What does Riptide do in Minecraft ? How to Get The Riptide Enchantment in Minecraft

What does riptide do in minecraft ? Several different enchantments are available for different items in Minecraft. Some enchantments, like Mending I or Unbreaking III, are universal and can be applied to any item. Others, however, are specific to certain items in the game. Fortune can only be applied to a pickaxe and Lure can only be applied to a fishing rod.

Minecraft’s 1.19 update has introduced a new enchantment to the mix. Swift Sneak is an enchantment that is only applicable to leggings and allows players to move at an increased speed while sneaking. This is especially useful in the Deep Dark biome.

Riptide is an exclusive enchantment that can only be applied to tridents. This article will cover what it can do, how to use it, and how to get it in the game.

To achieve this effect, players simply need to use their trident like they would to throw it at a mob. It won’t be used as a projectile weapon but rather turn the thrower into a projectile.

Riptide can only be applied to a trident, which puts it alongside these enchantments:

  • Loyalty
  • Channeling
  • Impaling

All of these are only applicable to tridents, but they can’t all be applied at the same time. Both Channeling and Loyalty cannot be put on a trident that has Riptide.

Since Riptide prevents the trident from leaving the Minecraft character’s hand, Loyalty cannot cause the trident to return.

Additionally, Channeling would draw lightning to the exact spot where the Minecraft gamer is standing, which would strike and potentially kill them in the game.

Riptide enchanted tridents can still be used as a melee weapon, so the Impaling enchantment can still be applied to it. The same is true for Unbreaking and Mending.

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Specific enchanted books are hard to come by and Riptide is no exception. The most straightforward way to obtain this enchantment is to simply enchant a trident on an enchanting table.

This won’t guarantee Riptide, but it does give players their best shot. Additionally, enchanting books can also get Riptide.

This might take a lot of XP and a lot of cycling through the table’s enchantments, but it is also a fairly good way of obtaining it.

what does riptide do in minecraft

How to Get The Riptide Enchantment in Minecraft?

Before we tell you how to get the Riptide enchantment, you need to find the trident. To get the trident, go to the ocean biome and find Drowned mobs. Killing Drowned will give it to you. But keep in mind that the drop chance of this weapon is a little, so you will have to kill many mobs. Look for Drowned with a trident in hand and use weapons with the Looting enchantment to increase your chances.

Use Enchanting Table. Accumulate 30 levels, and put a trident and three lazurite on the Enchanting Table. You will get the desired enchantment after a few attempts.

Use the anvil and the book with the Riptide enchantment. You can find an enchanted book in any dungeon and abandoned mine, but the chance of this enchantment book spawning is minimal. We advise you to go fishing and catch the Riptide book. Use a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea and Lure enchantments. After spending 20-30 minutes fishing, you will receive the coveted book.

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Once you have the book Riptide Enchantment, use the anvil to combine the book and the trident.

As we said earlier, some enchantments have their drawbacks. You can quickly move around the game world using a trident with Riptide, but you will also receive fall damage. To mitigate this effect, put some suitable enchantments on your boots. You can also use Elytra to speed up your journey even more.

How is riptide used in Minecraft?

Tridents are great aquatic weapons and improve with riptide. Their most outstanding purposes are for travel and combat.


Riptide is an enchantment used to travel more quickly through water and in biomes with snow or rain.

If the player is underwater and throws their trident, their rate of travel is 3 + (level * 4). If the player is standing in water, in the rain, or snow, the rate increases to 3 + (level * 6). This occurs because the player is launched with the trident when it’s thrown.

The rule of travel also applies to upward distances. This can make climbing a steep mountain much easier at an extremely swift pace.


If a player uses a trident enchanted with riptide during combat in Minecraft, it can reap great victory. If a mob or another player is hit with the trident, they experience the damage that the trident deals. And if the player who threw it is falling, the damage is amplified.

In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, multiple targets can be damaged with one trident when it’s enchanted with riptide. If the enchanted weapon is put into a dispenser, it no longer damages multiple targets but flies ten times faster.

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How to obtain a trident in Minecraft

In order to get the riptide enchantment, a player must have a trident. This is the only item in the game that can have this enchant.

To get a trident in Minecraft, a player must kill a Drowned. This is an uncommon dropped item but not impossible to acquire. The drop rate is 8.5%.

During a melee conflict, an unenchanted trident deals two more hearts worth of damage than a diamond sword with no enchants in Java edition.

In Bedrock, the trident deals a half heart more damage than a diamond sword with no enchants.

If a trident with no enchants is thrown and hits a mob or another player, it deals eight damage (4 hearts).

what does riptide do in minecraft

Finding And Using Riptide In Minecraft

The final step is combining the Trident and Riptide Enchantment by using an Anvil, a utility block that requires Iron Ingots × 31 to craft. Once this process is done, stand in water or enter a biome where rain is present to fly through the air with the Trident. If the player hits a hostile or passive mob while falling, the entity will receive critical damage in Minecraft.

However, a significant predicament while using Riptide in Minecraft is that players will still take fall damage unless they successfully land in the water. Fortunately, there are a few methods to mitigate this issue. First, players can acquire the Elytra, a cape used for flying and gliding. The Elytra can only be found in End Ships within End Cities. Another way to avoid fall damage is by drinking a Potion of Slow Falling, which allows the player to gradually float back to earth after Riptide liftoff. Thirdly, the Feather Falling Enchantment for Boots can substantially reduce fall damage.

Above is information what does riptide do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does riptide do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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