What is the coolest Pokemon? The 24 Best-Designed Pokemon Of All Time

What is the coolest pokemon? If there’s one thing that anyone, even people who are not fans of the franchise, can say about Pokemon is that it is a series full of wildly imaginative and unique monster designs.

They are the kind of fictional creatures that spur people’s imaginations. They also make it easy for the fans to become attached to the shows, trading cards, and, especially, the games, shows. Everyone has their favorite Pokemon, and they can’t get enough to them.

But personal tastes aside, there are some Pokemon that go beyond the realm of being endearing. The creativity and at times beauty in the designs of some Pokemon are things that anyone should be able to admit are worth appreciating.


There are few Pokemon featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that were as influential with fans as the adorably deadly Tinkaton. What starts out as a seemingly cutesy and bumbling Pokemon with Tinkatink soon turns into a pint-sized barbarian that wields a massive handmade hammer bolstered by the metallic parts of its fallen victims.

With a hilarious Pokedex entry that suggests Tinkaton loves to bully Corviknight, this is one Fairy and Steel-type that was an instant hit as soon as players discovered it in-game.

what is the coolest pokemon

Iron Valiant

Many players were enthralled by the Paradox differences between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Those that opted for the purple-hued release found themselves face-to-face with a bevvy of futuristic Pokemon.

Although most of the designs are rather enticing, Iron Valiant does a great job in accentuating a futuristic Pokemon without it feeling forced. The Gardevoir/Gallade shape is perfect for a robotic-styling and helps to give Iron Valiant the appearance that it is an android designed for combat purposes. It sports a great color-scheme that doesn’t deviate too far from the base line and manages to look striking in chrome.

Flutter Mane

On the flip side, those that purchased Pokemon Scarlet would find themselves sifting through prehistoric creatures near the endgame. Many of these designs are interesting in their own right but Flutter Mane does a fantastic job in capturing the look and feeling of a prehistoric, feral Pokemon. Misdreavus can be pretty adorable in its own right, which helps to further accentuate the “flip” to Flutter Mane.

Developers took the whimsical Ghost-like creature and transformed it into a floating feral animal, complete with sharp teeth, a furrowed brow, and long, clawed appendages.


There were a handful of interesting new dog-based Pokemon designs in Scarlet & Violet, with many flocking to Fidough and Dachsbun for their cute and clever food-style themes.

Players also saw the introduction of Maschiff and Mabosstiff, the latter of which has a prominent place in fans’ hearts thanks to Generation 9’s branching storyline.

But when it comes to clever dog-style Pokemon designs, Houndstone takes the cake. Its stage one evolution, Greavard sports a clever name and a cut long-haired style but Houndstone encapsulates the Ghost typing perfectly.

The headstone atop its form allows it to camouflage itself beneath the ground, where it will pop up “Night of the Living Dead” style on unsuspecting trainers. Its bony jaw and skeletal structure (which is mostly hidden by long hair) help to add to its overall design.

Hisuian Voltorb

One of the best things to happen to Pokemon in recent years was the introduction of Regional forms. These new designs offer a twist on the traditional Pokemon that fans have come to know and love.

A lot of Pokemon have seen this regional treatment so far and some of the presented designs have been better than the originals.

A great example of this is Hisuian Voltorb. The original Voltorb felt a bit like an afterthought, similar to the basic “everyday item” designs that some fans poke fun at in each generation.

The new variation of Voltorb, sporting a wooden-like motif, is an amazing upgrade and definitely deserves a spot on the list of the best-designed Pokemon.

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There are a lot of unique “human-like” Pokemon out there. The term human-like is used loosely to describe a pocket monster that walks on two legs and looks human-shaped.

Thankfully, there aren’t many downright human-esque Pokemon past Mr. Mime as the whole aesthetic looks and feels a bit creepy.

One of the coolest “human-shaped” Pokemon out there is Golurk. This towering automaton looks almost like a Transformer, with a bipedal design and limbs that give it a very Iron Giant type of feeling.

There are many players out there that forget that Golurk exists, which is a shame considering it features such a cool and endearing design.


The original Regi Trio are a bit hit-and-miss with fans. Some think they’re an adorable Legendary line, while others tout their designs as basic. Regardless of where players fall on the Regi fence, many can agree on one thing, that Regidrago is perhaps the best design of them all (not counting the eponymous Regigigas).

Although most of the Regi designs are basic, Regidrago emanates a cool factor not found in its other brethren. It can be argued that its design is still pretty basic at the end of the day but there is something so genius in the simplicity of making its “arms” into a dragon’s head. It’s easily recognizable as a Regi thanks to the pattern on its face and its Titan-like design but it definitely stands out among the pack.


