What is a VSTAR Pokemon card? 10 VSTAR Pokémon Cards With The Best Art (& How Much They’re Worth)

What is a vstar pokemon card? In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, there are many variations on Pokémon cards that have special moves and impressive artwork, and the Pokémon Sword and Shield era introduced players to VMAX and eventually VSTAR cards.

The majority of the Sword and Shield sets offered VMAX types, but in the final few sets that were released, VSTAR was brought into the series. These cards have fewer hit points than a VMAX, but each features a new VSTAR special power that can only be used once per game and is incredibly strong.

When the Pokémon TCG released the VSTAR Universe and other VSTAR expansions, it included many new full-art cards that are stunningly beautiful as well as extremely effective in battle.

These cards that the Pokémon Company included within the VSTAR Universe expansion are Secret Rare variants of the VSTAR cards called Art Rare and Super Art Rare. The illustrations on many of these are truly little works of art, and many of the cards ended up being worth a lot of money as well.

Lugia VSTAR (Silver Tempest)

This Secret Rare version of Lugia VSTAR is part of the Pokémon TCG’s SWSH12: Silver Tempest line. Illustrated by PLANETA Mochizuki, this vibrant card almost has a hum about it with the golden light that surrounds Lugia. It gives players the VSTAR power of Summoning Star and on TCGPlayer this card is currently listed at $20.08 USD.

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what is a vstar pokemon card

Simisear VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

Simisear’s VSTAR from the Pokémon TCG Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery line is an Ultra Rare card with cheerful cartoon-like artwork. It was illustrated by nagano, who is known for adorably cute touches in his illustrations. This card gives players the VSTAR power called Ember Star and is valued on TCGPlayer at $9.90 USD currently.

Deoxys VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

This VSTAR Pokémon TCG card for Deoxys from the Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery line is also listed as an Ultra Rare with a strong VSTAR power related to Energy called Star Force. The illustrator, DOM, captured this effect perfectly in the artwork with energy and psychic powers both evident in the swirling colors around Deoxys. On TCGPlayer, the Deoxys VSTAR card is valued at $13.75 USD right now.

Glaceon VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

One of the evolutions from Pokémon fan-favorite Eevee, the Glaceon VSTAR card evokes a feeling of a freezing cold winter’s day. From the Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery, this card is illustrated by Gemi and provides players with the unique VSTAR power called Crystal Star. Currently, this beautiful card is valued on TCGPlayer at $14.00 USD.

Darkrai VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

Darkrai is a Dark-type creature in the Pokémon TCG, which illustrator Pani Kobayashi gives a colorful approach to stylizing in this VSTAR card. From the Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery, Darkrai is shown front and center with a colorful representation of a starry night and flowing water on the card. It gives players the VSTAR special power Star Abyss and is currently valued by TCGPlayer at $15.25 USD.

Zeraora VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

The Ultra Rare Zeraora VSTAR from Pokémon TCG’s Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery is a cool-looking card befitting the Mythical feline. It gives players the VSTAR special power of Lightning Storm Star and is currently valued on TCGPlayer at $7.95 USD. Artist Ligton illustrated this Full-Art card with stunning colors that pop and present Zeraora in a powerful stance.

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Leafeon VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

Another of Eevee’s evolutions, Leafeon is represented in a serene and peaceful portrait in this VSTAR card from the Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery. Leafeon VSTAR in the Pokémon TCG has a unique special VSTAR power called Ivy Star and is priced right now at $21.50 USD on TCGPlayer.

Illustrator Jiro Sasumo has made this Full-Art card stand out with Leafeon surrounded by plants of various types and sitting in an adorable position that makes this artwork feel soothing to the soul.

Mewtwo VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

A Pokémon favorite, Mewtwo is shown in its Mewtwo VSTAR card from the Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery in the middle of a battle against Charizard and others. Artist GOSSAN depicts Mewtwo charging an attack and perfectly adds powerful energy to the artwork with its style and colors. The card is valued on TCGPlayer at $53.68 USD right now and gives players the VSTAR power Star Raid.

Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

For anyone looking for Pokémon TCG cards whose artwork belongs in museums, the VSTAR artwork for Origin Forme Palkia by AKIRA EGAWA is a stunning example that looks as though it is from the Renaissance era rather than the modern age. It is also a powerful card with its special VSTAR power Star Portal. Currently, its cost is valued on TCGPlayer at $37.23 USD.

Giratina VSTAR (Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery)

Not only one of the most striking illustrations but also one of the most expensive Pokémon TCG VSTAR cards, the Secret Rare Giratina VSTAR card from the Crown Zenith: Galarian Gallery commands attention with so many intricate details in its design and stunning use of colors.

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The artwork was created by AKIRA EGAWA and the card is currently being priced at $119.95 USD on TCGPlayer. The beautiful card is also quite powerful with its special VSTAR power Star Requiem which has the possibility to instantly knock out the opponent’s Active Pokémon.

Sadly, after the Crown Zenith expansion to the Pokémon TCG, no more V-series cards were released. This adds to their rarity and value but is also an unfortunate situation for fans of VMAX and VSTAR card types.

The artwork on these, and many other Pokémon TCG cards, are beautiful and deserve to be recognized for their quality alone and the variety of illustrators who have been called upon by The Pokémon Company is fun for the diverse representations that the cards can have.

what is a vstar pokemon card

An Introduction To VSTAR Pokémon Cards

Pokémon VSTAR cards are one of Pokémon’s TCG unique style of cards. Since its inception, the Pokémon Company has always been dedicated to improving the dynamics of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

The company has introduced new mechanics and features in every generation of the TCG to keep it fresh and exciting for players, collectors, and fans alike.

Overview of Pokémon VSTAR cards

Two years after the Pokemon company introduced Pokémon V cards, they announced the introduction of VSTAR cards on 19 October 2021.

Pokémon VSTAR cards are very powerful cards with special attacks and abilities called VSTAR power. The first VSTAR Pokémon cards arrived in February 2022 with the Arceus and Charizard-themed Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars expansion.

Recognizing Pokémon VSTAR cards

Pokémon VSTAR cards can be easily recognized by looking at the title of the Pokémon. Just like all special editions of Pokémon cards such as Pokémon GX, or Pokémon V, VSTAR cards will display the word “VSTAR” after the Pokémon’s name.

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