What is every Enchantment for a Sword ? Best Enchantments For Swords, Ranked

What is every enchantment for a sword ? The pen may be mightier than the sword, but Minecraft has no pen. The sword is the best weapon in Minecraft and should be utilized as such. Considering players will be using the sword to battle a great number of hostile mobs across their many adventures in Minecraft, it’s best to invest in the best enchantments that will make the sword the best it can be, even if some of those enchantments are some of the rarest items in Minecraft.

The best sword enchantments in Minecraft range from different amounts of usefulness. Some sword enchantments can benefit the player for different damage outputs, whereas others will simply allow the player to gain more loot. Many of the best enchantments for swords in Minecraft come from different sources.

10. Best Sword And How To Get Them

Players will want to make sure that they are spending their XP wisely, and the plethora of sources that it can come from is being well-invested to create the best enchantments for swords in Minecraft. As such, it’s a wise idea to learn the different types of swords that players can make, and which ones will be most effective against the forces of evil.

 Wooden Sword

To craft a wooden sword, players will need one stick and two wooden planks. This is by far the easiest sword to make, as it simply requires players to punch a tree and obtain one block from it, which will exchange for 4 wooden planks. Wooden swords are by far the weakest, and not something to involve in the best sword enchantments Minecraft.

Stone Sword

Continuing with one stick and 2 cobblestone blocks, players can forge themselves a stone sword. This is a great jumping-off point for players that are looking to venture within the mines, but it is also something that should not be pursued for any Minecraft sword enchantments due to its common rarity and lack of power. Instead, it should be used as a means to defeat hostile mobs in search of iron.

 Iron Sword

Players will need two iron ingots and one stick to craft an iron sword in Minecraft. This is probably a good start to start enchanting with, as although diamonds are better, they are a much rarer source, and players will want to first use their diamonds for a diamond pickaxe and an enchanting table over that of a sword. The iron sword is great and reliable, meaning players should push for a few enchantments if they can.

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Diamond Sword

The sword that will carry players through the majority of their Minecraft run, and the one that will most likely slay the Ender Dragon, is the diamond sword, crafted from 2 diamonds and one stick. Diamonds are a divinity in Minecraft, a rare resource to be admired. If players want to invest in Minecraft sword enchantments, then the diamond sword is a great opportunity to do so thanks to its superior stats. However, a diamond sword is the path to the best sword in Minecraft.

what is every enchantment for a sword

10. Netherite Sword

The rarest and best sword in Minecraft is the Netherite sword. To craft a Netherite sword in Minecraft, players will first need to head to the Nether and search for a Smithing Template within a Bastion. Once acquired, players will need one Netherite ingot, which can be created from 4 scraps and 4 gold ingots. Then, using the Smithing Table, players can upgrade their diamond sword into the superior Netherite sword, thus providing them with the best sword in Minecraft for enchantments that will be able to take on the Ender Dragon.

9. Bane Of Arthropods 5

The Bane of Arthropods is a weapon enchantment with not many features to warrant use. The purpose of the enchantment is to deal extended damage to arthropod mobs, which involve a bounty of biome-specific hostiles in survival, such as spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, bees, and endermites. Unfortunately for this enchantment, these mobs are few and far between and do not warrant wasting a damage enchantment, as players can only have one damage enchantment rather than all of them.

Although the damage is particularly good against this mob type, it still does make it worth it. The bonus of Bane of Arthropods is that players will be able to inflict the Slowness effect on the arthropod that is hit.

8. Smite 5

As another damage-based enchantment for weapons, Smite will increase the damage that is inflicted upon undead mobs. An undead mob can be any of these hostile mobs: skeletons, zombies, zombie villagers, withers, wither skeletons, zombified piglins, strays, husks, phantoms, drowned, zoglins, and the non-hostile skeleton, and zombie horses.

Although this may seem like a large number of mobs, it simply is not the best all-around damage enchantment that can be used. Smite is good for certain situations, and it may even be handy to have a Smite sword when fighting the Wither in Minecraft, but it isolates undead mobs rather than including all of them.

