What Happened to sky does Minecraft ? Tracing the allegations against Minecraft streamer

What happened to sky does minecraft ? Adam “SkyDoesMinecraft” Dahlberg has released a statement via a July 24 tweet following allegations of domestic abuse from an ex-girlfriend. The ex-YouTuber was accused of sexual harassment, assault, and paying off victims to preserve his image in early January 2022.

He allegedly abused drugs that would make him “go into a permanent psychosis,” and assaulted and sexually harassed “several women” according to ex-girlfriend Lizzybuggie’s allegations in early 2022.

Dahlberg responded to these allegations over a year later by saying, “I’m not a horrible monster I’ve been made out to be, it hurts and it’s a lot of what is taking time to process.” He also shared he’s “off drugs, I’m eating healthy, and really alchemically focusing on my mind and body.”

His primary goal seems to be focusing on future endeavors from now on, adding he was “excited” to deliver all the projects he’s been working on behind the scenes over the last few years.

Dahlberg shared he has no plans of reconciling with the alleged victims because he believes it’s better to simply move on.

Lizzybuggie’s allegations encouraged other Dahlberg associates to come forward with their experiences. One ex-employee called working at Skymedia, “the darkest period of my life that I’ve ever and probably will ever have” in a Jan. 24, 2022 tweet.

In Lizzybugie’s 6,000-word iCloud statement, she accused Dahlberg of sending naked images to young women without caring what age they’d be. He also allegedly spent “hundreds of thousands” to pay off victims of assault and sexual abuse.

As the allegations came to light, Dahlberg remained relatively silent on social media platforms like Twitter. But now has returned to the platform with a collection of tweets responding to community reactions regarding his July 2023 statement.

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what happened to sky does minecraft

What happened to SkyDoesMinecraft?

SkyDoesMinecraft began creating Minecraft content for YouTube in 2011. Their content was incredibly popular, allowing them to earn a following that soared above 11 million. However, SkyDoesMinecraft decided to branch out, and in 2018 rebranded their account to Sky Does Everything – although the content wasn’t as popular as expected.

The latest video posted to the Sky Does Everything account is from a year ago. Since then, the account has been silent. This isn’t due to declining viewership, but is instead likely caused by the abuse allegations brought against Dahlberg in January 2022 by their ex-girlfriend.

A lengthy statement was posted to Twitter by Elizabeth, alleging Adam treated her poorly and sexually assaulted several other women.

“You hurt, you abuse, you manipulate and you lie,” reads the statement. “You are a sick man. I spent months and months loving you with my whole entire being. I spent thousands of dollars just to come live with you. You made promises you didn’t want to keep, but promises you made to manipulate my life so you could be in control.”

Once this post went live, other creators started speaking out about Adam’s behavior, saying he was intimidating, unprofessional, and would frequently gaslight those he worked with.

Adam has not made a statement since all these allegations began to surface, and all his accounts have largely been neglected.

However, in 2022, a listing for the Sky Does Everything YouTube channel was spotted on a marketplace for selling social media accounts. The listing appears to have been verified by the moderators (confirming it’s legitimate) and the description says the channel has made over “8 million dollars” and that “all videos will be deleted once the channel is sold.”

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The channel was being offered with a list price of $900,000. However, selling a monetized account is against YouTube policy – and it appears the Sky Does Everything account has yet to be acquired by another party.

There has been little news of Adam in 2023, and it’s unclear if any lawsuits are being pursued against them. The creator is unlikely to return to the public eye anytime soon, and their accounts will likely continue to collect dust.

SkydoesMinecraft’s ex uploads allegations on Twitter

In the document, Elixabeth spoke about her life with Adam, saying he abused and manipulated her and others, while constantly lying about it. She also accused the YouTuber of using his fame to do a variety of “disgusting” things to her, putting her through experiences she said nobody should have to go through.

She alleged that the YouTuber claimed to be bipolar and potentially on the spectrum, but was also dangerous. Adam would hide her and their child from the public under the guise of protecting the relationship.

She was allegedly made to propose to the YouTuber, who also tried to buy her unborn baby. She also claimed that he does not have the kind of money he once did.

Throughout the relationship, when she would try to talk about the problems they were facing, he would instead just make ultimatums and treat her poorly instead. She would cook for him, and he would throw it, declaring he was not going to eat.

She also alleged that SkydoesMinecraft assaulted and harassed other women. Her allegations against the Minecraft YouTuber were lurid, talking about him paying women off and sending explicit photos to young girls, regardless of their age.

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The relationship got worse, with Adam breaking things, purposely clogging the drains while she was pregnant, and forcing his fiance’s pig to drink Gatorade, or leaving it outside in the freezing cold.

what happened to sky does minecraft

Other content creators shared their stories about SkydoesMinecraft

Quite a few creators came out after Elizabeth broke her story, openly sharing all of the things the content creator did to them. Deadlox, a content creator as well, said that many were being intimidated by SkydoesMinecraft, calling him a sc*mbag to boot.

Mithzan, a former video editor at Sky Media, posted a Twitlonger. His post was going to be temporary, and he was supposed to be made a talent. Mithzan was given a contract that Adam wanted him to sign which would essentially buy his name, channel, and a year-long non-compete with zero social media presence.

He said he felt brainwashed after working 15-17 hour days, in a “disgusting, unprofessional” environment.

Tim, another former Sky Media employee, mentioned in Mithzan’s post, said it was the darkest period of his entire life, and the mental torture and gaslighting was almost too much to bear. Even now, he is still trying to build his self-worth and self-esteem after leaving the company.

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