What does thorns do in Minecraft ? The Five Best Boot Enchantments

What does thorns do in minecraft ? Thorns is a Minecraft armor enchantment that causes entities to take damage when they attack the player. Thorns I and II can naturally be obtained from drops, trades with certain villagers or loot located in various structures throughout Minecraft.

Meanwhile, Thorn III cannot directly be obtained using an enchantment table. It can only be acquired by using an anvil to combine Thorns I and Thorns II. It can also be obtained by trading with villagers or by finding an enchanted item with Thorns III already applied in a loot chest.

Thorns usage in Minecraft

While wearing any piece of armor with the Thorns enchantment, the wearer has a Level x 15% chance of inflicting anywhere between 1-4 hit points (equal to half to two hearts) of damage on anyone who attacks them. When the attacker lands a hit, whether it be melee or ranged, they will get knocked back when being attacked by the enchantment.

When the player is wearing multiple armored items with the Thorns enchantment, the enchantment stacks. Each piece adds an independent chance of dealing damage to the attacker, as described above. The total amount of damage that can be dealt this way is 4 hit points (equal to 2 hearts).

While the Thorns enchantment might seem too good to be true, there is one downside. The enchantment applies a durability penalty to the armor, which means that it reduces durability by an additional 2 points when it is inflicting damage. If multiple armor pieces are enchanted with Thorns, the penalty is applied to one piece of armor that is chosen at random, regardless of which Thorns level is applied.

However, to counteract the setback above, the player can add the Unbreaking enchantment to their armor.

It should be noted that Thorns cannot be applied to weapons or tools naturally. The player will have to be in Creative or use game commands in order to apply the enchantment to non-armor items.

Readers can watch the video below to learn more about the Thorns enchantment in Minecraft

what does thorns do in minecraft

What the Thorns enchantment does

When a player or a mob attacks you while you are wearing a Thorns enchanted piece of armor, there will be a chance that they will take some damage back from that piece of armor. The attacker will receive damage whether they are attacking you with a physical attack or a projectile, like an Arrow for example. The attacker will also receive a knockback

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Thorns goes from level 1 to level 3. The chances to inflict any damage is 15% x L, where L is the enchantment level. This means that Thorns I will have a 15% chance of dealing damage, while Thorns III will have a 45% chance of dealing damage.

The damage inflicted by a Thorns enchanted piece of armor will go from 1 to 4 (i.e. from half heart to 2 hearts). The 4 possible damage outputs (1, 2, 3 and 4 damage) each have a 25% of occurring.

If you are wearing more than one piece of armor enchanted with Thorns, the chances to inflict damage will stack addictively. The maximum damage inflicted for each attack received will always be 4 though.

Knowing the probabilities that dominate the damage outputs, it is possible to calculate the average damage inflicted to each attacker while wearing 1, 2, 3 or 4 Thorns III enchanted pieces of armor

How to get it – commands

You can enchant a piece of armor with the Thorns enchantment using cheats. To do so, keep that piece of armor in your hand, open the commands and type:

If you want to enchant it with Thorns I or Thorns II, you just need to change the ‘3’ with ‘1’ or ‘2’.

Should you use it?

It is important to note that every time that a piece of armor inflicts Thorns damage, that piece of armor will lose 3 durability instead of 1 (but only when the durability is lost, which doesn’t always happen: to see how durability works, you can check the Everything about the Unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft).

This durability penalty will drastically reduce the life of your armor. That’s why some players prefer to not apply the Thorns enchantment to their armors. Remember that you can always compensate this negative effect by enchanting your armor with Unbreaking and Mending.


Thorns are one of the boot enchantments that also serve as a type of instant counterattack if activated. By wearing a single piece of armor enchanted with Thorns, the player has a Level x 15% chance of inflicting one to four damage points on their attacker. This applies to melee, ranged and projectile damage, and the enchantment also comes with a guaranteed knockback effect. The only downside of Thorns is the durability penalty, which will cause the player’s boots to lose two durability points whenever the enchantment inflicts damage.

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There are three levels of upgrade for Thorns. Aside from normal enchanting, Thorns I and II can be obtained as loot from generated structures, by trading with the villagers or through fishing. Similarly, Thorns III is available through trading and as chest loot. Although it cannot be acquired through an enchanting table, using an anvil to combine two Thorns II books will do the trick.


As one of the enchantments that boost the player’s general defense, Protection is an excellent choice. On the whole, this enchantment does not affect the kill command, hunger or any damage from the void, nor does it reduce damage received from negative status effects in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Fortunately, Protection will not impact the boots’ durability after reducing the damage from a source that this piece of armor would not protect against otherwise.

Protection comes with four levels of upgrade. While the general formula for damage reduction is (4 × level)%, boots enchanted with Protection IV in Bedrock will offer more damage reduction because the formula increases the value of the assigned level by one. It is also important to remember that Protection is incompatible with Blast, Fire and Projectile Protection, but the effects will stack if the player uses commands to apply two or more of these enhancements to their boots.


Enchanting a pair of boots with Unbreaking will increase their durability, which is particularly useful for extended bouts of regular Minecraft activities. This enchantment features three levels of upgrade. Unbreaking I and II can be obtained by trading with a librarian villager, using an enchanting table or fishing. On the other hand, Unbreaking III will require more patience, as it can be acquired by using an anvil to combine two Unbreaking II books or by breaking and replacing the lectern in a villager trading post until Unbreaking III becomes available.

When enchanting their boots with Unbreaking, the player can expect a 20%, 27% or 30% chance of ignoring a hit that would decrease their durability. Even if Unbreaking is activated every time the player faces an opponent that can reduce the durability of the enchanted boots by multiple points, they can expect them to last up to 43% longer.

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Feather Falling

Feather Falling is an enchantment exclusive to boots. Although it has no impact on the falling speed, it reduces fall and ender pearl teleportation damage. This enchantment will prove invaluable to all playstyles because it can stack with Protection enchantments present on other armor pieces. For instance, Feather Falling IV will reduce the fall damage up to 48%, but it can go as far as 80% if combined with other Protection enchantments. However, the stacking effect does not apply if the boots alone are enchanted with Protection and Feather Falling.

Since it is one of the rarest enchantments to be obtained through an enchanting table, the player can secure the first three levels of Feather Falling by trading, looting chests or fishing if they are not playing the Bedrock Edition. Like Unbreaking III, Feather Falling IV can be acquired by trading with the villagers or combining two Feather Falling III books on an anvil.

what does thorns do in minecraft


Although enchantments that boost durability and those that do not affect it both contribute to a pair of boots’ longevity, the best way to solidify their usage is to enchant them with Mending. This will restore their durability on the fly in exchange for experience. In other words, if the boots are not at maximum durability when the player picks up an experience orb, every experience point contained within the orb will restore their durability by two points.

Generally speaking, Mending is a treasure enchantment and cannot be obtained through an enchanting table. However, it has a 1% chance of spawning as a side enchantment from any max level enchantment when using the table in Bedrock. Otherwise, this single-level enchantment can be acquired by trading with a librarian villager, looting chests, fishing or even raids, provided the player is running the Bedrock Edition.


The Thorns enchantment will deal damage to players and mobs that attack you. This damage will cost you some durability, making your enchanted armor last less, but if you also apply Unbreaking and Mending it could be worth it. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!

Above is information what does thorns do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does thorns do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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