What does the Redstone Comparator do ? What is a redstone comparator in Minecraft?

What does the redstone comparator do ? Redstone comparators have a variety of uses in Minecraft, the most common of which is to compare the strength of two signals. For example, you could use one to compare the strength of a signal coming from a lever to the strength of a redstone signal coming from a torch.

If the signal from the lever is stronger than from the torch, the comparator will output a strong redstone signal. If vice versa, the comparator will show a weak result.

But what exactly is this used for in Minecraft, and why would players want to know this information? Read on to find out.

what does the redstone comparator do

What is a redstone comparator in Minecraft?

A redstone comparator is a block used in redstone circuits to compare two values. It has three inputs and two outputs. The first is for the Reference Value, the second is for the Value To Compare, and the third input is for the Mode.

The two outputs are True and False. If the reference value is greater than the one to compare, the output will be True, otherwise it will be False. The mode can be either Normal or Inverted. In the latter, the output will be the opposite of what it would be in the former.

How to read a redstone comparator

As many players know, redstone can be kind of complicated. Luckily, the comparator can be read easily once players know what they are looking for.

There are two sets of redstone torches on a comparator. One at the front, and two at the back. When the player places one, it will be facing away from them, with an arrow pointing to the front. These torches can light up depending on what the signal strength being received by the comparator is.

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For an in-depth look at how to read all the statuses of a comparator, check out our guide on redstone comparators.

How to make a redstone comparator

Creating a redstone comparator is very easy to do if the player has only a few specific ingredients. First, they will want to have a crafting table to craft the it. There, gamers will need to arrange the following ingredients:

In the top row: One redstone torch in the middle box.

In the middle row: One redstone torch in the left box, one Nether Quartz in the middle box, and one redstone torch in the right box.

The advantages of redstone comparators in Minecraft

Redstone comparators have a few advantages for players. For one, they can compare two different values and output a signal based on whether the first value is greater than, equal to, or less than the second value.

This can be useful for a variety of things, such as making sure a certain number of items are in a container before a door opens, or that a chest is full before it starts to overflow.

Secondly, redstone comparators can be used to “toggle” a redstone signal – that is, they can turn a signal on and off without having to physically break the redstone wire. This can be handy for things like making a button that only works once, or setting up a complex redstone creation.

Redstone comparators are very beneficial in Minecraft

Redstone can be a very complicated skill to learn in Minecraft, but comparators can help make things a bit easier for players. In addition, they can help set up some truly marvelous redstone creations in a world.

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With careful placement, they will be well on their way to ensuring they have high-quality redstone builds in Minecraft.

what does the redstone comparator do

How does Redstone Comparator Work?

There are a few functions of the redstone comparator. The reason I always find myself turning to comparators is because they can identify if a storage block is full or not.

Here are all the blocks in the 1.16 Bedrock version that a redstone comparator can receive a pulse from. (Pictured from left to right: Barrel, Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Brewing Stand, Hopper, Hopper in a Minecart, Dispenser, Dropper, Chest, Chest in a Minecart, Cake, Cauldron, End Portal Frame, Sandstone block with Item Frame, Shulker Box, Lectern, Respawn Anchor, Beehive, and Composter). The comparator will check the block it is connected to and emit a pulse when the storage item has filled up any inventory slots. The pulse will be stronger if the storage item has more inventory slots filled up.

This furnace has been filled with coal and now emits power to the redstone lamp.

The item frame works a bit differently than storage containers. The comparator will check the position of the item frame and emit a pulse accordingly.

Here the item frame is at its regular state and the door the comparator is outputting to is closed. Once you spin the item frame a few times, the door will open as the comparator’s signal strength will reach the door.

As you can see the torch has been moved to the bottom right orientation and the door has opened. An item frame has eight different configurations, the max signal strength an item frame can output is eight.

Comparators will emit a pulse equal to the strength of its input. The redstone lamp is placed fifteen blocks away.

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In this picture, the redstone repeater inputs into the comparator. Repeaters will always repeat the signal strength back to its full capacity which is fifteen. The redstone comparator will emit a signal strength of fifteen in this case.

When the repeater is swapped out for a regular redstone dust, the comparator will check the strength of its input, in this case thirteen, and output thirteen, which will not reach the lamp. You can also have a comparator subtract the strength of any input to its side. When you right click on a redstone comparator the torch at its base will light up, this indicates that it is in subtraction mode.

It will still function normally with an input and output, but if you line another pulse into its side, it will identify the strength of its side input and subtract it from its base input.

The base input from the redstone torch and repeater to the right is fifteen. The side input has a strength of fourteen, this means that the comparator will only output a signal strength of one, which can power the redstone lamp. If you were to place the lamp an extra block away, the signal would not be strong enough to power it.

This comes with its own unique applications. You can make a comparator clock with one comparator, three redstone dust, and an input. This comparator takes the input value of fifteen and outputs fifteen.

Once its output travels to its side input it subtracts thirteen from the strength of the comparator. This means it will only output two which cannot reach its side input. So this is a clock that turns itself on and off with the base input.

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