Sometimes, the most simplistic of designs are the most impactful. This is exceptionally true with Gastly’s evolutionary line. As the first Ghost-type Pokemon ever introduced back in Generation 1, Gastly’s design has withstood the test of time.

There is something so endearing about its large whisp-like orbular body and fanged design. It gets even better when it evolves into Haunter and takes a more ghostly-shape, similar to the Boos from Super Mario Bros. but a bit spikier.

Where the line truly shines, however, is the jump to Gengar. This large, grinning ghost has become an icon in its own right, appearing in a lot of Pokemon merchandise and media over the years. It’s gained tons of fans, regardless of how simplistic its design is.


Many players had their first encounter with Garchomp in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl when they stood up against the Sinnoh Region Champion, Cynthia. Up to that point, players were likely blazing through the story, unaware that Cynthia posed perhaps one of the biggest threats in all of Pokemon in Garchomp.

Many players were taken back by how difficult it was to take down the Ground and Dragon-type Pokemon and it was even more frustrating prior to the introduction of Fairy-types in Generation 6.

Aside from its immense power, Garchomp features an amazing design. It’s one of the coolest-looking Pokemon out there, with massive “blade-shaped arms,” spikes protruding from various parts of its body, and a unique head-shape that is reminiscent of a hammerhead shark.


Though Charizard might be the most popular Gen 1 Pokemon, Blastoise still maintains a special place in many fans’ hearts. Aside from being one of the stronger Water-type starters, Blastoise is also one of the best designed.

Blastoise’s popularity allows it to benefit from multiple forms and designs. Both Mega Blastoise and Gigantamax Blastoise take the best aspects of the original’s look and build off of it. Despite having been around for over two decades, Blastoise is still relevant to the franchise, and its eye-grabbing design is a big reason why.


The Gen 3 starters all had their own unique features that drew various trainers to them. But the one member of the trio that manages to consistently stand out is Blaziken. After all these years, it’s still one of the coolest Pokemon out there.

Blaziken’s design went through some rough patches before it developed into what fans are familiar with today. The original Torchic design had features that would be shelved until the Mega Blaziken design was introduced, and an early design for Latias featured arms and legs similar to Blaziken’s.


As one of Ash’s Pokemon in the anime, Noivern has had plenty of screen time and won over tons of fans in the process. This Flying/Dragon-type’s design is certainly eye-grabbing, both in the anime and games.

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As its name suggests, Noivern’s design seems to at least partially take inspiration from a wyvern while also resembling a bat. What makes this Pokemon stand out are the speaker-like ears it sports. Though unconventional, this feature is what makes it stand out above the rest.


The Eeveelutions don’t lack any creativity in their designs, with each one bringing some unique attributes to the table. Gen 1 might have introduced the most at once, but Gen 2’s additions truly stand out from a design perspective.

Umbreon gets a slight edge over Espeon thanks to its sleek look. Its design is simple compared to its alternatives, but it stands out in how it’s able to do more with less. New Eeveelutions are bound to be introduced in future generations. Whether or not they can match Umbreon’s design is up in the air.


One of Gen 1’s most recognizable Pokemon, Lapras’ design has made an impression on plenty of trainers over the years. The Water/Ice-type resembles a Plesiosaur, with its spiky grey shell and flippers standing out as its most recognizable traits.

There’s not a lot to Lapras’ design, though its simplicity has a certain charm to it. Gigantamax Lapras adds much more to the initial design, putting more focus on its shell while maintaining the aesthetic of the original.


Eevee is a Pokemon from the first generation of Pokemon games. It is a small, canine-like, Normal-type Pokemon that the player can only find one of per game file. This single Eevee is given to the player by a Game Freak employee in the Celadon Mansion.

The reason Eevee is such a well-designed Pokemon, aside from its adorable appearance, is that it has multiple evolutions. Eevee can evolve into eight different Pokemon, such as Espeon, Umbreon, and Jolteon.

The Pokemon that Eevee evolves into depends on some different factors. These include details like being in a specific location when Eevee levels up or giving it a specific Evolution stone.


First introduced in Pokemon X and Y, Greninja is the final evolution in the Froakie evolution family. Froakie is one of the games’ starter Pokemon, so getting a Greninja is as easy as picking Froakie at the start of the adventure.

Greninja has been a popular Pokemon since even before the release of X and Y, and for good reason. Its striking design is heavily inspired by the classic depiction of Japanese ninjas that is often seen in popular media. It has a sleek build that instantly informs anyone that this Pokemon was meant to be one of the coolest around, and by a wide margin.


