What is Gigantamax? Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Gigantamax Forms, Ranked

What is gigantamax? Charizard is well known as one of the original Kanto starter Pokémon and the face of Pokémon Red and FireRed versions. It also features as one of Ash Ketchum’s most powerful companions in the Pokémon TV Series, and it is the face of one of the most valuable Pokémon Cards in history.

Furthermore, Charizard is one of two Pokémon that has multiple Mega Evolutions and is one of a small handful of Pokémon (so far) to receive a Gigantamax Form in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

What is Gigantamax Charizard?

The Gigantamax Factor is an ability some Pokemon can have, which allows them to take on huge forms with different moves than regular Dynamax Pokemon. Gigantamax Pokemon also take on a special appearance that’s different from other Pokemon of that species.

Gigantamax Charizard takes on the appearance of a massive, fiery dragon, with flaming wings and special markings on its belly and limbs. Gigantamax Charizard can also use the unique move G-Max Wildfire.

How to Get Gigantamax Charizard?

The easiest way to get Gigantamax Charizard is by picking up a gift Charmander with the Gigantamax Factor from Hop’s House after you become Champion. Unfortunately, this means Charmander can’t be acquired via this method until late in the game.

To get Charmander, first, defeat Champion Leon. Then, after the credits, walk to Hop’s House house and pick up a PokéBall with Charmander in it. No battle required. This Charmander is guaranteed to have the Gigantamax Factor which will allow it to Gigantamax after evolving into Charizard

what is gigantamax

How to evolve Charmander into Charizard?

Charizard has two pre-evolutions:

Charmander evolves into Charmeleon at level 16.

Charmeleon evolves into Charizard at level 36

How to Get Gigantamax Charizard through Max Raid Battles?

Gigantamax Charizard occasionally appears in Wild Area Max Raid Battles.

How to catch wild Gigantamax Charizard in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

To catch Gigantamax Charizard in Pokémon Sword and Shield, visit Hammerlocke Hills in the Wild Area and search for a purple beam of light. You can also throw a wishing star into an empty den for a chance to trigger Gigantamax Charizard.

If you see the silhouette of Charizard with flaming wings, you’ve found it! The battle will be extremely tough, so it’s best to invite other players to the raid. Choose a strong Pokémon that can resist Fire and Flying type moves.

Battle Charizard with the other raiders until you finally defeat it, then use a Dusk Ball for the highest chance to capture it!


This classic starter was brought into the game not long after the release of Pokemon Home, but its Gigantamax Form arrived much later in the Isle of Armor. This gave it a new Gigantamax move G-Max Vine Lash, which is a Grass-type equivalent of Charizard’s ability to deal damage at the end of each turn.

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This makes Venusaur the premium Grass-type Gigantamax option, as Flapple and Appletun lack the stats to survive against most competitive teams. Venusaur also gets a huge perk by having access to Poison-type moves, which few Gigantamax Pokemon can utilize effectively.


Galar’s soccer star of a Fire-type starter is already hard to beat thanks to its Hidden Ability, Libero, which changes its type to increase damage and change its weaknesses with each attack it makes. This means its versatility in Dynamax is a huge utility, regardless of its Gigantamax Form.

However, this new form gave it a new Fire-type Max Move that ignores all abilities, which includes many different effects like Flash Fire that negate Fire-type attacks. Cinderace already has nearly every Max Move at its disposal, but this new Fire-type one makes it even more unique than other versatile fighters.


Not only is Coalossal a breeder’s best friend, it’s also an absolute monstrosity to fight in the Battle Stadium. Its Steam Engine ability is its greatest boon, drastically increasing its Speed stat when hit by Water-type moves, but in Gigantamax it can survive most of these hits despite the four-times weakness.

This only gets better when equipping a Weakness Policy, an item that doubles both damage stats when the holder is hit by a Super Effective attack. Surviving one Water-type hit means Coalossal will outrun nearly any foe, and is likely to annihilate them immediately afterward.


Another classic Gigantamax Form that’s seen much more use in the past few months is Lapras, whose G-Max Resonance is especially unique for putting up an Aurora Veil on impact.

This will reduce all damage by half to the user’s team for several turns, which can often mean the entire battle in more fast-paced matchups.

This gets even better in Double Battles, where most trainers can get Lapras to attack fast enough to avoid damage before putting up its wall.

Having a Pokemon like Whimsicott or Articuno use Tailwind gives it a massive speed boost, while speedy Electric-types like Raichu can slow down foes with Electroweb to let Lapras’s speed problems become nonexistent.


Snorlax has always been a somewhat unusual looking Pokemon, and its Gigantamax form is no exception. In its new form it is lying on its back and it has what looks to be foliage growing out of it. Snorlax is a giant Pokemon and it’s so cool that fans get to see it with an even larger form.

Snorlax’s unique move with this form deals a ton of damage but it also gives berries back to the player for any they may have used during that battle. Not only is this form super powerful and cool looking, but Snorlax is giving berries back to the player, how great is that!

