What does Swift Sneak do ? How To Get (and Use) the Swift Sneak Enchantment

What does swift sneak do ? With the release of the Minecraft 1.19 update, Mojang released a brand new enchantment called Swift Sneak for the Deep Dark biome.

The Deep Dark biome instantly became one of the scariest biomes in the sandbox title, simply because of how dark it was and because it could summon the Warden.

One of the major weaknesses of the Warden is that it can only hear players and not see them.

Hence, one of the methods to prevent Warden from spawning or evading the mob is by walking while crouching to not make any sound. This is where the swift sneak enchantment helps.

Everything to know about the Swift Sneak enchantment in Minecraft

What does Swift Sneak enchantment does?

Swift Sneak is a treasure enchantment that allows players to walk faster while crouching. As everyone knows, crouching drastically slows players down. Hence, this particular enchantment helps in several scenarios.

There are essentially three levels to this enchantment, each of which increases the walking speed by 15%. At swift sneak level three, players’ crouch walking speed is around 75% of their normal walking speed.

There are fourth and fifth levels in the game as well. However, they can only be obtained through commands.

what does swift sneak do

How to obtain Swift Sneak enchantment?

As mentioned above, the swift sneak enchantment is a treasure enchantment. This means that it cannot be found on any enchanting table.

The only way to obtain the powerup is by exploring Ancient City and finding it as an enchanted book inside chests.

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Hence, finding swift sneak is quite difficult in the game, since exploring and looting an Ancient City is dangerous.

Which armor part does Swift Sneak enchantment apply to?

When Swift Sneak was first introduced to the game, Mojang planned to make it exclusive to boots. However, after several pieces of feedback from the community, they made it exclusive to leggings

Players can only apply the enchantment on leggings, at least in survival mode. Luckily, the enchantment is compatible with every other legging enchantment, making it easier for players to add other powerups to that armor part.

How can swift sneak help players?

The swift sneak enchantment was mainly added to the game to help players evade the Warden more efficiently.

The powerup allows explorers to evade Warden and also explore the Deep Dark biome more efficiently and without triggering any sculk sensors.

Apart from that, players can also use the enchantment to sneak faster while mining and exploring the Nether.

Where To Find Swift Sneak Books In Minecraft

Swift Sneak enchanted books can be found naturally in chests in Ancient Cities. These are the only natural structures that have the possibility of containing Swift Sneak as loot. Any one of the three levels of the enchantment can be found, and they are applied to leggings using an anvil, not boots! This is done by placing the book and the leggings in an anvil and paying the experience fee to combine them.

So in order to find Swift Sneak, players will need to find an Ancient City. Ancient Cities are underground constructions that spawn exclusively in Deep Dark biomes. They spawn below Y: -52, so finding them is no easy task. Players should dig deep and look for Deep Dark caves, identifiable by their dark, glistening blue sculk blocks, as seen above. Once found, players can explore the cave and may find themselves in a city. Alternatively, if players know their world seed, they can make use of Chunkbase’s Ancient City finder to locate some nearby ones.

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Ancient Cities are massive, with countless chests, so there’s a very high likelihood of finding a Swift Sneak book, as well as other loot. Players ought to be careful of Wardens that may be roaming around the city and deal the highest damage from any melee attack in the game.

How To Best Preserve The Swift Sneak Enchantment In Minecraft

Because Swift Sneak is non-renewable, players may want to avoid losing the leggings they apply it to. This can be done by repairing the leggings whenever their durability gets low. If a player is using diamond leggings, for example, repairs can be made by combining diamonds with the leggings in an anvil. This will preserve its enchantments. It is also advised to not use this enchanted book on leggings of a tier lower than diamond, as non-renewable enchantments should not be wasted.

What Does Swift Sneak Do in Minecraft?

Swift Sneak is an enchantment in Minecraft that helps you walk faster while sneaking. Normally, your walking speed slows down to a little over one block each second if you are sneaking. Swift Sneak allows you to walk slightly faster depending on the effect’s level. Without using commands, Swift Sneak can go up to Level III, which increases sneak-walking speed by 75%. Similarly, Level I increases your speed by 45%, while Level II raises it to 60%.

Unlike normal enchantments, you cannot get Swift Sneak using an enchanting table. Instead, Swift Sneak is currently available exclusively by venturing through Ancient Cities. Ancient Cities are massive structures in the Deep Dark, the newest biome added in the new update. Like Mineshafts and End Cities, Ancient Cities have chests containing exclusive items. While you are not guaranteed to find enchanted books with Swift Sneak on them, this is the only location where you’ll find them. You won’t find books or items with the enchantment in any other loot or treasure chest.

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In Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions, another difference between Swift Sneak and many other enchantments is that it is exclusive to leggings. You will not naturally find the enchantment on any other armor piece, tool or weapon. However, after obtaining a Swift Sneak enchanted book in an Ancient City chest, you can then use an Anvil to add it to your leggings. While this does not work for other weapons, tools or armor types, you can add it to the leggings of your choice.

Where To Find Swift Sneak Enchantment

Swift Sneak is a new enchantment that can only be found in a loot chest. In that sense, it’s similar to Mending, only, for now, it seems that villagers also do not sell this enchantment in their inventory. This means Swift Sneak is a fairly rare enchantment.

The only loot chests that spawn Swift Sneak are treasure chests located inside Ancient Cities. These new structures are found in deep dark biomes, which are special biomes players can sometimes find at extremely low elevations in caves. It’s also where the Warden spawns and the biome is marked by its sculk blocks.

what does swift sneak do

How To Use The Swift Sneak Enchantment

This enchantment book can only be applied to leg armor, so leggings of any tier will do. Simply place the book and the leggings on the anvil interface to apply the enchantment on the armor piece.

Swift Sneak comes in three tiers, from Swift Sneak I to Swift Sneak III. The fourth and fifth tiers are only available through commands. Each tier increases the player’s walking speed while crouching by 15%. The first tier starts at a 45% faster walking speed, while the third tier provides a 75% speed boost while crouched.

This is a niche enchantment, though it’s easy to see why Mojang may have implemented this, given the introduction of the Warden and its ability to hear player footsteps. As such, when exploring the deep dark biomes, having these Swift Sneak leggings might be a good idea for players wanting to avoid alerting the Warden.

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