What is Entity in Minecraft ? Fixing Ticking Entity / TileEntity Errors

What is entity in minecraft ? Minecraft has lots of different creatures in it. Hostile mobs, passive mobs, neutral mobs, players and more all exist in the world of Minecraft. An entity is defined as a mobile object that has health points that can be reduced.

That’s a lot of the creatures in Minecraft, so here’s the full list of in-game entities.

What are Entities?

An entity in Minecraft is any object capable of moving, interacting with the player, storing values, or having a non-cuboid shape. When debugging entity lag, it is important to know the two types of entities: regular entities and tile entities.

Tile Entities vs Regular Entities

The main difference between the two types of entities is whether they are a block in the world or not. Regular entities are general objects that consist of mobs, dropped items, projectiles, vehicles, and falling blocks. On the other hand, a tile entity is a block with associated unique data, such as a chest’s inventory and redstone’s power level.

Regular entities generally cause more lag than tile entities. Since regular entities can move around they have a lot of additional physics applied to them such as gravity, collisions, and AI if necessary. Tile entities on the other hand are static blocks and therefore have dramatically fewer features and lag potential. Because of this, one hopper minecart is more impactful on entity lag than a row of hoppers.

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what is entity in minecraft

Removing Entities to Reduce Entity Lag

With Plugins

Removing excess entities is the simplest way to reduce entity lag on your server. This can easily be done using a plugin. For example, ClearLagg automatically removes entities and can be configured to protect certain regions or entity types.

You can also use a plugin to blacklist items/entities that cause entity lag. BanItem allows you to ban lag-causing items and supports permissions to allow trusted players access to blacklisted items. Some items we suggest banning are:

Armour Stands & Item Frames – These entities are usually cosmetic but can be used to create lag machines.

Redstone Repeaters – These entities can be used in lag machines to rapidly activate large amounts of tile entities.

What is a “Ticking Entity”?

A Ticking Entity crash is caused by a monster or creature that has become corrupted in the data files for the game.

Entities is what Minecraft calls all monsters and creatures in the game. While the game is running. the information for the entity can become corrupted. This corruption can be so bad that any attempt by the game to process anything related to it all will cause the game to crash. While this corruption can happen even in “vanilla” minecraft, the leading cause of most Ticking Entities corruption is usually a mod, or a combination of mods, that are changing some core part of the game in Minecraft.

A tick refers to Minecraft’s process for updating every creature, block, and global event in the game for every “chunk” of the map.. The game normally does this 20 times per second. Everytime you do something in the game, it is only processed on a tick. Place a block, destroy a block, Shoot a monster, etc.

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A chunk is a column of terrain 16 blocks X 16 blocks wide, that stretches from the lowest level up to the highest level. Your entire world in minecraft is made of these 16 x 16 chunks. The data for a chunk has to be loaded into memory so you can see it, move around in it, or build in it.

During each tick, the game has to update every block and every creatures in the chunk the player is standing in, and it also has to do the same for every block and creature in every chunk around that chunk, all the way out to the max view distance. Whew, that’s a lot of blocks. And it does this 20 times a second. If any event happens that keeps the tick from finishing properly, it can cause the game to crash.

This can result in the game repeatedly crashing every time you try to enter the game, because your spawn point for your character is in the same chunk as the Ticking Entity. It tries to load the chunk into memory, and as soon as it tries to process the corrupted information for the Ticking Entity, it will crash. Over and over and over every time you spawn into the game.

Players that are in other chunks may be able to join the game, but the same thing happens again if they move into any chunk containing a Ticking Entity, and the game crashes.

what is entity in minecraft

“Ticking Block” and “Ticking World”

These two crashes are related to the “Ticking Entity” Crash. “Ticking Block” is basically the same, except that the issue is a corrupted block or “TileEntity”. These are often special block types added by a mod. Modded crafting table blocks are a common cause of this crash. They are basically handled in the same way as an Ticking Entity.

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“Ticking World” is the most severe version of this kind of crash, The game knows that there is a corrupted block or creature somewhere in the world, but can’t give you the exact location, because it doesn’t know where it is. It could be any block, anywhere. This is the most difficult to fix, and sometimes requires some pretty heroic steps to fix it or just plain luck. In some cases, it’s beyond fixing. Let’s have a quiet moment of respect for the departed world, bury it, and make another. “Ticking World” is that bad.

Can I Remove the Mods to Fix It?

Even though the mods may have caused the corruption, the corrupted Ticking Entity is now part of the world data, and your world is basically your save game for Minecraft. Removing the mods will not fix the corruption, and the corrupted entity will still remain in the world.

Also, there’s no way to tell exactly which mod may have caused the corruption. It might even have been a combination of multiple mods that caused it. If you are getting repeated Ticking Entity crashes, then later on you might want to figure out which mods are possibly causing it, and remove them at that time. But removing the mods now won’t fix the Ticking Entity.

Above is information what is entity in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is entity in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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