What is the Heaviest Pokemon ? 10 Heaviest Pokémon in the Franchise

What is the heaviest pokemon ? Pokémon have quite the range in what they can be, while most assume they’re all cute creatures the size of the average pet, not all of them are like that. Some Pokémon are much smaller, the size of insects or even just dust with Cutiefly or Flabébé or the size of a person with Lucario, Rhydon, or Cinderace.

But some Pokémon scale up to the extremes, being the size of Godzilla and able to crush you with ease. Thanks to the Pokédex, we know that metric for sure, so let’s take a look at the heaviest Pokémon throughout the series.

The world of Pokemon is inhabited by fascinating creatures found throughout its landscape, waters, and skies. Both big and small, Pokemon are extraordinary creatures that share an uncanny bond with their trainer.

Given their tremendous power capabilities, it’s not surprising that some can weigh over 1,000 lbs. Bigger doesn’t inherently mean more power, but it could indicate that they have special abilities.

10. Melmetal

Coming in at 1763 lbs. (800 kg), Melmetal is the only Mythical Pokémon on the list. Whereas others like Celebi or Mew are quite light, Melmetal is the exact opposite, which makes sense with it being a massive golem made of liquid metal.

Yet, the golem’s weight is likely held back by its height, only standing at 8 feet. Far from a mythical metal giant, right? Well, Melmetal does live up to the reputation with its Gigantamax form which is the size of a building! But, its weight remains unknown, so it isn’t counted.

what is the heaviest pokemon

9. Glastrier

Glastrier isn’t a Pokémon you would expect to be on this list, they look like just a regular horse Pokémon! But turns out they’re quite heavy at 1763 lbs (800 kg) and yet they’re only a bit taller than a person at 7 feet.

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And while that may seem strange at first to have this horse heavier than a golem of pure metal, it’s actually the other Pokémon that are strange as Mudsdale is close to the weight of the horse it’s based on plus a bit extra for all the ice! So while it’s still strange, it’s not Glastrier’s fault!

8. Stakataka

Coming in at 1807.8 lbs. (820 kg), Stakataka is one of the more obviously heavy Pokémon being an 18-foot tall castle tower at first glance. The only wonder is how it’s only 200 pounds heavier than a horse!

Well, being an Ultra Beast, Stakataka isn’t what it seems at first glance. The tower itself isn’t the being, but instead, the bricks are, as each of them is an individual creature rather than a stone! And considering the alien nature of the Ultra Beasts, it’s safe to guess that those aren’t quite stone, and thus it can be a lot lighter than a stone tower of that size would be.

7. Guzzlord

Another Ultra Beast, Guzzlord comes in at 1957.7 lbs. (888 kg). It’s likely no surprise seeing them here considering they are the Glutton Pokemon, the only mystery is probably how they aren’t even heavier considering their status.

Guzzlord is an alien being who can only devour things and at its large size of 18 feet tall, it’s said to eat entire mountains and buildings! But, it’s said that these are converted purely to energy, so perhaps that’s why it weighs less.

6. Mudsdale

Continuing the trend of realistically weighted horses from Sword and Shield, we have Mudsdale at a whopping 2028 lbs (920 kg). Once again, Mudsdale has nothing really special other than following the rules of nature more than other Pokémon.

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The additional weight compared to Glastrier comes from two things. One is the additional height it has, being a foot taller. The other is the fact that it’s absolutely covered in hardened mud which is actually extremely heavy and gives it a boost to be heavier than Guzzlord.

5. Mega Metagross

The only mega evolution on the list, this upgrade massively boosts the already heavy Metagross’s weight to 2078.7 lb (942.9 kg) by fusing with its previous forms, Metang and Beldum, to double in size!

Metagross is far simpler for how heavy it is compared to the more mythical reasons or (more realistic in Mudsdale’s case) as they’re a massive robotic being made purely of heavy metals with magnetism instead of blood. When you have the equivalent of a metal statue, doubling the size is a sure way to get something heavy.

4. Groudon

Our first legendary Pokémon, it’s the Pokémon of land and the heavy ground itself weighing in at 2094 lbs. (950 kg). Being the controller of the land and magma itself, it’s no wonder that Groudon is this heavy!

And well, there’s not much else to explain with it, it’s just simply big at 11 feet tall and covered in the thick armor-like ground itself considering it’s typing. It’s like trying to explain why a T. Rex is heavy, it just speaks for itself.

3. Eternatus

The ultimate legendary of Sword and Shield comes in at number 3 being 2094.4 lb (950 kg) and it has the size to back it up, towering at nearly 66 feet tall! Considering that Eternatus contains 2000 years worth of energy from the Galar region, it’s no wonder they end up being so heavy.

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Although, Eteratus has a strong argument for being first as the Eternamax form is 5 times bigger, and it isn’t even known how heavy it would be! Although, dynamaxxing could be seen as cheating for a list like this, so it has to stay here.

what is the heaviest pokemon

2. Cosmeom

This celestial legendary is the odd pick in this ranking as the Pokémon itself is tiny at only 4 inches tall, yet somehow it ties for first at 2204.4 lb (999.9 kg). So, how on Earth is that possible?!

Well, sadly we don’t have an answer, but we can make assumptions as apparently the cocoon and dark core inside are filled with immense energy, as much as the legendaries it evolves into! With the energy of a sun contained inside, it’s no wonder it ends up so dense and heavy!

1. Celesteela

With steel in the very name and being the size of a two-story building, it’s no surprise that Celesteela is tied for first place at 2204.4 lb (999.9 kg). The entire being is actually a rocket with the arms being massive boosters,

It’s said that a strange type of gas is stored in its body to be used for these rockets and this may explain why it’s not even heavier as it’s not entirely metal…

And well, it may not be metal as its body is actually a strange type of plant matter able to absorb nutrients and sunlight! So it could be lighter than metal normally is, but it doesn’t matter as it is still easily one of the heaviest Pokémon!

Above is information what is the heaviest pokemon. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is the heaviest pokemon .Thank you for reading our post.

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