Ditto is one of the original species of Pokemon from the first generation of the games. A relatively common Pokemon to encounter, the player can find and catch Dittos along various routes in Kanto. Dittos also live in the Cerulean Cave, though these Dittos are much stronger than the others found by the roadways.

Ditto is by no means an impressive Pokemon in terms of its visual aspects, as it is an amorphous blob with barely any distinguishable features.

What makes its design so great is its ability to use Transform, which allows it to reshape its body into a perfect copy of whatever Pokemon it fights. Ditto can also breed with any type of Pokemon. This ability gives the player the option to own more copies of whatever Pokemon they breed Ditto with.


Milotic is a Water-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. This serpentine creature evolves from the humble Feebas Pokemon when its Beauty condition, one of the games’ numerous gameplay mechanics, is high enough. And in later games, the player can evolve Feeba into Milotic by trading it while it holds a Prism Scale.

As even mentioned in the Pokemon’s Pokedex entry, Milotic is one of the most elegant and beautiful Pokemon in existence. Its beauty is also responsible for inspiring the creation of many works of art, both in real life and in the lore of the Pokemon world.

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One of the legendary Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y, Xerneas is a Fairy-type Pokemon (the first legendary to be so) and the mascot for Pokemon X. It is part of the Aura trio from the Kalos region, alongside Yveltal and Zygarde. The player can catch one near the end of X’s storyline when they reach the final area of Team Flare’s secret headquarters.

Xerneas stands stall as a majestic Pokemon based on real-world deer and other similar animals. It has a striking black and deep-blue color scheme for its fur, and its antlers are a bright yellow with shades of orange, blue, red, and purple running through them.


Rayaquaza is one of the legendary Pokemon from the third generation of Pokemon and is the mascot Pokemon for Pokemon Emerald. One of the most powerful Pokemon in the series, Rayquaza lives high in the atmosphere and typically only comes down to earth to prevent Groudon and Kyorge from fighting each other. Rayquaza can only be found and caught in Emerald when the player visits the Sky Pillar.

Taking inspiration from dragons depicted in many Asian mythologies, Rayquaza has a long serpentine body with two small forearms and three-fingered hands.

The fins on its head and on multiple parts of its body help give it an aerodynamic design that conveys its dominance in the sky.


The second-to-last Pokemon in the original Pokedex in Pokemon Red and Blue, Mewtwo is one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence and is also the most aggressive. It is an after-game bonus for players in the original games and can only be found after beating the main story.

Once the player becomes the Pokemon champion, they can travel to the Cerulean cave to seek out powerful wild Pokemon to catch, Mewtwo being among them.

What makes Mewtwo’s design impressive how disconnected it is from the rest of the Pokemon in the series. Mewtwo is more “unnatural” than other Pokemon, to convey its artificial creation, and its demeanor is more purposefully savage than any other Pokemon.

what is the coolest pokemon


Suicune is a member of the Legendary beasts trio that first appeared in Pokemon Silver and Gold. The Legendary Pokemon Ho-oh resurrected Suicune after it had died in the fire that destroyed the Brass Tower. Suicune is a roaming Pokemon, which means the player may get their chance to catch it once they randomly encounter it in the wild.

Suicune design is canine in origin and takes inspiration from wolves and other long-snouted breeds. Its blue, purple, and white color patterns paired with its head ornament and mane give Suicune a majestic appearance that makes it one of the most eye-catching Pokemon in the series.


For many fans, Charizard is their first introduction into the Pokemon franchise. It is the sixth Pokemon in the Pokedex, and it is the mascot Pokemon for Red, which is often regarded as the first Pokemon game, despite Blue being released alongside it. Charizard evolves from Charmeleon which evolves from Charmander, one of the first generation’s starter Pokemon.

Charizard remains one of the most beloved and classic dragon designs in the series, even though it is not actually a Dragon-type Pokemon. Its bright orange scales, fire-coated tail, and fearsome facial expression are why this amazing Fire/Flying-type has set the standard for other Pokemon like it.


Easily the most recognizable Pokemon in the world, Pikachu is an Electric-type mouse Pokemon that routinely appears in every Pokemon game. It first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue, where it can be caught in a number of locations, one example being the Viridian Forest.

Pikachu is the quintessential “cute” Pokemon and has been so for the entire span of the franchise’s history. Its small dimensions and mousey features, including its adorable ears, eyes, and almost-constant smile, have made owning a Pikachu in real life the impossible dream for millions of people.

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