What is gta plus? GTA+ Rewards for August 2023, all rewards and benefits explained

What is gta plus? GTA+ is Grand Theft Auto Online’s premium membership program, delivering a series of ongoing and rotating Member-exclusive benefits from across the entire GTA Online experience each month to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players.

GTA+ Members will receive a monthly GTA$500,000 bonus, new property, vehicle, clothing, and event bonuses, discounts, and more — including a 15% increase on Shark Card values.

Membership in GTA+ is completely optional and can be cancelled at any time. Memberships renew monthly, with new bonuses available to players to claim each month.

Getting Set Up

You can purchase a GTA+ Membership directly from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or from within GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Checking Rewards

GTA+ Members can check out the available monthly rewards by opening the Pause Menu, navigating to the Online tab, and selecting GTA+ Membership. Alternatively, you can also view the latest GTA+ benefits here.

How to Claim Rewards

GTA$ Rewards

Your GTA$500,000 will be deposited directly into your Maze Bank account automatically on your GTA+ Membership monthly billing date.

what is gta plus


Property Benefits

Properties in GTA Online are more than just places to hang out, they can act as the launchpad for additional gameplay via missions, businesses, and opportunities for Heists that can prove very lucrative.

Member-exclusive property-related benefits will be available for GTA+ Members to claim each month, such as a complimentary or heavily discounted property, property upgrades and more.

Free or discounted properties can be claimed through in-game websites like Dynasty 8 Executive or Maze Bank Foreclosures. Use the browser on your iFruit phone in-game to access these websites.

For some properties, you may also need to visit certain characters or locations first — check the Properties section of the GTA Online Guides for more info.

Vehicle Benefits

Member-exclusive benefits will be available for GTA+ Members to claim each month from across the entire spectrum of GTA Online vehicles, including everything from a free vehicle to a complimentary upgrade from the autotuning specialists at Hao’s Special Works, new vehicle liveries and more.

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Free and discounted vehicles can be claimed through in-game websites like Legendary Motorsport, Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Warstock Cache & Carry, DockTease, and Elitás Travel. Use the browser on your iFruit phone to access these websites.

Vehicle customization and modification benefits can be claimed at in-game shops like any Los Santos Customs location, Benny’s Original Motor Works in the Strawberry section of Los Santos, and Hao’s Special Works inside the LS Car Meet.

GTA+ Members will see benefits listed in-game at a discounted price or for “FREE,” as applicable, each month. Visit the Vehicles section of the GTA Online Guides for more info.


Liveries are custom paint jobs, decals or patterns that can be exclusive to specific vehicles. These can be claimed at in-game locations like Los Santos Customs, Benny’s Original Motor Works, and Hao’s Special Works.


Each month, new clothing will be added to GTA+ Members’ Wardrobe when logging in. Visit the changing room at any clothing store in Los Santos, or an owned property, to try them on. Add accessories for your character to wear by accessing your Interaction Menu and choosing Accessories from the Style section.

Upgrades and Rebates

Some GTA+ rewards may involve upgrades or rebates for vehicles or properties. This will usually require you to already own the vehicle/property to take advantage of the reward. Rebates will automatically be deposited directly into your Maze Bank account.

Bonuses and Incentives

New bonuses and incentives will be available for GTA+ Members each month. Taking part in certain modes or activities may deliver more GTA$ or RP (or both) in addition to the bonuses already offered during GTA Online event periods.

Check the current list of GTA+ Membership benefits and consult the GTA Online Guides for more information on the activity and how to take part.

GTA+ Feedback

Thank you for being a part of the GTA Online community. We’re keen to hear your thoughts on GTA+ and the kinds of benefits you’d like to see included in the future. If you’d like to leave us your feedback, please drop us a note on the GTA+ Membership section of the GTA Online Feedback page.

GTA+ rewards and benefits for July 2023

There are a lot of rewards and benefits for you to claim this month in GTA Online if you’re a GTA+ member. Here’s a quick breakdown of this month’s rewards:

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Vinewood Car Club access

Annis ZR380

Free upgrade to Annis Apocalypse ZR380

Free Soft Pink Chameleon Paint

Choice between free Anodized Burgundy Pearl or Dark Holographic Chameleon Wheel Paint

50 percent off Arena Modifications

Free Clothing

Bonus GTA$ and RP

Gun Van Bonuses

Exclusive Taxi Benefits

Free Cash

Vehicle Request benefits

CEO/VIP perks

The current GTA+ reward month is due to end on Wednesday, 13th September , so there’s plenty of time for you to grab a membership and get your hands on all these freebies.

