What does the Brush do in Minecraft ? How To Craft (& Use) A Brush In Minecraft

What does the brush do in minecraft ? Minecraft players eagerly anticipating the arrival of version 1.20 can get a sneak peek of what’s to come thanks to the Java and Bedrock Edition betas that have been made available to the community. One notable addition is a new item called the brush, which serves as the core tool for archeology in the game.

Using the brush, players can carefully clean certain blocks to uncover ancient items such as pottery shards or sniffer eggs. Mojang is likely to add more items to the archeology system in the future, so players may want to familiarize themselves with this tool ahead of the official release of Minecraft 1.20.

Everything to know about the brush in Minecraft 1.20 so far

At the moment, what we know about the brush can be gleaned from the recent Java snapshots and Bedrock previews, which have added some Minecraft 1.20 features to experiment with. If players are participating in these betas, they can craft a brush of their own by combining a feather, a copper ingot, and a stick in the grid of a crafting table. The feather should be placed in the top-center slot, the ingot beneath it, and the stick below the ingot to satisfy the crafting recipe.

Once Minecraft fans have a brush, they can place it in their hands like any other item, block, or tool. While the brush is in the player’s hands, they can use it (with a right-click on PC or the use item button on console) to brush blocks.

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Brushing doesn’t do anything to most blocks in the game, but if players brush the elusive suspicious sand or suspicious gravel blocks, they can receive archeology items like the aforementioned pottery shards or sniffer eggs depending on where the suspicious blocks are found. Brushing these blocks can also result in obtaining other standard items and resources not related to archeology like bricks, emeralds, and diamonds.

When a player is brushing a block, they are slowed down until they stop. Additionally, brushing reduces a brush’s durability until it breaks. Fortunately, Minecraft players can repair their brush by combining two brushes of varied durability in the crafting grid. Brushes can also be enchanted with three enchantments at the moment, including Unbreaking, Mending, and Curse of Vanishing. The curse enchantment is obviously not worth utilizing, but both Unbreaking and Mending should see players get even more usage out of their brush before it requires repair.

There may be even more uses for brushes in version 1.20 and beyond. However, the information provided at the moment comes from the update’s betas, and may not represent every feature or function of brushes. Mojang appears committed to fleshing out the long-awaited archeology feature in the 1.20 Trails & Tales update, so more content or gameplay utilizing brushes will likely arrive in the near future.

what does the brush do in minecraft

Minecraft – How to Craft a Brush

Though the Brush seems simple, its crafting recipe is actually somewhat advanced. Players will only need three items, but some of them are a bit rarer than others or require that players be familiar with some newer Minecraft materials like Copper. The recipe for a Brush requires the following items arranged in the order shown above:

Stick – This is perhaps the most versatile and well-known crafting material in Minecraft. Just combine two Wooden Planks to make four

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Copper Ingot – Obtained from smelting Copper Ore found in the Overworld.

Feather – Another Minecraft classic, Feathers are obtained by killing Chickens or Parrots.

Minecraft – How to Use a Brush

With the Brush in hand, players can use the Brush (Right click, LT, L2) on a block to start brushing it. For most blocks, this will do nothing but kick up some dust, but players will have different results if they manage to find Suspicious Blocks. Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel look like regular Sand and Gravel, but with more patterning in the pixels. These blocks yield items when brushed. The type of items players can obtain depends on whether the block they are brushing is Suspicious Gravel or Sand, and whether it is found in Minecraft’s new Trail Ruins or Ocean Ruins.

Minecraft – What Kinds of Items Can Brushing Yield?

Brushing Suspicious Blocks can yield all sorts of items, ranging from Coal and Wheat to Emeralds and Stained Glass Panes. There are also some unique and rare items players can obtain from brushing, including Sniffer Eggs, Pottery Sherds, and even Armor Trim Smithing Templates.

How to Craft a Brush & What It Does

There are many new and exciting features in Minecraft version 1.20, but the Brush is one of the most intriguing additions in the Trails and Tales update. Archeology is the main theme of the latest update, and players will need the Brush in order to uncover secrets from the ancient past of Minecraft. Before would-be archeologists can start making discoveries, they’ll need to know both how to craft the Brush and how to use it. Though players could probably find these answers for themselves using some trial and error, it may take quite a while.

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The Brush was officially added to Minecraft on June 7, 2023, but players have known about it for a while. The tool was first teased at Minecraft Live 2020, and it eventually made its way into the experimental build of version 1.20. Now players on all platforms can craft and use the Brush, so long as they are updated to the most recent version of the game.

what does the brush do in minecraft

What Do You Use A Brush For In Minecraft?

As part of the Minecraft 1.20 update, the game included new blocks called Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel. Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel look similar to normal Sand and Gravel but have an abnormal amount of pixelated dots. Suspicious Sands are generally located in desert temples, underneath the first layer of blocks.

You can destroy or mine Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel the same way you would with normal Sand or Gravel. However, you can “brush” a Suspicious Sand or Suspicious Gravel block if you have the Brush item in your hands.

To brush a Suspicious Block in Minecraft, take out your Brush item and right-click with the mouse or hold onto the “use” button on your controller layout. As you continue brushing the block, an item will eventually pop out.

Items like diamonds and emeralds can be found by brushing Suspicious Blocks. Suspicious Blocks can also contain new objects known as pottery shards. You can craft four pottery shards to create a pot. Pots are decorative and are used to make your home more welcoming.

The Brush item in Minecraft has a durability of 64. You use up one durability point for every Suspicious Block you excavate. Crafting two damaged Brushes will earn you one fully fixed Brush with an extra 5% durability. A Brush can also be enchanted to have Unbreaking, Mending, or the Curse of Vanishing.

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