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7. Knockback 2

Depending on how the player looks at it, Knockback can be a burden or a blessing. The purpose of this enchantment is to send a mob backward a few blocks if they are hit with a sword with Knockback. This can be a lifesaver since if a creeper is about to explode, the sword will knock them out of range. It’s also a great tip for surviving in the Nether, as Hoglins are quick, and deal damage up close, so knockback will send them running.

However, when fighting skeletons, it could be a nuisance, as the skeleton will continue to shoot at a distance, meaning players need to run back to them. This is where the fatal flaw of Knockback comes in, as fighting mobs can be annoying when the player has to repeatedly go after them due to the knockback effect.

6. Mending

A great enchantment for every item, Mending will restore durability lost in exchange for experience points. Considering the sword is a great source for getting experience points, Mending is worth having. Experience will drop on killing mobs, hostile or passive, meaning those experience points will go straight back into the weapon, with some leftover to help level up the player. Something like Mending may be useful if players decide to try out great biome mods in Minecraft for new survival adventures

Mending is a rare enchantment that cannot be found simply by using the Enchantment Table. Players can locate Mending from a few rare sources, but the most efficient way is to find a librarian villager to make the trade.

5. Fire Aspect 2

With Fire Aspect, players will be able to set their target on fire. This will deal continuous damage, which is a great bonus to the damage that will already be dealt by the physical blow. Not only will players be able to burn enemies, thus killing them quicker, but the fact that they are on fire means that some mobs will have their meat cooked, although this may ruin a gameplay challenge for Minecraft veterans, which could involve a pacifist run of the game.

Fire Aspect 2 is a great way to farm mobs, like Hoglins for cooked pork, and for killing non-hostile mobs like cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep to instantly cook their meat. However, Fire Aspect does not work during rain, but it’s still a great enchantment.

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what is every enchantment for a sword

4. Sweeping Edge 3

When players are surrounded by hostile mobs, Sweeping Edge could save the day. This enchantment will increase the sweep attack damage that players deal. To activate its damage buff, players will need to stay on the ground, and not jump spam for critical hit damage.

Activating Sweeping Edge can be a little finicky, and the disadvantage of this weapon enchantment is that it is exclusive to Java Edition, meaning console and PC players that use Bedrock Edition cannot use Sweeping Edge.

3. Unbreaking 3

Another enchantment that can be placed on any item of use is Unbreaking. This will extend the durability of an item, while also increasing the chance that the durability reduction will go down with use. Unbreaking will ensure that the sword the player is using will never break, as long as it is well-maintained and tended to.

Unbreaking may save the life of the player if they are being attacked by countless mobs, especially in the Nether. Their sword will not break as fast as swords without Unbreaking. Durability is a key factor when using crafted tools.

2. Looting 3

The advantage of killing mobs doesn’t just come from the experience they will drop. A very good reason to kill mobs is for their loot. However, some loot is rarer than others, but with Looting 3, players will see a massive increase in their loot gains upon killing enemies.

These loot drops can be extremely rare. For instance, a drowned has more chance to drop a trident, and animals have more chance to drop more than one piece of meat. Looting is a great sword enchantment due to its ability to give bonus and rare loot, especially when paired with useful Redstone contraptions for item farming.

1. Sharpness 5

Despite other damage-based enchantments offering bonuses on specific mobs, Sharpness affects all mobs with an increase in melee damage. Players will truly feel the power of Sharpness 5, which has the power to take out a creeper in just 2 hits. Other mobs will go down far quicker than with just a basic sword, thanks to the fact that Sharpness adds 1.25X extra damage per tier, great assistance for a mysterious survival game like Minecraft.

To get Sharpness 5, players will need to combine Sharpness swords, as Sharpness 5 isn’t an enchantment that can be discovered simply at the Enchantment Table. The damage output is well worth the effort, as it cuts down foes quickly.

Above is information what is every enchantment for a sword.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is every enchantment for a sword .Thank you for reading our post.

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