What does Stab mean in Pokemon ? What does STAB mean and how to utilize it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What does stab mean in pokemon ? When a Pokémon uses a move in battle, there are a variety of modifiers in play from both sides that affect the amount of damage the move ends up doing. Multipliers provided by type resistance, stats and stat adjustments, moves, and items can drastically change the outcome of any given turn.

STAB is one of the most commonly referenced multipliers in both main-series and spin-off Pokémon games and it can be the difference between a whiff and a turn-ending faint.

What is STAB?

STAB stands for same-type attack bonus. In most cases, if a Pokémon uses a move whose type matches its own, that move receives a 1.5x (or 50 percent) increase in damage.

For example, the Pokémon Squirtle is a Water-type. If it uses Water Gun, a Water-type move, the damage of Water Gun is increased by 1.5x. Water Gun’s base damage is 40, so when Squirtle uses it, it would do 40 x 1.5 damage, or 60. (This doesn’t include other potential modifiers, like the opposing Pokémon’s type or either Pokémon’s held item, but STAB does stack with other modifiers.)

As of Pokémon Sword and Shield, STAB holds true for all move types, including Normal-type moves, which runs contrary to what some old Pokémon strategy guides say.

Pokémon that have two types, such as the Fire and Flying-type Charizard, receive STAB for both Fire and Flying-type moves, making them even more dangerous in battle. In Charizard’s case, the 4x weakness to Rock-type moves balances out the power that it receives through STAB.

The 1.5x modifier provided by STAB is so powerful that if you’re directly attacking an enemy Pokémon, it’s usually best to use moves that match your Pokémon’s type, even if you have a different move that might be super effective against them.

A same-type move that correlates with your Pokémon’s high attack or special attack stat is generally the most effective way to attack. If you can combine STAB with other modifiers, like the move type-enhancing plate series of items or a super-effective bonus on the opposing Pokémon, you can quickly clear out entire teams—provided you have the right moves.

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what does stab mean in pokemon

Can anything modify STAB?

Certain abilities can modify or enhance STAB. The ability Adaptability powers up moves that are the same type as the Pokémon that uses them, increasing the modifier from 1.5x to 2x. Pokémon that can have this ability include Eevee, Porygon-Z, Basculin, and Corphish.

The hidden abilities Protean and Libero, which function exactly the same, change a Pokémon’s type to the type of move it’s using. For example, if Greninja, normally a Water-type, uses the Psychic-type move Extrasensory, Greninja’s type will change to Psychic until it uses a move of a different type. Greninja will also receive the usual 1.5x STAB for using Extrasensory as a Psychic-type.

A similar ability known as Color Change, which changes the Pokémon to the type of the move last used on it, has been unique to Kecleon since Generation III.

Kecleon does receive STAB for any same-type moves used when its type has been changed, but since it has a fairly limited move pool, Color Change isn’t as useful as Protean and Libero.

Are there any exceptions to STAB?

Some Pokémon moves do a set amount of damage regardless of STAB or other modifiers. These moves, like Dragon Rage (deals a flat 40 damage), Seismic Toss (deals damage equal to the opposing Pokémon’s level), and Night Shade (same as Seismic Toss), have types but their damage is not increased by STAB.

For example, if the Dragon-type Salamence uses the Dragon-type Dragon Rage, the move will still do 40 damage. These moves are useful when your Pokémon’s attack stats have been lowered or an opposing Pokémon’s defense stats have been raised to the point where other moves are ineffective, even with the extra damage afforded by STAB.

The vast majority of Pokémon games feature STAB, including spin-off titles like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. But the newly-released Pokémon UNITE does not include STAB, mainly because it doesn’t include type advantage mechanics at all.

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Other modifiers are used in UNITE to influence the power of one Pokémon’s move on another.

Take advantage of STAB moves to knock out opponents quickly in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In a nutshell, STAB powers up moves that are of the same type as the Pokemon using them. To be more specific, the move’s power is boosted by 1.5x.

For example, the Grass-type move Razor Leaf would be more effective when used by the Grass-type Bulbasaur than it would by the pure Fairy-type Flabebe because the former gains STAB.

There are Pokemon with dual-typing too, and as such, the STAB scales to both the elements of the user. For example, the Water/Ground-type Swampert will have STAB applied to both its Water-type attack Water Gun and the Ground-type attack Mud Shot.

However, it should be noted that STAB does not apply to moves with fixed damage. This means that moves that inflict proportional damage will not get the benefits of STAB even if they are of the same type as the user.

Examples of such moves include Counter, Super Fang, and Dragon Rage. The latter, in particular, always takes down 40 HP of the opponent, and STAB does not affect this in any way.

Overall, there is no reason not to use moves that belong to the same type as the Pokemon. On the other hand, it’s usually best to avoid having moves that don’t gain STAB unless they buff the user or serve another supportive/defensive purpose. This includes moves like Reflect, Protect, and Screech.

Various creatures also have different abilities that affect types and STAB factors. To be specific, users with the ability Protean are able to change their type to the move they use.

This means they will receive STAB on virtually every move regardless of the original type of the Pokemon. Only the Keclon and Froakie line have this ability, and it is a hidden ability in the case of the latter. The Scorbunny evolution line has the ability Libero, which is identical to Protean in functionality.

Additionally, there is one ability in Scarlet and Violet that directly affects STAB. Known as Adapatibility, it boosts STAB effectiveness to 2x instead of 1.5x. Only Eevee and Basculin can naturally have this ability, and it is hidden for the Skrelp and Yungoos line.

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Players may also be wondering how Terastalization affects STAB. This new mechanic in Scarlet and Violet essentially adds a hidden third type to a Pokemon after Terastalizing.

It turns the creature shiny and bright, with the new element reflected on its head.

This means that the Electric/Ghost Rotom could potentially have a Dark Tera type. What’s great is that Tera types also gain STAB so any Dark-type moves that the Rotom has in its moveset (such as Thief or Dark Pulse) will also be boosted while the Terastalization is active. Of course, this is true for opponents too, so players must keep that in mind during battle.

How The Same Type Attack Bonus Works

In the equation that determines the overall Damage of an attacking move, STAB is calculated alongside many other factors that determine how much HP the target will lose, however, it shows up pretty late in the order of operations.

Also, when compared to the other potential multipliers, STAB has the opportunity to be one of the biggest influences of total Damage.

These two traits combine to mean that STAB will have one of the biggest effects on the Damage calculation in any given scenario, meaning that players should prioritize activating STAB over most other controllable passive factors in battle.

The only factors that increase damage more than STAB are those that change in-battle, such as activating a specific weather condition or using status moves to buff one’s Attack or Special Attack stat directly.

what does stab mean in pokemon

Moves That Are Unaffected By STAB Mechanics

Direct Damage Moves

Since STAB is a factor implemented in the regular Damage Equation during battle, moves that do not use these calculations are not influenced by STAB.

These moves, known as “Direct Damage” moves exist in multiple variants that each follow unique rules for calculating damage. Here is a list of Direct Damage moves that currently exist and are usable in Generation 8 Pokemon games:

  • Bide
  • Counter
  • Dragon Rage
  • Endeavor
  • Final Gambit
  • Guardian of Alola
  • Metal Burst
  • Mirror Coat
  • Nature’s Madness
  • Night Shade
  • Psywave
  • Seismic Toss
  • Sonic Boom
  • Super Fang

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