What does vaulted mean Funko?

What does vaulted mean Funko? Even if you’re not a Funko Pop figure collector, there’s a high chance you’ve seen one. And if you’re reading this, I assume you’ve encountered a vaulted Funko Pop and wondered what the term “vaulted” means. No longer should you wonder, as I am here to explain.

What does vaulted mean Funko

What does vaulted mean Funko?

The Funko Vault is a source of awe and mystery in collectibles. If you’re starting, you’re likely as overwhelmed as I was. If you do not follow the Funko blog, it cannot be easy to distinguish between fresh arrivals and recently discontinued items.

Nowadays, there are just so many Pop!s! Once an item has been permanently removed from the manufacturing, it is referred to as a “vaulted” item.

It retires with its companions to the mystic Funko vault. In contrast to just selling out, this indicates that the item will never be produced again, resulting in its instant popularity among collectors.

You’re fortunate if you snagged one before it disappeared from the stores. However, does this raise its value? The brief answer is yes. Like anything, Funko Pop!

When a record’s availability decreases, its value increases. In contrast to other exclusives and ‘limited pieces’ Funko provides, vaulted objects are no longer available; this implies that the number of vaulted items in the world will never rise.

Their price can double, triple, or surge overnight as individual sellers on eBay and similar websites market their vaulted findings as a rare and exclusive treasure.

As a novice collector, knowing where to look and how to find a reasonable price might be intimidating. However, pop Price Guide is a helpful resource, and numerous stores specialize in carrying these hard-to-find items.

What do we mean when we talk about ‘Funko Vault’?

The Funko Vault are the Funko Pop figures that stop manufacturing, that is to say, that they happen to be discontinued. When a doll is going to stop being produced, Funko announces that said unit becomes part of this group. ‘Vault’ means ‘vault’ in English, although in this case, they refer to a chamber or cellar.

Freddy Funko As Deathstroke

Why does a figure become Vaulted?

Although it may seem like Funko makes money almost out of nothing, the truth is that it is a company with a cost structure quite complex. They must manage thousands of licenses to produce each and every one of its product lines. That is why there may be factors that encourage them to make a series of decisions against a series of characters, such as the following:

  • Low sales: when a figure is not well received in the market, Funko can make the difficult decision to stop producing a series of figures or directly, not to renew its contracts with the companies that own the intellectual property in question. This is usually the main reason a Funko Pop becomes Vaulted. The same is true when a product is stationary, and sells a large number of units at first, but people lose interest in the franchise months or years later, encouraging Funko to discontinue the figures.
  • Termination of agreements- Agreements that allow Funko to manufacture using third-party intellectual property have an expiration date. If for one reason or another, Funko prefers not to continue producing figures of a franchise at the end of a contract, all the series involved become Vaulted.
  • License price increase: It can also happen that the prices of the licenses go up from one year to the next, making the business stop being profitable or Funko assuming a greater risk in its business, refusing to renew its licenses for a new period.
  • Breaking of commercial agreement: in case any red line is crossed or one of the parties decides to stop collaborating with the other for one reason or another.
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Can a Funko Exclusive become Vaulted?

No. The Funko Exclusive are themselves limited units. They usually have short runs of 3.000, 1.000 or 500 units, and are sold until the available units are exhausted. Some are exclusive to fairs, such as the products that are sold every year at Comic-Con, and others have their distribution linked to stores such as Walmart, GameStop or Amazon, although in the latter case, there is an exception.

Funkos limited by distributors They do not really carry the Exclusive seal, and sometimes longer runs are made than in said series. Many experts do not consider these figures as authentic Exclusive vinyl. Therefore, andThis rule may not apply to these models.

The Funko Exclusives never go to “the vault” because during the step prior to their production, the company has already agreed on the number of units to be manufactured.

Therefore, it would not make sense to consider them Vaulted, since they themselves would be breaking their word if they edited those same figures again.

How much are Funko Pops

Can a Funko Vaulted be reissued?