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Meowth has never been known to be a powerhouse by any means, but its new Gigantamax form is clearly trying to change that. In its new form it extends its body upward to create a long torso so it can bend and twist to hit enemies. The design for this form is quite unique, and the developers did a fantastic job coming up with it.

Team Rocket’s mascot has never looked or been more powerful and hopefully fans will see Meowth transform in the anime, even if it is a long shot. A talking Meowth that’s also a giant, is there anything cooler?


Drednaw is a Pokemon that could have used another evolution so its Gigantamax form fits right in perfectly. In its giant form, it stands upright on two legs and has a noticeably more intimidating look about it.

It’s good to see Galar Pokemon getting some love especially in the way of a powerful form that makes it one of the strongest Pokemon in Gen VIII. Hopefully Drednaw will be a fan favorite for generations to come and at the very least it will definitely be remembered for this strong form and its cool visual design!


Machamp is a very intimidating Pokemon and always has been. Its Gigantamax form makes it appear and act more powerful by making its eyes glow yellow and adding a powerful looking orange color to its fists.

Machamp definitely deserves its spot on this list because it has some of the highest stats of any Fighting-type Pokemon, and its Gigantamax form only makes it more of a force to be reckoned with. Players will want to get their hands on a Machamp with this form if they ever get the chance because it has a strong fighting spirit!


The Gigantamax form for this electric-type mascot takes the Pokemon back to its original roots. Its new form resembles the original look of chubby Pikachu from before its design was switched out for the Pikachu that everyone has come to love. But this design is adorable as well!

Even as a giant monster Pikachu is a powerful but infatuating creature and it’s weird that it can be so intimidating while also being such a cutie. Any Pikachu fan will want to have one of these Pikachu’s at their disposal so they can electrify the competition and win any battle!


This powerful goblin-like Pokemon has a Gigantamax form that no trainer would want to mess with. When in its rare form, it not only gets disturbingly taller and skinnier, but there are also very few Pokemon that are able to rival it without being defeated.

Pokemon and people alike should be carefully provoking this Pokemon because they might get pummeled into the ground. It’s definitely worth a try catching it though because Grimmsnarl is known for its high stats and expansive moveset and having one with a rare form like this one will only make for a more powerful monster!

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Kingler is an underrated crab that just got a whole lot larger. In its Gigantamax form, Kingler has long limbs with spikes sticking out of them. It can use these powerful limb claws to attack other Pokemon from a distance. Crabs don’t get scarier than Kingler in this form!

For water-type trainers a Kingler with a Gigantamax form is an instant must catch because there aren’t many Pokemon that can rival its amazing power. Fire-types need to be careful, one of these will surely one-shot any of them!


Another Gen I Pokemon with a Gigantamax form, Gengar has a powerful ghost transformation that will scare away anything in its sight. In its Gigantamax form its mouth is extremely wide and its tongue is very long which makes for some strong attacks involving its large mouth!

Its hands are also extending out of the ground instead of out of its body which just adds to the creepy vibes it gives off. Pokemon need to be careful around Gigantamax Gengar even if they have a type advantage. This Pokemon is the perfect companion for any spiritual trainer and it’s new form only adds to its ghostly demeanor.

what is gigantamax


Corviknight looks very similar when comparing its Gigantamax form to its base form. Although there are few differences, Corviknight definitely gets a boost in terms of power and the form turns a powerful Pokemon into a weak Pokemon’s worst Nightmare.

One of the best things about this Pokemon’s form is its new G-Move. The move removes any battlefield effects such as light screen or spikes which evens out the playing field for every Pokemon on its team. Flying-type trainers should catch themselves one of these if they ever run across it because it is quite the powerful bird that definitely earns its spot on this list!


Charizard is a beloved Pokemon both because of how long it’s been around and also its intense firepower. This is one Pokemon that definitely deserved to get a Gigantamax form so it’s great that it ended up with a very powerful one. Its G-Move doesn’t initially do any damage to enemy Pokemon but instead it damages all non-fire-type Pokemon over multiple moves.

Gigantamax Charizards design consists of a regular looking Charizard with powerful looking flames coming out of every side of its body. Trainers that enjoy collecting starter Pokemon are definitely going to want to pick up this Charizard, it’s one of a kind!


It can’t be stressed just how alarmingly powerful Urshifu is in the Pokemon series. This new Fighting-type is already quite powerful thanks to its ability Unseen Fist, which lets most of its moves hit through defensive moves like Protect or Detect, and its signature moves can even cause guaranteed critical hits that defeat most opponents.

In Gigantamax, though, it only gets stronger by letting its signature moves hit through Max Guard, providing guaranteed damage regardless of what your opponent does. This gives Urshifu a huge utility to break through defenses without sacrificing any damage, making it a worthwhile addition to nearly any team.

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