What is best Armor in Minecraft ? Best Minecraft Enchantments for Everything

What is best armor in minecraft ? Minecraft players can use an enchantment table to enchant their best pieces of armor or weapons. Most players will likely wait until they’ve found enough diamonds from mining to make diamond armor before enchanting any of their armor pieces, so, there’s no need to worry about the best enchantments for armor until players are ready to tackle the game’s tougher challenges like the Nether or the End Dragon boss. Regardless of when players decide to enchant their gear, there are definitely some enchantments players are going to want to look out for first.

Best Enchantments For Armor & Weapons in Minecraft

The two best enchantments in Minecraft on any piece of equipment, armor or weapon, are Unbreaking and Mending. The Unbreaking enchantment will make armor and tools last much longer before they break. There are 3 levels for the Unbreaking enchantment; Unbreaking I is the weakest/least expensive level of the enchantment while Unbreaking III is the strongest/most expensive level of the enchantment.

The other enchantment, Mending, is essential in Minecraft’s survival mode. Mending will repair any piece of armor being worn whenever the player gains any XP. This means players can repair any of their gear passively and without an anvil taking their levels upon repair.

While Mending and Unbreaking will make players gear nearly indestructible, there is still one armor exclusive enchantment that’s sometimes a real lifesaver in survival, and that is the Protection enchantment.

The Protection enchantment is one of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft because will reduce any damage taken by the player based on what level the enchantment is. Protection IV is the highest level this enchantment goes, and reduces the damage taken by anything by 16%. This effect can be stacked depending on how many pieces of armor the player has with the enchantment. Most of Minecraft’s other best enchantments for armor are purely situational, like Minecraft’s new Soul Speed enchantment for boots.

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what is best armor in minecraft

Best Armor Enchantments For HelmetsProtection IV

Unbreaking III

Respiration III: Extend breathing time underwater

Aqua Affinity: Removes the penalty for mining underwater


Best Armor Enchantments For Chestplates

Protection IV

Unbreaking III


Best Armor Enchantments For Legs

Protection IV

Unbreaking III


Best Armor Enchantments For Boots

Protection IV

Unbreaking III

Feather Falling IV: Reduces fall damage by 48%

Frost Walker: Create ice blocks by walking over water


The 3 best enchantments for armor in Minecraft are Unbreaking, Protection, and Mending, but players could always swap out the Protection enchantment for something more situational, like Fire or Blast Protection, depending on what they are trying to accomplish in the game. Fire and Blast protection may be useful when attempting to find Minecraft’s Ancient Debris in the Nether.

Aside from these best enchantments for armor, the Helmet and Boot pieces are the only ones that should have any variation early into their enchantment life. Feather falling for boots is really helpful when exploring anywhere in Minecraft, while Aqua Affinity and Respiration for the helmet make ocean exploration a breeze.

What is the strongest armor in Minecraft?

Minecraft armor comes in six different varieties. The six different types are leather, gold, iron, diamond, chain mail, and netherite.

Each of these armors can be crafted using items around the Minecraft world.

Leather armor is crafted from leather. This armor is not very durable, but it can add additional protection for players. Players can obtain leather by killing certain animals. Leather can also be found inside chests.

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Golden armor may be shiny and pretty, but it is not very good for players to use for protection in Minecraft. It does not have much durability, so it just wears out pretty fast.

Iron armor is pretty good for players to use in the game. It is quite easy to find iron in Minecraft. This armor is pretty durable, so players will not have to craft another set for a little while.

Chain mail armor is one of the rarest armors in Minecraft. It cannot be crafted in Minecraft and can only be found as a treasure item. This item does not add a lot of protection to players.

Diamond armor is one of the best armor in Minecraft. Players can find diamonds inside caves, ravines, and village chests in Minecraft.

Netherite armor in Minecraft


Netherite armor is the strongest armor in Minecraft, but it is not easy to find. Players will only get Netherite from one place: the Nether.

Netherite ingots are needed to create Netherite armor. Players can only get Netherite ingots by mining them or crafting them using four Nether scraps.

Nether scraps are crafted using four ancient debris blocks in Minecraft (another rare Nether block.) Nether scraps can be found in Minecraft but are not likely to be found around Nether chests.

Players will also need four golden ingots in order to craft a netherite ingot. Players can find gold fairly easily around the Minecraft world.

How to craft Netherite armor


Players will first need to craft diamond armor in order to upgrade to Netherite. One netherite ingot will create one piece of Netherite armor. Players can only upgrade diamond armor to Netherite.

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Players can find diamonds in caves, ravines, and chests around the Minecraft world. Diamond armor can be crafted using a crafting table in Minecraft and is the only kind that is upgradable to Netherite.


Players will need an anvil to upgrade armor pieces to Netherite. Players cannot create Netherite armor by using a crafting table. The only tool that can be used to create Netherite armor is an anvil.

Players can create an anvil using four iron ingots and three blocks of iron. Players will need to place the diamond armor on the left side of the anvil, the ingot in the middle, and the finishing product on the right.

what is best armor in minecraft

Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments

The following enchantments can be used on all types of armor (Helmets, Chestplates, Leggings, and Boots):

Protection IV – All armor pieces should have this enchant. Each level of this enchant adds a 4% reduction in damage. For example, Protection II adds 8% (Level 2 * 4%) damage reduction, and Protection IV adds 16% (Level 4 * 4%) damage reduction. If all four of your armor pieces have Protection IV, you will take 64% less damage.

Mending – Automatically repairs your armor using experience orbs. For example, killing a zombie would drop XP orbs and automatically repair your armor (at a rate of 2 durability per 1 xp). This enchant is very useful, and can only be obtained from finding a mending enchant book (dungeon chests, fishing, trading, etc). You can’t enchant mending using an enchanting table.

Unbreaking III – Armor lasts longer before breaking from durability. At level III unbreaking, each armor piece will last about 40% longer before breaking or needing repairs.

It is possible to replace Protection IV with other damage reducing enchants, but they are only helpful in specific situations whereas Protection IV is helpful in all situations.

Thorns III is an enchant that damages attackers. It makes your armor break more quickly, so it is not worth using in most cases.

Above is information what is best armor in minecraft.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is best armor in minecraft. Thank you for reading our post.

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