Perfect, we already know what happens when a Funko Pop is withdrawn from the market. He moves on to that famous chamber, where Funko acknowledges the existence of that product, but stops producing it. From that moment on, the second-hand market is in charge of exchanging existing units. However… Is it possible that Funko will change its mind and go back to produce a discontinued figure?

Case 1: Same character, different mold

It occurs when Funko decides to re-produce a previously discontinued figure, but with a different mold.

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Even if the character is the same as the one you previously removed, this must not affect the second-hand market significantly, since, on this occasion, the new figure is considered to be a new product and independent of the original.

The original figure will continue to be considered ‘Vaulted’ until further notice, unless the second case that we are going to explain below occurs.

Case 2: Same character, same mold

On this occasion, it is considered that the figure is no longer ‘Vaulted’, clearly affecting the second-hand market. This case has already occurred on a few occasions, and the figures involved see their price drop precipitously as there is now a first hand alternative in stores and much cheaper.

In this case, it is Funko Pop itself that punctures the bubble, although a figure is not necessarily reissued for this reason. In most cases, it is one’s own interest in the second-hand market which guides the company when re-editing the character, because now they know that there is an interest in some specific intellectual property.

When should I buy a Vaulted figure?

As long as you collect Funko Pop for fun, and not for mere speculation, the ideal is that you get the figures that catch your attention. Characters you have good memory or that mean something to you.

On the other hand, you must analyze very carefully whether or not it is worth buying a Funko that has just been listed as Vaulted, whether or not there are already units in first-hand stores.

When there is no interest in a figure, the second-hand market does not reach inflate the price, since the rise in value is mainly due to demand.

Don’t rush to buy a product out of stock when no one has any real interest in it, as second hand it will probably continue to be used. keeping its value for a long time.

Freddy Funko Metallic Iron Man



Are vaulted Funko Pops more valuable?

Yes, vaulted Funko Pops are more valuable than non-vaulted Pops. This is because vaulted Pops are no longer in production, which means that the supply is limited. As demand for these Pops increases, their value is likely to go up.

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However, not all vaulted Pops will increase in value. The value of a vaulted Pop depends on a number of factors, including the popularity of the character, the rarity of the Pop, and the condition of the Pop.

For example, a vaulted Pop of a popular character from a well-known franchise is likely to be more valuable than a vaulted Pop of a more obscure character. Additionally, a vaulted Pop that is in mint condition is likely to be more valuable than a vaulted Pop that is damaged.

Ultimately, the value of a vaulted Funko Pop is determined by the market. If there is high demand for a particular Pop, its value is likely to go up. However, if there is little demand for a particular Pop, its value is likely to stay the same or even go down.

Here are some examples of vaulted Funko Pops that are currently valuable:

  • Metallic Vegeta (Battle Armor): This Pop was released in 2015 and is now worth over $1,000.
  • Metallic Dragonzord: This Pop was released in 2013 and is now worth over $500.
  • Chase Glow in the Dark Freddy Funko: This Pop was released in 2011 and is now worth over $300.

Do all Funko Pops get vaulted?

Not all Funko Pops get vaulted. Funko has a limited number of molds, and they can’t keep producing every single Pop that they’ve ever made. So, they decide which Pops to keep in production and which ones to vault.

There are a few factors that go into deciding whether or not to vault a Pop. One factor is the popularity of the character or property. If a Pop is based on a popular character or property, it’s more likely to stay in production. Another factor is the demand for the Pop. If there’s a lot of demand for a Pop, Funko is more likely to keep it in production.

Finally, Funko also considers the licensing agreement for the Pop. If the licensing agreement for a Pop is about to expire, Funko may decide to vault the Pop rather than renew the agreement.

So, while not all Funko Pops get vaulted, the most popular and in-demand Pops are more likely to stay in production. If you’re looking for a Pop that’s likely to become valuable, you should focus on the most popular and in-demand Pops.

Here are some of the factors that can make a Funko Pop more valuable:

  • The popularity of the character or property
  • The demand for the Pop
  • The rarity of the Pop
  • The condition of the Pop

Above is information about What does vaulted mean Funko? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does vaulted Funko Pop mean. Thank you for reading our posst.

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