What is Bluey’s middle name? Learn more about Bluey Heeler

What is Bluey’s middle name? The revelation of Bluey’s middle name has been met with excitement from fans of the show. Many people are happy to finally know Bluey’s full name, and they think that Christine is a beautiful name. The revelation has also sparked some discussion about the possibility of Bingo’s middle name being revealed in the future.

What is Bluey's middle name?

What is Bluey’s middle name?

Bluey’s middle name is Christine. It was revealed in the season 3 episode “Christmas Swim” when Trixie calls her “Nah, Chris”. Bluey’s middle name is a tribute to her grandmother, Chris, who is also known as Nana Heeler.

Something about Bluey

Bluey Christine Heeler synonymously known as Bluey Heeler or Bluey for short is the main titular protagonist of the 2018 television cartoon series of the same name character and protagonist from the 2018 animated TV series Bluey targeted for preschool kids. Asides from the episodes in the show, she had made many other appearances throughout her series invariant books along with a 2019 Christmas Special.

She is a young Blue Heeler dog, who lives in Brisbane, Australia with her younger sister Bingo and parents Bandit and Chilli.

Like any other kid-protagonist from any typical kid’s show, Bluey loves to play and have fun and is a very intrepid kid; being so willing to take risks or try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.


Bluey is a 7 (previously 6)-year-old Blue Heeler pup who is curious and energetic. She likes to play pretend, roleplay. She also likes to play games with her friends and family throughout various amounts of episodes. And is seen to be a very happy character.

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Bluey is the type of hyperactive fun-loving person who would want to have lighthearted pleasure usually with her friends and family. She does face certain fears, problems, or struggles and ends up overcoming all of them either by or self or with the help of others (like her friends and family) in the middle of the episodes resolving the conflict.

Some of the times she is the type of person to be easily misguided into making the wrong decisions that lead to her or others not getting along. As well as times where she makes all the rules and sometimes could come off as bossy or demanding and has issues with being querulously uneasy at times.

Despite the recrudescing conflict, she is able to be able to forgive others and/or succeed in eventually being able to these tough situations firmly determined to be resolved by her friends, family (mostly being her parents), and/or herself. She is also seen to be really remorseful like in Episode 38 “Copycat” where she feels deep blue sorrow for the death of what it looks like a Parrot.

Despite the minor conflict with the seagulls, pigeons and other types of birds used to conflict with some part of the story as an obstacle for either her or her friends and family.

Some of her personality may, in fact, parallel with her father Bandi as evident to her tendency to copy some of the usual stuff that her father does at an early age for instance in Episode 7 titled “BBQ” Bluey practices her cooking skills, and in Episode 38 titled “Copycat” she has decided to copy each of the actions of Bandit until the only exception and standards of eventually terrifying and petrifying Wendy (one of Bluey’s neighbors and Judo’s mother) proceeding to spank his butt at her to trick Bluey into copying that to Wendy as well. Which did not work and led to Wendy going away feeling justifiably filled with horror from the malapropos circumstance that Bluey’s dad brought upon herself.

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Somewhere around 2018, (or possibly even before that year), she had made direct appearances through the episodes and some books as mentioned earlier. She also had had a Christmas Special Episode in 2019. Many episodes are in the making but most of the episodes and stories have her in it. The show does not air without the character. Hence their little name.

Appearances of Indy Bluey


What is bingos full name in Bluey?

Bingo’s full name in Bluey is simply Bingo Heeler. She is the younger sister of Bluey and the daughter of Bandit and Chilli Heeler. She is a four-year-old Red Heeler puppy who is a bit quieter and more reserved than her older sister. However, she is just as playful and imaginative, and she loves to have fun with Bluey and their friends.

Does Bingo have a middle name?

It has not been revealed in the show whether Bingo has a middle name. Bluey has a middle name, Christine, which is after Bandit’s mother. This suggests that Bingo’s middle name may be after Chilli’s mother, but this has not been confirmed.

There are a few theories about what Bingo’s middle name could be. Some people think it could be Elizabeth, after Chilli’s grandmother. Others think it could be Nicole, after Bandit’s sister. There is also a theory that it could be Chilli’s maiden name, but this is less likely as it is not a common practice to give children their mother’s maiden name as a middle name.

Ultimately, we won’t know for sure what Bingo’s middle name is until it is revealed in the show. However, it is fun to speculate and come up with our own theories!

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What is Muffin’s middle name in Bluey?

Muffin’s middle name in Bluey is Cupcake. It was revealed in the episode “Faceytalk” when her uncle Stripe calls her by her full name. Muffin Cupcake Heeler is the second character to have their middle name revealed in the show, the first one being her cousin Bluey, whose middle name is Christine.

Chris Heeler

Who is Nana’s boyfriend in Bluey?

Nana, also known as Christine Heeler, does not have a boyfriend in Bluey. She is married to Bob Heeler, who is the father of Bandit, Stripe, and Rad, and the grandfather of Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Socks.

There is a fan theory that Nana has a secret boyfriend, but this is never confirmed in the show. In the episode “Grannies,” Nana and Chilli go on a girls’ night out, and Nana mentions that she has a friend who is a widower. However, this friend is never seen or mentioned again, so it is unclear if he is actually Nana’s boyfriend.

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