What is psa 10 Pokemon? Pokémon TCG: What’s The Real Difference Between A 9 & 10 Graded Card

What is psa 10 pokemon? With only a single digit separating a graded 9 and 10 trading card, what difference does it make in value, and how do cards get a 10 over a 9? In recent years the Pokémon TCG has seen a large spike in popularity and value.

Often though a card needs to have a perfect grade to have any sort of value. A graded 8 or below usually lacks value, unless the card is old and had limited printing.

The criteria for grading are very strict and often require a bit of luck as well as collector preparation. Of course, there are also pros and cons of getting Pokémon cards graded.

The Pokémon TCG started in October 1996, initially printed by different companies before Nintendo and The Pokémon Company took over the duties in 2003.

The series has seen numerous sets released over the years, usually in correspondence with the generation the games are in. Cards are used and valued both for competitive play and collecting, it all depends on the person. As for grading, many companies are around that handle those duties. However, the two most popular are PSA and Beckett.

These two are known for having the strictest grading criteria as well as a high reputation that validates the card’s grade and value. This is important for trying to make Pokémon cards into a good investment.

The separation between a 9 and 10 is slim but holds a lot of value. Sourcing descriptions from PSA Grading Standards, a 10 is essentially a perfect card. Four sharp corners with no dulling or wear on the card of any kind, essentially it needed to be put into a card sleeve and protected right out of the pack.

The luck kicks in where the card needs to have perfect centering and no printing errors; however, there is some tolerance for errors if they are minimal. In comparison, a Pokémon card graded as a 9 is a small step down from a 10. This means usually having some kind of imperfection like a finger stain, imperfect borders, or a more major printing error.

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what is psa 10 pokemon

The Price Differences In Graded Pokémon Cards

The value of cards changes drastically between a 9 and 10 grade, and some Pokémon cards are worth a lot of money. For example, one of the most popular cards is a 1999 1st Edition Charizard Holo. Using the PSA Price Guide, a PSA 10 of this card is valued at around $375,000. In comparison, a PSA 9 drops down to around $20,000.

That is a huge drop in value for just one number, and depending on the collector, a 9 could be just as good as a 10. However, it is this drive for perfection that truly sets the value apart.

As with a PSA 10, collectors are getting a Pokémon card knowing it is perfect or as close to perfection as one can get. Even if a PSA 9 looks exactly like a PSA 10 at a glance, some collectors will care about that little imperfection. So the value of a card is connected to the value collectors will put on it, and often an investment into a Pokémon card could take a while to pay off.

So, overall, while the grading difference can be minimal, it greatly affects the value of a Pokémon card. One tiny flaw, whether user error or creator error, can cost greatly in the grand scheme of things.

The other trouble nowadays is the Pokémon TCG is printing many more cards than in the past. So while an older card may only have ten thousand copies, a card today could have a million. This severely tanks the value of a card as its rarity no longer matters.

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Now if a collector does not care about the difference in a grade, getting a PSA 9 will be a much cheaper option for the same result. However, if looking to become a master collector with the high-value PSA 10 cards, be ready to properly protect cards for grading, as well as pay great amounts for the cards desired.

Why should you get your cards graded?

Out of all the trading cards of our generation, there is only a handful that became collector’s items that can be resold for a good amount. If you kept your NBA trading cards, Magic the Gathering Cards, or Pokemon Cards in good condition, then there’s a high chance that you can sell those for a good amount.

However, this is not the case for every old Pokemon card out there. Although you can check the condition yourself, you still won’t be able to sell it at a good price unless it’s been verified by an authority.

Just ask yourself, would you take the risk of buying jewelry from someone claiming it to be 24 karats, or would you rather go to an authorized, well-known jewelry shop?

Having your cards graded by respectful card grading companies lets you know what your card’s exact worth is. So, there is no chance of underselling your card. That right there is enough reason to get your cards sent to the companies we’ll mention later.

So, if you’ve kept your Pokemon cards in good condition, it’s time to get them out of your cabinet and have them graded!

what is psa 10 pokemon

How do I get my Pokemon cards graded?

1. Head over to the official PSA website where you can start a submission online when submissions are open (they often close to deal with backlogs). It can be tricky submitting to PSA the first time but their are intermediary services such as Ludkins Collectables or GradedGem who streamline the process and make it a little more user friendly.

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2. The customer who wants to get their Pokemon card graded prepares a shipment to send to PSA. There is a guide on how to do this safely and securely here.

3. A spreadsheet should also be prepared just for your own reference so you know what you have sent for your own records.

4. Cards should be in clean individual sleeves inside cardsaver semi rigids.

5. Once you’ve paid for the submission and followed the process on the PSA website you will want to ship your cards securely via an insured courier service. If using one of the PSA intermediaries (which unfortunately at the moment at not accepting submissions) this is easier as you only have to send it within the UK and they will deal with the export leg for you.

6. Once your cards get to PSA its a waiting game. More often then not its a very long waiting game at that, but be patient and once your card has finished its journey with PSA and you’ve compeltely forgotten you even sent them off you’ll be overjoyed to get an unexpected package containing your newly graded Pokemon cards.

Should I get my Pokemon cards or other trading cards graded?

It really does come down to the individual and their motives for getting the cards graded vs. the cost and the time it takes for the process (which at the moment is an extremely long time!). PSA have an article here that will explain the benefits of having your cards graded in certain situations that can help you decide whether to get your cards graded and how it could be of benefit to you based on various different circumstances.

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