What is Peaceful mode in Minecraft ? All the difficulty levels in Minecraft

What is peaceful mode in minecraft ? Peaceful mode is a specific type of difficulty level in Minecraft. When players first enter the world, their first priority is to survive against all kinds of dangerous situations, be it natural calamities or hostile mobs. Most of the time, players are fighting several types of creatures in the game. However, if players don’t want to deal with them, they can simply use this difficulty level.

The game has several types of difficulty levels to choose from. For example, on easy difficulty, fewer hostile mobs will spawn, the hunger bar won’t deplete as quickly, and players will have a lighter experience overall.

However, if players do not want any kind of danger at all, they can switch to peaceful mode. Even though there are no dangers in this mode, players might still die if they are in survival.

What is peaceful mode, and how can it be activated in Minecraft?

In Java Edition, when players are in a world, they can simply hit escape and keep switching the ‘Difficulty’ setting until they find peaceful mode. They can also set this difficulty when they are making a new world as well.

Similar to this, players can also enable peaceful difficulty on Bedrock Edition before and after creating the world.

What happens in this difficulty modeMost hostile mobs don’t spawn and lose their hostility
One of the main changes that this difficulty mode brings is that it removes almost all hostile mobs from the Minecraft world (except Hoglins, Zoglins, Piglin Brutes, Shulkers, and Ender Dragon).

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Some neutral mobs like Enderman Spiders, Cave Spiders, and Zombified Piglins remain as well. However, all these mobs lose their hostility and become completely passive.

This way, players will not be disturbed by any entity and won’t be forced to fight and defeat them. Even if players get a spawn egg from the creative mode inventory and try to spawn a hostile mob, the game will instantaneously remove them.

Players do not take damage from TNT explosions, and their hunger bar never depletes in this mode. This means that they will only be able to consume special food items like golden apples, chorus fruit, and milk buckets.

what is peaceful mode in minecraft

Certain trade-offs and how players can still die

Even though peaceful mode removes all kinds of creatures that can harm players, they can still die from certain natural calamities. Dying from burning, drowning, or even falling is not affected by this level of difficulty.

Even if the player’s hunger bar is full and they regenerate health faster, if they stay underwater, or under lava, or fall from a considerable height, they will die.

On top of that, another trade-off that comes with this level of difficulty is that the End Portal cannot be activated since there is no way to get Blaze rods as Blaze mobs are not in the game. Hence, players will not be able to make the Eye of Ender. Even if players are in creative mode and acquire these items, they won’t be able to activate the portal.

Minecraft: Breaking down each difficulty mode


If Minecraft players want to avoid hostile mobs, Peaceful Mode is the pick for them. In this mode, hostile mobs will not spawn, except for hoglins, shulkers, piglin brutes and the ender dragon in Bedrock Edition. Additionally, players do not lose hunger points.

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Hostile mobs are also incapable of dealing damage to the player in this mode. Neutral mobs such as spiders, cave spiders, zombified piglins, or endermen cannot spawn either. Players will have rapid health regeneration, though they can still die if they take too much damage from hazards in a short amount of time.

Easy Mode

A step up from Peaceful Mode, Easy Mode will pit Minecraft players against hostile mobs. However, these mobs have reduced health totals and deal significantly less damage, making them much easier to take down. The player’s hunger bar also begins depleting as usual, but starving players will stop taking damage once their health is reduced to five hearts.

Cave spiders and bees cannot poison players, and the Wither boss cannot inflict the Wither status effect on them. Lightning also sets the blocks they strike on fire, without causing any type of spread.

Normal Mode

The way Minecraft was intended to be played. Normal Mode spawns all hostile mobs, has them deal regular damage, and players lose their hunger bar at the standard rate. Once they are starving, players will take damage until they are reduced to half a heart of health.

Villagers killed by zombies in this mode have a 50% chance of being converted into zombie villagers. Vindicator mods are capable of breaking doors, and zombies and skeletons rarely spawn equipped with pieces of armor.

what is peaceful mode in minecraft

Hard Mode

For Minecraft players who want a little more of a challenge, this difficulty setting is a good place to start. Hostile mobs deal more damage and some have increased health, but they also drop higher-quality items. If a player’s hunger bar is depleted, they will continuously take damage until they die from starvation.

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Zombies can break down doors and call in backup when they are attacked. Spiders can sometimes spawn into the world buffed by status effects like speed, strength, regeneration, or invisibility.

Villagers killed by zombies in this mode will always become zombie villagers, so make sure to keep them safe as much as possible.

Hardcore Mode

A true test of a player’s survival skills, Minecraft Hardcore locks the game in Hard Mode and gives players only one life. If players die in this mode, they can only spectate, not respawn. One mistake can lead to a player’s single-player world becoming useless. In multiplayer, players can spectate their friends, but will not be able to help them.

Before beginning Hardcore Mode, ensure you are up for the challenge. Mobs will be dangerous, survival elements like hunger will be tough to manage, and mistakes will be severely punished. Brush up on your skills and knowledge of building construction in order to survive this game mode.

Above is information what is peaceful mode in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is peaceful mode in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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