What does SMP mean in Minecraft ? What SMP Means In Minecraft

What does smp mean in minecraft ? There are a few different categories of SMPs, but they are all essentially the same thing. SMP literally stands for Survival Multiplayer

Many SMPs start off as a group of friends on a server. As the server grows, it becomes more of a community. The point of starting an SMP is to grow a community and make new friends.

What does SMP mean in Minecraft?

Here is what a SMP means and the different types of SMPs in Minecraft:

Different types of SMPs

1) Anarchy

In an anarchy SMP, there are no rules or limitations, and people are free to do whatever they wish. This includes hacking, stealing, griefing, and more. This type of SMP is great for players who enjoy freedom, but beware, a lot of anarchy SMPs have a toxic playerbase.

2) Vanilla

Vanilla SMPs are plain and untouched. There aren’t any mods or plugins in these SMPs, which means players cannot claim land or lock chests. Vanilla SMPs are basically Minecraft single-player worlds, but with friends.

3) Semi-Vanilla

Semi-Vanilla servers are still pretty plain, but they are not untouched. Semi-Vanilla SMPs have simple plugins that make life a bit easier but don’t interfere with the game. These plugins usually allow players to claim land, lock chests and create warps.

4) Modded

Modded SMPs are servers that include mods. Players who wish to play on the SMP have to download the same modpack as the server. There are thousands of mods out there, so there is a variety of different mods a server can host. Modded SMPs are usually way different than normal Minecraft due to the mods.

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5) Peaceful

Peaceful SMPs are typically Vanilla or Semi-Vanilla servers. The only difference is that PvP is turned off. These SMPs typically have very friendly player bases and are great for younger kids.

6) Factions

Factions servers have been around Minecraft for years, so many SMP owners convert their SMPs to function like factions. While in a faction, players can claim land, build, mine, and more. Factions will typically fight other factions.

what does smp mean in minecraft

7) Skyblock

Skyblock is another type of SMP that has been around Minecraft for many years. On a Skyblock SMP, players will spawn on a tiny island floating in the air. They must learn to survive and expand their island using the limited resources they are given.

These were the most popular SMPs in Minecraft that players will ever come across.

What Does SMP Mean in Minecraft? Answered

If you’ve heard the term SMP being thrown around in Minecraft, it’s actually a somewhat generic term within the genre that means “Survival Multiplayer.” Survival is a core mechanic of Minecraft and has been since its launch; SMP servers are an extension of that facet of the game, tasking players with surviving different block worlds that each have their own established lore and rules. Many SMP servers started off as a bunch of friends on a server before growing and becoming something of a community.

As you probably already know, Minecraft has three modes: Survival, Creative, and Hardcore. SMP is a variation on Survival mode. There are a few different categories of SMPs, but they are all more or less the same thing. The differences between them boil down to the extent to which they are modded and the PvP dynamics.

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Common types of SMPs include Anarchy, Vanilla, Semi-Vanilla, Modded, Peaceful, and Factions.

Anarchy – a free for all server style with very few rules

Vanilla – the original Minecraft experience

Semi-Vanilla – original Minecraft but with various plugins to reduce the grind and improve quality-of-life features

Modded – there are many different variations of modded, but this is essentially any SMP that puts a focus on creativity

Peaceful – PVP switched off

Factions – offers the ability to form clans/factions with friends

Joining an SMP server is simple. You just need to find the server you want to join from a website such as minecraftservers.org or Minecraft-server-list.com. From there, it’s just a case of typing in the IP address of the SMP server and joining in the fun.

That does it for everything you need to know about what SMP means in Minecraft. For more useful tips and guides on the game, such as what Minecraft Preview is and how to use emotes search Twinfinite.

What SMP Means In Minecraft

A decade after its release, Minecraft remains one of the most popular games with millions of players. Minecraft is almost its own platform more than a game, since part of the joy is finding servers with unique mods and playstyles. In that sense, a term that can’t be ignored for new players is SMP.

Really, Minecraft has been a sandbox since the beginning. There are three main modes in the game: Survival, in which players have to scavenge for food and resources; Creative, which removes threats for the sake of building projects; and Adventure, which is similar to Survival but offers more structure, including scripted server commands via command blocks. Indeed server mods have enabled a universe of possibilities beyond what was originally envisioned.

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SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, effectively the core experience of Minecraft without any of the more elaborate mods. Even within that context, however, there are several variations, as Apex Minecraft Hosting notes. For purists, it’s best to hunt down Vanilla servers – these have few (if any) mods, and may be good launching points for people just branching out from single-player. Friendlier still are Vanilla PvE or Peaceful servers, which disable the option for players and AI enemies to attack. Newcomers to the game should start here if they can, since it can be frustrating to lose inventory or building progress.

what does smp mean in minecraft

Modded Minecraft Offers Rewards And Danger

Modded servers come in many different varieties, so once Vanilla Minecraft is played out, it’s really a matter of trying different ones until something clicks. One step up is a Semi-Vanilla server, which simply smooths over some of the game’s rough edges, like adding a shop that lets players sell items to each other instead of conducting manual trades. For a challenge, Skyblock servers drop players on small floating islands, Faction servers are based on conquest, and Anarchy servers are complete chaos. In fact, if Peaceful is a great introduction for beginners and children, Anarchy is the exact opposite – players should be prepared for cheating, griefing, and offensive language and buildings.

SMP in general may not be for everyone. Some players are attracted to Minecraft as if it were a Lego set – and though it is possible to build massive structures in Survival, it’s better to stick to Creative to avoid having days of work destroyed by a creeper. Particularly in the case of Anarchy servers, players who have their own definitions of fun may prefer more difficult Minecraft SMPs.

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