Brand New – The Vinewood Car Club

The Vinewood Car Club is an exclusive part of GTA Online for GTA+ members. The Car Club is a hot location in Los Santos where GTA+ members can go to browse through a meticulously picked selection of cars that you can test drive, purchase (at a discounted price), or call to your location while roaming the streets.

You can also take a look at this month’s free vehicle by heading to the Vinewood Club Reward Area and claim your free car from here, because it’s just that bit more fancy to do it this way!

Free Vehicle

GTA+ members this month can get their hands on the Annis ZR380. Head to the Legendary Motorsport website (or the Vinewood Car Club) to claim yours. You also get a free upgrade to the Annis Apocalypse ZR380 by visiting the Vinewood Car Club or Arena War websites too.

what is gta plus

50 percent off Arena Modifications

You can get 50 percent off a variety of Arena Modifications this month if you’re a GTA+ member by visiting the Maze Bank Arena in Southern San Andreas.

Discounted mods for non-Arena cars, including Colored Headlights, Air Horns and RC Bandito Modifications, are also available.

The Arena Modifications discounts including:

Arena Vickle Armor Plating

Arena War Vehicle Weapons

Arena Bodyworks, such as Blades, Spikes and Rollcages

Arena Vehicle Vertical Jump

Arena Boosts

Free Clothing

From now until Wednesday, 13th September GTA+ members can claim a few items of Clothing for free.

The Fist Fury outfit (Female only)

Love Fist Tee

Love Fist Fannel

Gun Van

The Gun Van was a recent addition to GTA Online, and GTA+ members can permanently see the location of the Van each day. This way, the Van is easier to pin down when you need discounts.

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Downtown Cab Co. Bonuses

Taxi rides and skipping to destinations are free for all GTA+ members throughout this reward month. Also, there is now only a 5 minute wait between journeys until you can use the ‘skip to destination’ feature again.

Bonus GTA$ and RP

Throughout this reward month, GTA+ members can get bonus GTA$ and RP for completing certain tasks or missions.

2x GTA$ and RP:

Arena War Series, including double Arena Points

Business Battles


If you are a GTA+ member, you can get 50 percent off all Arena War Outfits and 75 percent off hangar staff source air freight cargo fee until Wednesday, 13th September

Bonus Cash

As mentioned earlier, GTA+ members are rewarded with $500,000 for logging in each month. This is simply a reward for being a member, so there’s nothing else you need to do to claim it. The reward will be deposited straight into your Maze Bank account.

Shark Card Extras

Shark Cards can be purchased by anyone in GTA Online, but GTA+ members can gain an extra 15% bonus GTA$ for any card they purchase.

Free Services

Of course, being a member means the rewards and benefits keep going. As a member, you can bribe authorities or activate a ghost organisation for free, which is great for getting you out of trouble or disappearing from an enemy’s radar for a while.

Also, VIP and CEO vehicle requests are free, so you never run the risk of being stranded after someone destroys your personal vehicle.

GTA+ pricing and how to sign up explained

GTA+ is roughly $5.99/£4.99 per month. Once you subscribe it is automatically renewed each month, but you can cancel your subscription at any time if you’re not happy with it.

Buying through the website

There are two ways that you can sign up to GTA+. The first is to head to the GTA+ website and click on the ‘Subscribe’ option at the very top of the homepage.

Then, you need to choose your platform. Currently, you only choose between Xbox Series X/S or PS5. After you choose your preferred platform, you will be taken to that platform’s digital game store and you will be asked to purchase the GTA+ membership as you would any other game.

Buying in-game

If you’re cruising around Los Santos and decide you want to get GTA+, then you can purchase through a screen in GTA Online. Please note, this will still require real-world money, the membership cannot be bought with GTA$.

When you’re in-game (and preferably in your property or passive mode to avoid being killed while doing this), head to your ‘Online’ tab in the pause menu. Then, select the ‘GTA+ Membership’ option.

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