What is the ender Dragon’s name ? 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ender Dragon

What is the ender dragon’s name ? It’s typical for a game to have some type of an ending, but Minecraft, among a bunch of other sandbox or competitive games, doesn’t exactly have one ⁠— not officially at least. The only accepted final boss to survival is generally considered the Ender Dragon, found when accessing a portal within a stronghold.

As the first boss ever introduced to Minecraft, the Ender Dragon has seen a few changes to her character over the years. Overall, however, she’s still very much the same, although there are some details about her that even hardcore fans of the game might not be aware of.

Every player’s dream is to have one luscious Minecraft Ender Dragon egg resting in an item frame above their bed.

Minecraft’s ultimate mob boss has been a fan favorite for many years now. Almost every player out there has defeated this elusive creature at some point in their worlds, and if they haven’t, chances are they’re actively preparing for the epic battle.

10. Glows At Low Health

Normally, the Ender Dragon is known to have a pretty smooth dark purple-and-black exterior. It isn’t until she actually dies that she starts to emit rays of light and small explosions happen all around her body.

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However, what players may have not noticed is that when she gets particularly low on health she’ll already start to glow from within as she approaches her death.

what is the ender dragon's name

9. Flies To Spawn In The Overworld

Players who have never tried to mess around and spawn some creatures from other dimensions, like the Nether or the End in the Overworld, should absolutely give it a try for some interesting results. The Ender Dragon in particular is quite a sight in daylight.

However, keep in mind that in the Overworld, the dragon will behave much differently, and if she’s spawned away from the 0, 0 coordinates, she’ll fly towards them almost instantly.

8. Her Name Is Jean

As unfortunate as it is, players can’t actually name the Ender Dragon or properly trap it without being on a heavily modded version of the game. Therefore, using any name tags on it will just result in the player probably getting booped high into the sky by a lunging dragon.

That being said, the developers have played around with naming the dragon before, stating that she might be called “Jean”, as the main character of the game is called “Steve.”

7. Her Breath Can Be Bottled

Although this is one of the coolest achievements in the game, not many players actually know they can do this. When the dragon breathes purple particles on the ground, these particles will linger on the spot and deal damage to the player if they stick around the area for too long.

If these particles are bottled, they can be used to make similar lingering potions with various effects. It also unlocks the achievement “You Need A Mint.”

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6. Her Hitbox Is Massive

Those who always believed that it was incredibly difficult to snipe the Ender Dragon with a bow from the skies will be in for an embarrassing fact: her hitbox is actually ridiculously huge. Mojang really did do all they could to make the boss fight as doable as possible.

That being said, her huge hitbox also makes her a frightening threat when she lunges towards the player. Even if it looks like they’re not getting hit by the dragon, they might still get rocketed into the sky.

5. Can Spawn Up To 20 Portals

One of the main benefits of fighting the dragon is of course being able to access the End islands over 1000 blocks away from the center island. While technically, players could just build a bridge, it’s much easier to just take one of these gateway portals that spawn each time the dragon is defeated.

Of course, these portals don’t spawn endlessly. Only 20 of them can be spawned into the End, which is already a pretty generous amount of entryways to the islands.

4. Doesn’t Always Drop Max Experience

It’s totally a possibility to beat the dragon again, but the main issue with that is the amount of experience points that she actually gives upon death. The first time, she’ll give a total of 12,000 experience points, which can easily level the player up to sixty levels.

However, after this, the experience will go down to about 500 per dragon death, so it’s not exactly the best way to grind for points.

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3. Can Be Endlessly Resummoned

Although the Ender Dragon won’t provide endless End island gateway portals nor maintain her original experience points, she can still be fought just about as many times the player desires. If fighting the dragon sounds like a great pastime, go for it.

The difficulty comes in with the amount of End crystals that have to be crafted, however, which requires killing quite a few ghasts in the long run.

what is the ender dragon's name

2. She’s The Largest Mob In The Game

This shouldn’t be that big of a surprise, but she’s indeed the largest creature in Minecraft to this day. While there are other daunting mobs the player can fight, such as the Wither and even the Elder Guardians, none of them are quite like the dragon herself.

It definitely makes sense that the one and only dragon has the biggest model in the game, but it also opens up the question of whether or not new bosses or even bigger mobs would ever be considered for Minecraft.

1. Her Egg Can Be Held

The egg of the Ender dragon is one of the weirdest items in the entire game, mainly due to how difficult it is to actually hold. Picking it up and breaking it isn’t an option, as the egg will randomly teleport around the main End island after the dragon has been slain.

There is, however, a trick to break it and pick it up. By mining two blocks underneath it and placing in a torch, then dropping the egg on to the torch, the player can finally get it in their inventory.

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