What is a Daylight Sensor in Minecraft ? Minecraft: How to Craft (& Use) a Daylight Detector

What is a daylight sensor in minecraft ? The Daylight Detector is a block in Minecraft that functions similarly to a real-world solar panel by outputting energy or a Redstone signal based on sunlight. It can be used to power various Redstone mechanisms such as trapdoors, hoppers, pistons, or Redstone Lamps. For Bedrock users, the Daylight Detector functions the same as on PC. The only two differences between Bedrock and Java are its name in Bedrock, “Daylight Sensor,” and an activated piston can’t move the block in Java Edition.

The Daylight Detector is obtained only through crafting in Minecraft, as it doesn’t naturally generate in any biome. To make a Daylight Detector, players will need Glass ×3, Nether Quartz ×3, and wooden Slabs ×3. Glass blocks are easily acquired by smelting Sand within a Furnace, and Slabs are made by placing Wooden Planks ×3 horizontally on the crafting grid, producing Slabs ×6. On the other hand, Nether Quartz is a bit trickier to collect.

To get Nether Quartz in Minecraft, players must travel into the Nether Realm. In areas covered with Netherrack, Nether Quartz Ore veins will generate between elevation levels Y: 10 and Y: 117. However, in Basalt Deltas of the Nether, the ore veins will spawn less frequently but in larger clusters, as there’s less space on which the block to generate. Additionally, Piglins, natural inhabitants of the Nether, may barter 5-12 Nether quartz when a player gives them a Gold Ingot.

How to Get a Daylight Detector in Minecraft

Once Minecraft fans gather the necessary Glass, Nether Quartz, and Slabs, they can craft a Daylight Detector. Depending on the time of day and weather, Daylight Detectors can produce higher levels of power. For instance, the blocks naturally generate the most energy when the sun is at its peak in a clear sky. However, by using the “Use” key or button on a placed Daylight Detector, players can invert it, effectively reversing the power levels produced by sunlight. So, although the detector won’t create as much power as when it’s under the sun in Minecraft, players can still use it in innovative ways, such as an inverted sensor-powered Redstone street lamp that only turns on at night.

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By using Redstone Dust, players can connect a Daylight Detector to different devices as a power source. However, keep in mind that as a sensor’s strength diminishes from lack of sunlight or inverted daylight, its reach via Redstone Dust will also decrease. Therefore, players shouldn’t place their Redstone mechanisms too far away from a Daylight Detector if they wish to have a reliable current during the day or night.

what is a daylight sensor in minecraft

Top 5 uses of Daylight Detector in Minecraft

5.  Automatic Piston Doors

Daylight Detectors are best for automating time-based redstone contraptions. Players can build automatic piston doors that close during the night and open at dawn. It is a simple and fancy way to showoff redstone knowledge in front of friends and faction members. Players can use a daylight detector to activate pistons during the night. Hostile Mobs won’t be able to enter the player’s base at night.

4. Note Blocks

Minecraft has something for players from all backgrounds, including musicians. Music Artists can create music using Note blocks in Minecraft. Players can use different instruments by placing notes on different blocks. Daylight Detector produces a “bass” sound in Minecraft.

3 – Fuel

Many players may not know that a daylight detector can also be used as fuel. A daylight detector is a costly and inefficient fuel option. Players can prank their friends by breaking their sensors and filling them in their furnaces. Daylight detectors can smelt 1.5 items per block.

2. Alarm Clock

An alarm clock isn’t a necessary thing to have in Minecraft. But, using daylight detectors, players can create a cool alarm clock. This alarm can be adjusted into bedrooms to get a real-life experience. Players can send a redstone signal from the daylight detector to a note block or bell circuit. With some comparators, repeaters, and Redstone dust, players can make a loud alarm clock.

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1. Automatic Street Lights

Most players use daylight detectors to build automatic street lights. Players can use daylight detectors and redstone lamps to build beautiful street lights and lamps. Redstone lamps can be made using one glowstone and four redstone dust.

Place a redstone lamp under daylight detectors. Right-click on the daylight detectors to turn it into a night detector. The redstone lamp automatically turns on when the sun goes down.

How does the block work

Once players place the daylight detector directly under the sky, they will not notice anything significant happening, as the block will look normal. This is because it has to be paired with another redstone component block. This can change its behavior with or without the signal.

For example, if players place a redstone lamp or a note block adjacent to a daylight detector, they will notice that the block will send a redstone signal during the day and light up the redstone lamp or play the note block once.

When night falls, the block’s redstone signal strength will gradually decrease and eventually stop. In this case, if a redstone lamp is connected to it, it will switch off.

However, the daylight detector’s redstone cycle can be completely reversed by right-clicking on it. Once players right-click on the block, it will change its color from yellowish-white to blueish white and will not give out redstone signals during the night instead.

This means that the same redstone lamp will not glow as soon as the block stops detecting any light from the sun.

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This block will only recognize light from the sun and won’t be affected by other light blocks like torches, glowstones, etc. Also, there should be no obstacle between the block and the sky for it to work normally.

This block can also affect the weather as different weather conditions can have different light levels coming from the sky.

what is a daylight sensor in minecraft


As the name indicates, a daylight sensor works as a sunlight detector that activates when the sun is up during a Minecraft day. The sensor activates a stronger and longer redstone connection depending on the sun’s position.

In the morning, the sunlight detector has a weaker connection activating 5 Redstone lines placed on blocks in a trail. When the sun’s on top at noon, the daylight sensor has the strongest connection peaking at activating 15 Redstone lines placed on blocks in a trail.

Above is information what is a daylight sensor in minecraft.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is a daylight sensor in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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