What is Pokemon sleep | Everything You Need To Know About Pokémon Sleep

What is pokemon sleep? A video released by The Pokemon Company recently explained how Pokemon Sleep will work, giving potential gamers more information about its mechanics and how it interacts with the player’s sleeping habits.

It’s fair to say that this new Pokemon game has some of the weirdest ideas in the franchise in recent times, so most people will be pretty curious to learn more about how it actually plays.

Pokemon Sleep was officially announced in 2019, and then it went off the radar for over three years. Many fans even believed that the mobile title could have been canceled, as it was set to be released in 2020 originally, but now its launch is near, happening on July 14.

Despite the near release, most people are still pretty confused about several aspects of Pokemon Sleep, so the creators decided to share more information.

The Pokemon Company has clarified what Pokemon Sleep is all about. In a new video, it’s explained that the game is an app that tracks the gamer’s sleep with a smartphone to fill a Sleep Style Dex. That’s just like the classic Pokedex but with Pokemon sleeping in different styles.

Besides tracking sleep, there are several mechanics attached to the game. For instance, by sleeping longer, it’s possible to get higher Sleep Scores.

During the day, players can feed the iconic sleepy Snorlax, which increases its Strength. After that, the Sleep Score of the night is multiplied by Snorlax’s strength, giving it more Drowzy Power, which allows the players to catch more Pokemon sleep styles. As Snorlax grows over time, it also improves the chances of getting new sleep styles.

That’s not all, though. Using the app, gamers can see what time they woke up or went to bed, track exactly how many hours were slept, and listen to recordings of sleeping sounds.

Not all Pokemon fans are hyped about the new game, though. Some gamers are concerned that Pokemon Sleep may be tracking their sleep data, which they believe should be private.

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Many posts emerged on social media at the beginning of 2023, when gamers joked about the upcoming title, but some of them were pretty concerned with an app that is collecting much information about this sensible topic.

Similar issues have surrounded Pokemon GO, too, due to how it tracks the location of where the users are, and are somewhat unavoidable when a game takes real-life information to work.

How to Use Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep is a game designed to improve your sleeping pattern. So to play it, you have to do just that, sleep! But although Pokemon Sleep is mostly played at night while you’re dozing off, you can also play during the day to improve your results.

On this page, you will learn how to play Pokemon Sleep during the day or night, so you can catch ‘em all and complete yet another Pokedex.

what is pokemon sleep

How to Play Pokemon Sleep During the Day

The number of Pokemon attracted to your camp while you sleep depends on Snorlax’s Drowsy Power. Snorlax naturally exudes this power, so you can attract Pokemon and build up your Pokedex by only playing the game at night.

You can interact with Snorlax and your other Pokemon during the day by feeding them berries, cooking them food, and bonding with them. These berries increase Snorlax’s Strength. At night, Snorlax’s Strength is multiplied by your Sleep Score to dictate its Drowsy Power.

By feeding Snorlax berries and meals during the day, its Drowsy Power will get even stronger, allowing you to attract even more Pokemon overnight!

How to Play Pokemon Sleep at Night

The majority of your time playing Pokemon Sleep will be while you’re sleeping. Most of your sleeping will take place at night, but you can also take one nap per day with Pokemon Sleep!

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To play Pokemon Sleep at night or whenever you’re ready for a nap, open the app before you go to bed and select the Sleep button at the bottom right corner of the home page. Set your bedtime, apply any incense you would like to use, and press Sleep.

All there is to do after that is go to sleep! Press End Sleep Session when you wake up, and Start Now to review your sleep data and see what kind of Pokemon you attracted.

Pokemon Sleep has to be open on your phone all night to accurately measure your sleep, so make sure you don’t turn the app off or close your screen. Don’t worry about the light of the app keeping you awake, the screen goes black after a couple of seconds. It’s also a great idea to make sure your phone is plugged in and charging throughout the night so it doesn’t go flat halfway through.

When Does a New Day Start in Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep doesn’t click over to a new day at 12.00pm when your calendar does. Instead, a new day begins at 4.00am in the morning. That means that if you stay up too late and begin your sleep session after 4.00am and take a nap later on, you won’t be able to record your actual sleep data until after 4.00am the next day.

Any sleep data recorded before 4.00am will be logged as the previous day’s activity.

what is pokemon sleep

The new Pokémon app will put you to sleep

Now available in the U.S., Pokémon Sleep is an app that “turns sleep into entertainment.” Thankfully, the app does not imbue your brain with sonic waves that make you dream of Hypno, a Pokémon that gave me vivid nightmares as a child. Instead, you simply place your phone next to your pillow while you sleep, and when you wake up, you can see how you slept.

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Of course, what differentiates this from the oodles of other sleep tracking apps is that there are Pokémon involved. When you start the game, you meet Professor Neroli, a Pokémon sleep researcher (we applaud the amount of funding available in the Pokémon universe to support academics, but are nonetheless surprised that this field of study exists).

He gives you some sort of sleep device to fill the plot hole we’re all wondering about, which is how our human sleep is supposed to relate to the sleep of Pokémon. It turns out that if you go to bed before your set bedtime, you get in-game rewards.

This sounds like an app made by a sleep-deprived engineer whose kids love Pokémon, but don’t love going to bed at an appropriate hour. Unfortunately, when I was a kid, I probably would’ve accepted Pokémon rewards to go to sleep, so long as those rewards did not involve Hypno, who remains quite creepy in my book, but hey, at least Mimikyu didn’t exist back in my day.

Aside from a partner Pikachu, you start off the game with a big ol’ sleepy Snorlax. The more you sleep, the more “drowsy power” your Snorlax gets, and that power helps you meet even more Pokémon.

If you connect a Pokémon GO Plus — a device that connects to your phone to help you catch more Pokémon in Pokémon GO — you can get a Pikachu that has a sleeping cap. And then in Pokémon GO, you’ll get a Snorlax with a sleeping cap.

The app might seem like it came out of left field, but the Pokémon Company has been promoting it for more than four years — at Pokémon GO Fest events as early as 2019, you could catch Unown that spelled out “SLEEP.” But in practice, Pokémon Sleep seems like an elaborate ploy to sell more Pokémon GO Pluses and/or some Pokémon engineers just got really creative in the pursuit to make their kids go to bed. If it works, though, go figure!

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