What is Buried Alive Pokemon ? Was Mohbad buried Alive ?

What is buried alive pokemon ? The news of Nigerian singer Mohbad’s death came as a surprise on 12 September 2023. Many fans have speculated that the rapper’s former label boss Naira Marley had something to do with his death.

The latest is that claims of the musician being buried alive have spread like wildfire. As conspiracy theories about the singer’s passing have appeared online, law enforcement has announced that they are investigating the same.

Several videos of Mohbad’s burial grounds have appeared online. This comes after fans stormed the burial site where the Lagos State police were exhuming the singer’s corpse.

Many ardent followers of the Peace singer have since claimed that Mohbad, whose real name was Ilerioluwa Aloba, was still alive when he was buried.

Horrific videos of Mohbad’s body circulate online amidst claims of the singer being buried alive

As netizens continue to conspire that the singer was not dead when he was buried, videos of Aloba’s body have appeared online. Fans are claiming that they observed that his neck moved despite being dead.

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X user @damilare_VA responded to a video that showed the singer’s body. In the same video, the singer was seen lying down inside a car while a person cried to the camera. The X user said:

Hundreds of fans have since taken to the streets of Lagos to hold protests and candlelight vigils pleading for justice following Aloba’s passing. The hashtag “justiceformohbad” continues to trend on X in Nigeria as well.

As public outcry rages on, Kayode Egbetokun, the inspector-general of police, ordered a forensic investigation into Aloba’s death. Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed that the singer’s body was exhumed for an autopsy.

Meanwhile, Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu urged citizens to approach law enforcement if they had any information related to Aloba’s death. He assured witnesses that they would be granted protection as well. Sanwo-Olu said:

One of the latest developments in Aloba’s death case includes the State Commissioner of Police, Idowu Owohunwa confirming that law enforcement was to meet the singer’s father but the meeting did not take place as scheduled.

what is buried alive pokemon

Is buried alive in Pokemon real?

As you’ve probably guessed, no genuine evidence of the White Hands or Buried Alive has ever been discovered. Yet, you’ll occasionally hear a fan swear that Lavender Town Syndrome and the White Hand are real.

Who is buried alive in Pokemon?

Often referred to as its code, the Buryman script, the Buried Alive Model was to be found on the final story of the Pokemon Tower, in what has now been replaced with the Marowak ghost. According to the scripts assigned to it, the Buried Alive model was intended to be the “boss” of the tower.

Have Pokémon died of old age?

There had been examples of elderly Pokémon in the past, but the unmistakable confirmation that a Pokémon could truly die of old age was startling. Pokémon in the anime and films have most often died by sacrificing their lives for the greater good, but a wild Stoutland that simply got old is a harsh dose of reality.

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Why is Lavender Town scary?

The background music of Lavender Town is renowned for adding to the town’s creepy atmosphere and in 2010, it gave rise to the ‘Lavender Town Syndrome’ creepypasta, a fictional story about hundreds of Japanese children committing suicide after listening to the track.

What Pokémon died of old age?

During Ash’s Alola adventure, his Litten, prior to being caught by Ash, lived with an elderly Stoutland that ultimately succumbed to old age, much to Litten’s grief. The Stoutland’s death in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon was noteworthy because it was confirmation that Pokémon can indeed grow old.

Why is Lavender Town haunted?

It is implied that the village is haunted by the spirit of dead Pokémon, in particular a Marowak—murdered by the villainous Team Rocket—searching for its orphaned-Cubone. This story is expanded on in the remake Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Has Ash ever aged?

The coma would not only explain why Ash never ages (because he is basically living in a dream world throughout the entire series), but it also explains why there are Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys in every region who look the same and share the same names.

Did Pokémon end after 25 years?

Pokémon anime comes to an end after 25 years – what happened to Ash and Pikachu? After 25 years and 1232 episodes worth of adventures, the Pokémon anime last week farewelled Ash and Pikachu as the main characters in a low-key episode bound to delight and annoy fans in equal measure.

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Did Ash ever go to Lavender Town?

In search of a ghost Pokémon, Ash heads immediately for a tower in Lavender Town where they are said to dwell.

Who is the ghost in Lavender Town?

The ghost of a Marowak haunts the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. This ghost is the mother of a Cubone.

Does Ash never age?

The coma would not only explain why Ash never ages (because he is basically living in a dream world throughout the entire series), but it also explains why there are Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys in every region who look the same and share the same names.

What is the Red Dead creepypasta Pokemon?

Pokémon Strangled Red is a creepypasta based off the Pokémon video games. The unnamed narrator plays a hacked version of a classic game. The narrator finds a Pokémon Red cartridge in the trash. Since they never played this particular game before, they take it home before realizing that the game is hacked.

what is buried alive pokemon

What is the lost silver creepypasta?

Pokémon Lost Silver is a creepypasta based off of Pokémon. In it, the unnamed protagonist plays a haunted cartridge of Pokémon Silver. The story was so popular that it had a fan game made based off of it. The story takes place around the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

How is the oldest creepypasta?

Aja Romano, writing for The Daily Dot, stated that Ted the Caver was arguably the earliest example of creepypasta. The story, posted on Angelfire in 2001, was written in the first person from the perspective of Ted as he and several friends explored an increasingly frightening cave system.

How did Lost Silver lose his limbs?

He decides that he is ready for what happens next, and decides to continue with his Cyndaquil. However it dies due to injury from Feraligatr. He losses his arms and bleeds from his eyes, as he is dying. He obtains his Celebi, which has barely survived and joins him when he was threatened.

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