Beauty and the Beast, Chip is a boy turned into a chipped teacup by an enchanted curse brought to the Beast’s kingdom. He’s often seen with his mother Mrs. Potts.

Chip is cheerful, curious, and hopeful. He’s also one of the leading figures hoping that the Beast and Belle fall in love and break the enchanted curse. Most people associate adorable Disney characters with Chip, because just look at that little cutie. Chip has also appeared in many different Disney productions and Beauty and the Beast sequels, but we can never get enough of Chip’s adorableness.

These are a few of my favorite adorable Disney characters. Now let us know in the comment section what cute Disney characters you think needs more screen time.

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