What is Arceus? Pokemon Legends Arceus – who is Arceus in Pokemon lore?

What is arceus?The Pokemon franchise circles around the main planet called The Pokemon world and a god-like being named Arceus. Sharing similarities with Earth, it is seen that the author has morphed the existing universe with his imagination and creativity to form the universe.

Referred to as The Original One in Pokemon Myths and Legends, Arceus is said to have shaped the universe using the 1000 arms it has.

It is known to be the creator of the entire Pokemon world, including places like the Sinnoh region, powerful legendaries like the Creation Trio Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina; the Lake Guardians Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit, and many more.

Arceus has no limits to its powers in the Pokemon world

This Pokemon is so powerful that it has enough power to recreate everything, including The Creation Trio, and it will do anything to guard the dimension if a trainer manages to catch them.

Nobody knows how long the legendary Pokemon has lived or how many more years it will live for, but it is basically shown as a God-like immortal being.

In the anime, the Legendary Pokemon can be seen destroying the Red Chain and calming both Dialga and Palkia. Bringing back destroyed things or beings, eradicating things in thin air, changing the rules of nature, stopping time and doing much more are just a small fraction of its power.

It can also change its type anytime and anywhere it wants by using the Z-Crystals or Plates. To control the outer dimensions, it can create a piece of itself for monitoring and management.

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Shown as the creator and protector of the planet, Arceus is said to have stopped catastrophic meteors and several other calamities to protect the planet in ancient times. It is also referred to as a kind and compassionate being capable of treating everything with unbiased kindness.

Even in modern times, it is omnipresent, constantly monitoring the world. This peace-loving Pokemon wants humans and Pokemon to co-exist and work together in times of crisis. But instead of interfering by itself, it provides hints and opportunities for a solution to the crisis.

It can also grant powers to Pokemon as blessings as explained in Pokemon Legends. The ones who get these powers can pass it down through the family line and are named Noble Pokemon and Ride Pokemon.

The former are worshipped by the Hisui residents. Creating items like the Arc Phone for humans to use is just another easy trick it can do. However, it doesn’t like the taste of betrayal, and gets into a rampage upon being deceived by friends or trustworthy entities.

To recharge its powerful pool of abilities, it feeds off the elemental plates’ energy as shown in the Jewel of Life. In the Eternal Battle Reverie, Arceus is seen to have appeared in people’s dreams and created several Pokemon to set as challenges.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it is seen conversing with human beings, and also heard stating that Arceus is just a name they made for it. The very first civilization of the ancient Hisui region worshipped it as The Almighty Sinnoh and The Great Sinnoh by the Celestica.

It was also known by another title, The Might of Sinnoh. Worshipped by The Diamond Clan and The Pearl Clan, Arceus’ physical form that the player can obtain is only a small portion of its incomprehensible true form.

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As shown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ boss battle, it is the only one that is capable of executing the Judgment move, and can easily perform The Creation Trio’s signature moves and their charged versions.

what is arceus

Arceus – The basics

To begin with, it makes sense to start with some basic facts about Arceus. Known as an Alpha Pokemon, Arceus is a Normal-type who’s said to weigh 320kg, with a height of 3.2m. While it is a Normal-type, Arceus has the ability to change up its type when holding a certain plate item in the game. It’s also currently the only Pokemon who can naturally learn the damaging move, Judgment.

When was Arceus first introduced in Pokemon?

Arceus was first introduced in Gen 4 in the Sinnoh region. While it wasn’t officially revealed by Nintendo, the Pokemon could be found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in the Hall of Origin using the Azure Flute, which was an event-exclusive key item that didn’t get officially distributed.

Despite this, players have still managed to work out how to obtain the item all these years later, and you can see the successful capture of Arceus on YouTube. You have to wonder if we’ll be able to encounter Arceus in the upcoming remakes Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

What can the Arceus Pokedex entries tell us?

Pokedex entries (via Serebii.net) in previous games allude to the role of Arceus in Pokemon mythology and legend and paint the picture of a very ancient Pokemon who appears to be tied to the origin of the Sinnoh region and perhaps even the universe as a whole.

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In Pokemon Diamond, the Pokedex entry reads that “it is described in mythology as the Pokemon that shaped the universe with its 1,000 arms”, while Pokemon Pearl states that, “It is told in mythology that this Pokemon was born before the universe even existed”.

Pokedex entries in games following Diamond and Pearl also allude to something similar, with Sinnoh legends saying that Arceus emerged from an “egg” to shape all there is in the world.

what is arceus

Arceus’ role in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The legends surrounding Arceus undoubtedly make it one very interesting Pokemon who clearly plays a big role in the history of the Pokemon world.

Alongside the Pokedex entries, the official Pokemon Legends: Arceus website also mentions that “Arceus is said to have shaped all there is in this world,” and poses the question: “Just how is this mighty Pokemon connected to your journey?”.

How indeed. As revealed on the official Pokemon Legends website, Arceus holds “the key” to the tale of the game, and is said to “have shaped all there is in this world”. It’s clear this Pokemon has a very big role in this new journey we’ll be setting out on in 2022.

We know that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in the Sinnoh region in a “long-gone era, before ideas such as being a Pokemon trainer or having a Pokemon league even existed.” Our role will be to create the region’s very first Pokedex by exploring Sinnoh, studying Pokemon behaviors, and capturing them using wooden Pokeballs.

Given the setting and the “key” role of Arceus, Pokemon Legends could finally reveal more about the origin of the region and shed more light on just how Arceus “shaped all there is in this world.”

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