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What is the highest hp pokemon card? Pokémon has come a long way from the simple monster battler of the 90s and is now a multi-million-dollar franchise with countless spin-offs and animated series.

As the series has evolved, so has the core battling system of the game. With the special physical split to natures, IVs, and EVs, it is now no longer a game where you can catch any Pokémon and use it to win in the game and competitively.

Some might even say that the series has evolved to such an extent because of the competitive scene. Because as people started to battle each other and make teams, they found out some Pokémon were better than the rest due to their stats nature or ability. This caused many to compile into tiers according to their power.

One of the crucial stats for many strategies is HP, which dictates how much damage your Pokémon can take. This article below has the Pokémon with the highest base HP stat listed for your convenience.

1. Blissey

Do not let its cute and kind image mislead you, as this Pokémon is a weapon of mass destruction and has destroyed many pro players’ tournament runs. This is due to Blissey having the highest HP base stat of 255 in the entire series, which, coupled with its special defense, max IVs, and EVs, makes sure that no move other than one hit KOs can take Blissey down.

Blissey also has a vast move pool geared towards turtling and stalling tactics. Leftovers and life orb also pair well with her as they can help her continue to use risky moves for high turnaround.

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what is the highest hp pokemon card

2. Chansey

Do not let the fact that it is an unevolved Pokémon dissuade you. Chansey is as powerful, if not more, than her evolution Blissey due to the ability to use Eviolite and other broken moves. While also processing the same base 255 HP stat as Blissey. When you get max IVs on her while EV training her, she will become the wall that can not be broken, as with healing and defensive moves, you can easily make the opponent use all of his resources resulting in an easy win.

Some parts of the meta are banned due to her being too overpowered against many of the strategies used by players.

3. Guzzlord

Guzzlord may technically be an Ultra Beast, but the game treats it like a rare Pokémon, and in that regard, Guzzlord is overpowered as it has a ridiculous 233 base HP stat and high damage-dealing potential.

It’s unique typing also helps it in that regard, as being a Dragon and Dark gives it access to some best move pools, which can quickly sweep entire teams. It may be weak to many types, but the fantastic defense and HP save it from being taken down quickly, which also fits in the lore of Guzzlord with it being a monster that has destroyed entire worlds by eating them.

4. Zygarde

Putting a legendary might be cheating, but you must complete many different side quests in the games to unlock it, and its final form justifies it.

Zygarde is the strongest Pokémon on this list as it has ludicrous base stats in its proper form, like 216 HP, which, coupled with its excellent speed stat and attack pool, ensures that you are winning an ever-single round. But due to its base stats being so high and its legendary nature, it is banned from many different tournaments due to being unfair.

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But no one can argue that Zygarde is the strongest Pokémon ever to battle, except perhaps Rayquaza.

5. Regidrago

With new games, we get new Pokémon, which change up the meta significantly, but when Gen 8 dropped, no one had the faintest clue that two new Regis would be added to the series. With one of them being a broken Dragon type with 200 base HP.

Being pure Dragon gives it many benefits as it can quickly learn the best moves and have them be twice as effective and lower the number of types it is weak to. It is also one of the only Regis that sees competitive battling as it has powerful strategies it can use while also being susceptible to other Pokémon.

6. Wobbuffet

A Pokémon, which was made famous by the anime and its near-trolling nature in Smash Bro games. Wobbuffet might seem like a weak or unusual Pokémon, but if you believe that and allow an opposing Wobbuffet to set up, you will be in a world of pain.

It has the vastest defense and special defense move pool while also having a large HP stat which can reach up to 382 with max IVs and EVs. With this, many have called Wobbuffet the perfect glass canon Pokémon as it will either be able to set up the best strategy to win or faint to the opponent’s first move.

7. Wailord

Wailord is known in the community for many things, from its enormous size to its possible mating partners. But not many are aware that the massive bulk of the Pokémon is related to its HP, as it can reach up to 347 with max IVs and Evs. This is just wild, as it can easily use stalling strategies and set up moves for the rest of its team to prosper.

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It is not a damage-dealing Pokémon; its only focus is to use status ailments and reduce the opponent’s resources. Players in tournaments also like to use it heavily to have water-type coverage.

what is the highest hp pokemon card

8. Snorlax

Few Pokémon from the Gen 1 era are still used as religiously as Snorlax in competitive battling. This is due to the reputation it has gained as the official tank of the Pokémon series, mostly thanks to its 330 HP stat, which can easily take some of the strongest hits and if you pair it with belly drum, rest, and a solid attacking move you have a strategy to eradicate opponents.

Snorlax is also frequently used in competitive battling because it is pretty balanced.

9. Slaking

If you ask any fan of Gen 3 what their most iconic moment was, they will no doubt say fighting Slaking in the fifth gym and getting squashed by him in seconds flat. With a 284 HP stat with max IVs, EVs, and a broken ability called huge power, which can wipe out entire teams with basic moves, Slaking was unplayable in tournaments until a suitable counter was made with Pokémon that could counter it.

Even then, getting rid of it from the battlefield was still tough.

10. Vaporeon

aporeon, in recent years, has gained much fame due to specific gameplay changes, which has caused it to become one of the best eeveelution in the games with a 277 HP stat with maxed EVs and IVs.

This change has made it viable in the meta once again, and its water-type coverage is something that many teams desperately required.

Above is information what is the highest hp pokemon card. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is the highest hp pokemon card .Thank you for reading our posst.

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