What Happens if you kill an Iron Golem ? How to kill an iron golem in Minecraft easily

What happens if you kill an iron golem ? In the world of Minecraft, players have the opportunity to create iron golems, which are constructible neutral creatures programmed to defend against hostile mobs by using their formidable arms to knock them into the air. These iron golems can be crafted by players or naturally spawn in villages, where they assume the role of protectors, patrolling the vicinity to ensure the safety of the villagers.

The iron golems exhibit a sense of loyalty to their villages and act as defenders. They will retaliate against players who provoke them by initiating an attack. Additionally, if a player’s popularity or reputation score within the village is low, the iron golem may also consider them a threat and engage in combat.

About The Iron GolemEdit icon

The Iron Golem in Minecraft is a type of golem that can be either naturally spawned or summoned by players using commands. Its behavior is neutral, but it can become hostile if specific conditions are met. When naturally spawned, it appears near a pillager outpost or within villages. On the other hand, when players build it, it remains passive, especially in Peaceful difficulty.

In terms of appearance, there are variations of the Iron Golem based on its health status, classified as “Not cracked,” “Cracked low,” “Cracked medium,” and “Cracked high.” The health of the Iron Golem ranges from 100 hearts (× 50) for the “Not cracked” variant.

The Iron Golem can deal significant damage to mobs and players. Against mobs, it inflicts 7.5 to 21.5 hearts of damage, while against players, the damage varies depending on the difficulty level. In Peaceful difficulty, the Iron Golem doesn’t harm players at all. However, in Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties, it can deal damage ranging from 4.75 to 32.25 hearts.

To construct or repair an Iron Golem, players can use Iron Ingots and Leads. In terms of its size, there are slight differences between the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition. In Java Edition, the Iron Golem has a height of 2.7 blocks and a width of 1.4 blocks, while in Bedrock Edition, it stands at a height of 2.9 blocks with the same width.

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The Iron Golem’s movement speed is set at 0.25, and it possesses a knockback value of 1.0, which means it can knock back enemies it attacks.

what happens if you kill an iron golem

Creating an Iron GolemEdit icon

Iron golems in Minecraft are created through a specific build configuration. To construct an iron golem, players need four iron blocks arranged in a T shape. On top of the center upper block, a carved pumpkin, jack o’lantern, or pumpkin (Bedrock Edition only) must be placed. The pumpkin can be placed by the player, a dispenser, or even an enderman, but it must be the last item placed for the golem to spawn successfully.

The placement of the blocks is crucial for the creation of the iron golem. The pumpkin needs at least one block of space around the bottom iron block to be able to spawn, and the area should not be confined. Even simple obstacles like grass can prevent the iron golem from spawning. Alternatively, the blocks can be placed in any order with an uncarved pumpkin, and the player can use shears to carve the pumpkin and trigger the golem’s transformation.

Once created, the iron golem is naturally passive toward all players and won’t attack them under any circumstances. However, it may inadvertently attack the player’s tamed wolves if they get in the way. While it remains peaceful towards players, the iron golem will act just like a naturally spawned one and attack hostile mobs in defense of the village.

The arrangement of blocks for the iron golem can be placed upright, lying down, or even upside-down. The spaces above and below each of the arms must be air blocks; any non-air blocks, such as snow layers, grass, or water, in these spaces will prevent the golem from spawning.

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It’s worth noting that in Java Edition, players have the option to place a pumpkin on the four iron blocks and then shear the pumpkin to create the iron golem, and it will still spawn as usual.

Lastly, it’s essential to mention that dropping a pumpkin on the correct arrangement of iron blocks will not spawn an iron golem; the specific T-shaped arrangement and proper placement are required for successful creation.

Pillager OutpostsEdit icon

Iron golems can also be discovered surrounding pillager outposts, but they are confined within dark oak cages. Once the player manages to free them, the iron golems become allies and assist the player by attacking any nearby pillagers. Interestingly, pillagers do not retaliate against iron golems that are inside the cages. However, if a pillager is within one block of the cage, the iron golem can still attack the pillager since iron golems have the ability to reach through a one-block wall to attack their foes. This feature makes iron golems valuable allies in the battle against hostile pillagers and adds an additional layer of strategy for players dealing with pillager outposts.

what happens if you kill an iron golem


Iron golems exhibit various behaviors that make them unique and valuable allies in Minecraft:

Patrol-like Wander: Iron golems move around a village in a patrol-like manner, sticking close to buildings and structures. They do not stray too far from the village’s vicinity, even if they were player-built, though they may sometimes stand near the village’s borders.

Friendly Gestures: Iron golems can interact with villagers by offering them poppies. This gesture symbolizes the friendly relationship between villagers and iron golems. Baby villagers in Bedrock Edition also accept the poppy offered by the iron golem. However, attacking an iron golem while it is holding out a poppy will cause it to retract the gesture and attack the player instead.

Defending Villages: Iron golems prioritize protecting the village and its inhabitants. They will slowly wander around and attack hostile mobs such as skeletons and zombies, ensuring the village’s safety. If a village is nearby, the iron golem remains within its boundaries and does not wander off.

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Navigational Abilities: Iron golems have impressive navigational skills. They can walk up a full block height without jumping and can step over a 1-block-wide hole without falling in. They are also capable of avoiding water, lava, fire, and cacti, while remaining immune to drowning and fall damage. Although they sink in water, they can still move freely.

Healing Mechanism: When an iron golem’s health drops to 75%, cracks appear on its surface as an indication of damage. Players can heal the iron golem by right-clicking its chest with an iron ingot, which will consume the ingot and restore its health.

Leash Compatibility: Iron golems can be leashed by players, but they behave differently when leashed. They do not attempt to break free from the lead when they spot hostile mobs. Instead, they look at the hostile mob while moving. When leashed to a fence, they will attack the hostile mob but won’t follow it if it moves out of their attack range.

Movement Differences: In Java Edition, when provoked, iron golems move as if taking strides toward the enemy. When unprovoked, they move slower. In Bedrock Edition, they move faster, maintaining a consistent walking speed regardless of their state of being provoked or unprovoked.

Limited Equipment: Iron golems cannot naturally pick up weapons or armor. However, using NBT commands in Java Edition, players can give them weapons or armor, though the items won’t be visible on the iron golem.

Overall, iron golems are not only guardians of villages but also demonstrate engaging and interactive behavior, making them an integral part of the Minecraft experience.

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