What is screen reader Minecraft ? How to turn off the narrator in Minecraft

What is screen reader minecraft ? This is a really significant help for visually impaired players who want to play Minecraft, but if you don’t need this option, and it’s on by default, you’re probably wondering how to turn it off. Let’s find out how to turn off the narrator in Minecraft, on all platforms.

How to Turn off Narrator in Minecraft (All Platforms)

  • To disable the narrator in Minecraft Xbox or PlayStation versions
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Accessibility
  • Once the menu on the right pops up, you will see the UI Screen Reader option
  • Toggle UI Screen Reader to OFF

Minecraft Legends: How to turn off the narrator

Minecraft is a game for everyone, so it should be no surprise that its latest spin-off, Minecraft Legends has a bunch of accessibility features to help those that are less able. One such option is a text-to-speech narrator that reads all the on-screen text aloud for those with visual impairment.

The game has it set to be on by default when you first boot up the game so anyone who needs it can get right into the fun. However, some who don’t need it may not have realized what it was and don’t know how to turn it off, which is why we’re here to explain how to turn off the Minecraft Legends narrator.

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When you boot up the game for the first time, you’ll be greeted by an options menu, one of the first options is the “Text-to-speech” option. If you don’t want the narrator, then toggle it off.

If you missed this opening menu then never fear as you can still get to it. From the main menu, go into “Settings” and then over to the “Accessibility” tab. From there, the “Text-to-speech” option will be the fourth one down. You can use this option to turn it on or off whenever you want.

what is screen reader minecraft

What Is The Narrator?

The Narrator is a feature in Minecraft Legends that reads out loud on-screen text, including menus, chat boxes, and other game elements for players who require assistance with reading or have visual impairments. This feature is designed to make the game more accessible to everyone, including players who may typically struggle with reading or rely on text-to-speech technology.

Open the Minecraft Legends in-game Settings.

Navigate to the Accessibility tab, where several options will be displayed.

Locate the Text tab and find the Text-to-Speech option. Click on it to disable the feature.

So, that’s how you can turn off the Narrator and enjoy a more peaceful gaming experience. To use the feature again in the future, simply follow the same process and turn on the Text-to-speech feature.

However, if you prefer to use this feature but are bothered by its volume level, there is a way to adjust it to your desired level. All you must do is open the in-game Settings, navigate to the Audio tab, and locate “Dialogue Volume” under the Volumes tab. From there, you can modify the volume levels to your preference.

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How to Play a 2-Player Minecraft Game on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch offers users an immersive gaming experience by allowing them to play games with friends. All they need is another Joy-Con controller and to turn it sideways. You can even get a pro controller to play games with your friend with a Joy-Con controller.

If you plan to play 2-player on Minecraft Nintendo Switch, you must first learn how to connect the Joy-Con controllers to the console. Here is how you can play any 2-player game on Switch.

Step 1: Remove Joy-Con Controllers From the Console

First, detach the Joy-Con controllers from your Nintendo Switch by turning it over. Then, long-press the button on the controller’s back, the one present next to ZR and ZL buttons. Gently slide the controller up to remove it from the console. Repeat the same procedure on the other controller.

Step 2: Add the Joy-Con Straps

Now, attach a strap to the first Joy-Con by sliding its bottom’s opening over the controller’s side track until it fixes perfectly in its place. In case you don’t know, straps are thin, long pieces with a + or – button at the top. You must align them with the relative + and – buttons on the controllers.

You can use the controllers as two. However, you don’t have to do that if your friend has a pro-controller. Simply remove the straps by pulling the grey tab at their bottom and sliding them up. Then, place both Joy-Cons back into their holders to turn them into one.

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Step 3: Set Up the Controllers

Tap the Joy-Con icon on the Nintendo Switch’s HOME screen to open the controller settings. Here, you can set up both controllers for 2-player gaming.

Choose Change Grip/Order. If you’re using both Joy-Cons separately, turn both controllers sideways so the analog stick will be on the left.

Then, press the R and L buttons on the strap’s top. Press the R and L buttons on both controllers in the pro-controller and controller setup.

Step 4: Choose a 2-Player Minecraft Game and Enjoy!
Finally, search for 2-player games on your Nintendo Switch. You can also buy games from the eShop, but always check their information to confirm whether they allow multiple players. Choose the one that does and launch it.

what is screen reader minecraft

Problems With Playing 2-Player on Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, you may occasionally run into some problems when playing 2-player on Nintendo Switch. The main issue is connection problems. This is because if one player has a poor connection then it can cause issues such as lagging or rubberbanding. Other issues when playing 2-player can include framerate drops and chunk loading problems.

Minecraft Switch Multiplayer: Wrap Up

It’s easy to set up and play Minecraft Switch multiplayer. You can play 2-player on Minecraft Nintendo Switch by creating your Minecraft profile and signing in to your Microsoft account. Then, tap Let’s Play to get started. You will need another controller for your friend and connect it to the console.

After the setup, open the Minecraft world and press the (+) button on the second controller to enter it. To play Minecraft on a split-screen, you must first enable Multiplayer Game from the menu. Then, send the invitation to your friends, and you’re all set to enjoy 2-player on Microsoft Nintendo Switch!

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