What does waiting on Install mean in Minecraft ? How to Install the Full Version of Minecraft on a Linux PC

What does waiting on install mean in minecraft ? Minecraft was first released in 2009, and its grassroots origins have made it a target for modders. Today, many players enjoy using Forge, a free mod loader that lets them add entirely new content to the game. It does come with problems, however.

Minecraft Forge Keeps Crashing with Exit Code 1

Exit Code 1 in Minecraft Forge often refers to a Java issue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Java is the problem. It could be the mod in use that creates Java errors.

If the problem is a mod, Exit Code 1 generally occurs because you are using the wrong version of Minecraft for your mod or you have an outdated mod.

If Exit Code 1 occurs due to a Java issue, it is usually caused by using the wrong Java version for your current Minecraft version.

Regardless, some users even received this error without mods or Forge installed, so it often makes sense that a corrupted or incorrect Java version is in use.

Here are some possible solutions that may help solve your Minecraft Forge Exit Code 1 Error problem.

Solution 1: Modify the Executable Path

The executable path refers to a chain of files and folders that Forge and the Minecraft Launcher run. If you received exit code 1, it’s likely the fault of the Java path, especially if you installed Java rather than using the pre-included Minecraft version.

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However, the exit code should disappear once you change the file name. If not, you should try a different solution displayed below. Here’s how you can change the name.

what does waiting on install mean in minecraft

Requirements to Install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20

OptiFine doesn’t require insane hardware components, since it helps your computer run Minecraft better, but it does require a couple of programs to be installed. Let’s go over those right here.

Minecraft Java Edition: You cannot use OptiFine on the Bedrock Edition.

Java 17: You need to install Java 17 in order to run OptiFine. This is a separate software from the Java used in Minecraft itself. The installation process is shown in the step 7 below.

Jarfix: You need to install Jarfix in order to run OptiFine. The installation process is shown in the step 20.

This mod is regularly updated to work with the newest Minecraft releases. Follow the guide below to download and install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20.

What Is OptiFine? Explained in Brief

OptiFine is an optimization mod that helps Minecraft 1.20 and other versions run faster, look better and provides the players with several configuration settings. This is the most popular mod in the Minecraft community and for good reasons. Not only does it help with FPS and performance issues, but it completely enhances your gameplay experience.

OptiFine has full support for HD textures and shaders, an unbelievably useful and fun zoom feature, cool dynamic lights, better grass, snow, water, connected textures of glass and other blocks, allows you to modify the fog in-game, and so much more.

You keep seeing Minecraft players zoom in YouTube videos or images of beautiful terrain generations and builds with shaders, and now, it’s possible for you to experience all of that too.

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How to Install Minecraft Forge on Your Server

Forge is Minecraft’s most popular mod loader, featuring thousands of mods that add content to the game for each version of Minecraft. If you wish to use Forge mods on your server, you will need to install the same version of Forge on your server and your client.

Before installing Forge on your server, you will need to know which Forge version you need. This will depend on the Minecraft version your mods or modpack uses. Thankfully, we have Knowledgebase Articles to walk you through multiple options for installing Forge on your client:

Using the CurseForge Launcher (Installs Forge and Mods/Modpacks)

Using the Technic Launcher (Installs Forge and Mods/Modpacks)

  • Using the FTB App
  • Using the MultiMC Launcher
  • Using the Minecraft Launcher

Minecraft for Linux: JavaScript or Dedicated Installer?

Previously, Minecraft was distributed purely as JavaScript software. This made releasing it on multiple platforms simpler—as a result, you would find it on Windows, macOS, Linux.

However, Java has a bad reputation when it comes to security. It was once declared the most vulnerable software on Windows computers, weaknesses also present on Linux or macOS.

Installing Java on your Linux computer will, therefore, make it less secure. Rather than become a security issue, Minecraft has been rebuilt by Mojang (following purchase by Microsoft). There are now dedicated versions for each platform.

Linux users can find a version for Debian distributions. But there remains a Java Edition that you can install on lower-spec PCs.

Steps for installing Minecraft on each can be found below.

First, however, just make sure you’ve actually bought Minecraft before proceeding.

How to Download Minecraft for Linux

Once upon a time, Minecraft was free. That is no longer the case. As of 2020 it has become the best-selling video game of all time, with 200 million copies sold across all platforms. It has 126 million monthly active users.

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To play Minecraft, you need the right version. Three main Minecraft downloads are available for Linux. These bundle the game software and JDK (Java Development Kit) to make installation easy.

  • Debian and Debian-based distributions: a DEB installer file
  • Other distributions: this is a TAR file for unpacking and compiling
  • Java Edition; visit the Minecraft Java Edition page to download

Want to Play Minecraft Free on Linux?

Long term Minecrafters will know that the game was originally free. Things have changed considerably in the intervening years, but you can still play Minecraft for free.

Several options are available:

Install the Minecraft Pi Edition. This requires a Raspberry Pi computer running the Raspberry Pi OS. If Minecraft Pi isn’t preinstalled, it can be installed via this Minecraft download page.

Learn how to code as you play Minecraft with Code.org’s Minecraft Hour of Code. See our guide to Minecraft Hour of Code for more details.

Hanker for the days of Minecraft for free, the original blocky goodness? Revisit the halcyon days of Steve and the Creepers (great band name) by playing Minecraft Classic in your browser.

what does waiting on install mean in minecraft

Now You’ve Installed Minecraft on Linux It’s Time to Play

While relying on JavaScript elements, the Linux version of Minecraft is the main desktop version. As such, you’ll be able to host your own Minecraft server. In time, the Java version of Minecraft will fade away, forcing Linux users to employ the DEB version. There is also an Arch version, although this isn’t yet considered stable enough to use reliably.

On a high spec system running Linux, Minecraft will be indistinguishable from the Windows or console versions. It’s exactly the same game, the Bedrock version, and compatible with all subsequent updates. Minecraft is an important element of Linux gaming, a phenomenon that has seen the open source operating system grow considerably in the past decade.

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