What is Honey used for in Minecraft ? How To Get Honey And What It Does

What is honey used for in minecraft ? Honey was added to Minecraft in version 1.15 with the Buzzy Bees update, released on 10th December 2019. This update added all sorts of bee-related items such as Honey bottles, Beehives, and Honeycombs.

Honey, a useful resource in Minecraft, can be collected using an empty bottle on a bee nest or beehive with a honey level of five. Players can tell the difference between an empty beehive and a beehive with honey in it by inspecting to see if the hive is overflowing.

Collecting the honey directly into bottles makes the bees angry. To collect without provoking the bees, players can use a dispenser with empty bottles in it. Bees also calm down when they are close to smoke so players can place a campfire under the hive and collect honey without any issues.

Honey is a useful item with myriad uses in Minecraft

1) Sugar

Apart from sugarcane, honey bottles can also be used to craft sugar in Minecraft. Automatic honey bottle farms are easy to set up. Once the player has established one, they can get sugar efficiently.

Sugar in Minecraft can be used to craft items like fermented spider eyes and cake and is also required for brewing Mundane potion and potion of swiftness.

what is honey used for in minecraft

2) Getting rid of the poison effect

The poison effect in Minecraft is caused due to items like potion of poison, the arrow of poison, and from eating items such as poisonous potato, Spider Eye, and pufferfish.

Under the poison effect, the player keeps taking health damage, but they won’t die, and the player’s health will drop down to half heart. Players can cure the poison effect by consuming a honey bottle.

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3) Food source

Honey bottles are an excellent food source as consuming a single honey bottle will restore six hunger points or three hunger and 1.2 hunger saturation.

4) Honey blocks

Honey bottles can be used to craft honey blocks, which is a unique block that does not stick to slime blocks. These blocks reduce the player’s speed when sprinting across it and reduce fall damage by 80%. It also reduces the jump height of players. Honey blocks are primarily used in Redstone contraptions with slime blocks to build things like huge piston doors.

How to harvest honey in Minecraft

Both honeycomb and honey bottles can be obtained from a bee hive or nest full of honey, but which you get depends on the tool you use: shears or a glass bottle.

Similar to a cauldron, a bee nest fills up in levels, up to a max of five. You can’t harvest the honey until the nest or hive is completely full, meaning five bees must enter and exit the hive. You’ll know the honey is ready to be harvested when you can see the liquid spilling from the hive, as you can see on the right hand side of the image above.

The other main thing to bear in mind when harvesting honey – be it a honey bottle or honeycomb – is that taking the efforts of their hard work will anger bees unless you calm them first. Therefore, you must place a campfire beneath a beehive or nest before breaking it, or trying to harvest it for resources.

We recommend placing the campfire in the ground with one or two air blocks between it and the hive, and then placing a carpet over it (moss carpet blends in well with grass) so the bees don’t hurt themselves.

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Minecraft honeycomb

With a campfire in place beneath the hive, using shears on a bee nest when it is at honey level five produces three honeycomb. For an automated farm, a powered dispenser with shears inside can be used to obtain the honeycomb, and also won’t anger the bees.

Honeycomb is used in a variety of crafting recipes, and is also required for waxing Minecraft copper blocks, which protects the mineral from oxidation.

Honeycomb crafting recipes


Combine a piece of honeycomb with a string to form a candle. You can then add a dye to the candle to change its color, but this must be done after first producing the candle itself.


Place three honeycomb in the center row of a 3×3 crafting grid, and fill the remaining spaces with any wooden planks to craft a beehive. A beehive is essentially the man-made alternative to a bee nest, working in the same way.

Honeycomb block

Placing four honeycomb together in a 2×2 pattern in a crafting grid will produce a Honeycomb block, which is mainly used as a decorative item since it looks pretty cool. Not sure what to make the floor of your Minecraft house from? Why not try a honeycomb block?

Minecraft honey bottle

Using an empty glass bottle on a hive or bee nest that is full of honey produces a honey bottle. You can use the honey bottle as a food item to restore six hunger, or to remove the poison status effect without removing any other status effects you might have applied. As with honeycomb, using a dispenser with glass bottles inside can produce honey bottles without angering the beehive’s residents.

Honey crafting recipes


Simply place one honey bottle in your crafting inventory to obtain three sugar, which itself can then be used to make other food items. That said, sugar cane is much easier to farm that honey bottles, and is the better method for obtaining the sweet powder.

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Honey block

A honey block is a really useful item, as we’ll get to below, and can only be crafted by placing four honey bottles together in a crafting interface.


Keep an eye on the texture of the beehive. Once the texture is oozing with honey and you hear a distinct dripping sound accompanied by orange particles on the ground, you’ll know the beehive is full of honey and ready to be harvested.

Start Harvesting

In order to start harvesting, you’ll need an empty glass bottle and shears. Shearing the beehive will yield you honeycombs, which can be used to make your own beehive or a decorative honeycomb block.

Using an empty glass bottle on the hive will yield you a honey bottle. Four honey bottles, when combined, will form a honey block, which has unique uses we’ll discuss further down.

Honey, when consumed, restores a bit of hunger. But most importantly it cures any Poison status effects. It can also be converted into sugar.

what is honey used for in minecraft

Avoiding Angry Bees

Before you harvest, however, you should calm the bees inside the hive. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a swarm of angry bees chasing after you. The easiest way to do this is to place a lit campfire underneath the beehive. The fire has to be at a maximum range of five blocks.

Honey Blocks

Honey blocks are a unique, slightly translucent block that’s made from three glass bottles of honey. They’re quite unique when it comes to their usage because mobs will actually dodge honey blocks and not walk on them.

Moreover, any mob or player walking on a honey block won’t be able to jump or move at a normal pace. Movement speed is significantly reduced.

Honey blocks can also be used to slow down and reduce fall damage. Players can actually slowly slide down a surface of honey blocks, which makes them great blocks to climb downwards. Moreover, falling on top of a honey block will significantly reduce fall damage by around 80%.

Above is information what is honey used for in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is honey used for in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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