What does quick Charge do in Minecraft ? What is Quick Charge in Minecraft?

What does quick charge do in minecraft ? There are currently 40 enchantments in Minecraft. Many of them, like Mending I, Unbreaking III, and others, can be applied almost universally to any item. Others are more specific. For example, Channeling can only be put on a trident.

Quick Charge is one of the more specific enchantments available. It can only be put on crossbows. In theory, it could be used on a bow or other projectile weapons, but that’s not currently part of vanilla Minecraft. Here’s how to use it.

How to enchant with Quick Charge and what it does in Minecraft

Quick Charge is an enchantment that decreases the reload time for a crossbow. It goes up to three levels. There are three main ways to acquire it: enchanting, trading, and in loot.

This can be fished up, but so can all other books, making one of the three Quick Charge books much more difficult to find. It can also be obtained in chests at the following locations:

  • The library in a stronghold
  • Jungle temple
  • Storeroom chest in a stronghold
  • Stronghold altar chest

Still, enchanting a book with it or finding a villager that trades it is much simpler. Once players have a Quick Charge book, they can apply it to a crossbow with an anvil.

This will cost a few levels of XP, but it can make a huge difference for gamers. Quick Charge dramatically changes the reload time. The standard for an unenchanted crossbow is 1.25 seconds. This is how each level changes that

It ultimately only affects that aspect of the crossbow. However, crossbows fire farther and deal more damage than bows. The only tradeoff is a much slower release, but that’s effectively eliminated with Quick Charge.

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Additionally, crossbows can fire arrows of any kind or fireworks, which deal much more damage. With Quick Charge, a crossbow could fire a firework at someone much faster and stronger than a bow with an arrow.

what does quick charge do in minecraft

How to obtain the Quick Charge enchantment

Quick Charge is one of the only three enchantments that are exclusive to crossbows in Minecraft, with the others being Multishot and Piercing. You can technically apply the enchantment to anything using commands, but it won’t work on anything except a crossbow.

You can get the enchantment either by using an enchantment table and placing a crossbow on it, from fishing, or from a chest found in a natural structure in the wild. Keep in mind that these only work for Quick Charge 1 and 2, with Quick Charge 2 being obtained through combining two items with Quick Charge 3 or randomly being found.

What does the Quick Charge enchantment do?

Quick Charge reduces the time required to load an arrow or firework rocket on your crossbow. The base loading time is 1.25 seconds, and every level of Quick Charge decreases that by 0.25, bringing it down by a maximum of 0.75 at level 3.

You can use commands to enchant a crossbow beyond level 3, even making it load instantly. However, after that point, enchanting it to further levels with commands will make it unusable.

Where can you use the Quick Charge enchantment?

Since Quick Charge is not mutually exclusive with any of the other two crossbow enchantments, it is generally a very useful enchantment to run on all your crossbows. It might even be worth it to fully upgrade to Quick Charge 3 since the 0.25-second difference between levels 2 and 3 could make a huge difference.

Key Takeaways

When talking about this crossbow enchantment, it’s important to remember the following things:

  • Quick Charge is one of the three crossbow-only enchantments in the game.
  • You can obtain it with an enchantment table by finding it in the wilderness or through fishing.
  • The enchantment decreases the base charge time of a crossbow by 0.25, up to a max of 0.75 at level 3.
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Since it is not mutually exclusive with other crossbow enchantments, you should run this enchantment on all crossbows when you have the chance to.

What is Quick Charge in Minecraft?

The Quick Charge enchantment in Minecraft is an enchantment that you can use on your crossbows. It will allow you to recharge your arrows or a firework rocket quicker so that you can use them more frequently.

Quick Charge is a good enchantment that will help you a lot while using your crossbow. Since the normal crossbow takes a long time to recharge before you can fire another arrow, using this enchantment will give you a quicker recharge and you can spend more time in combat. If you want to know where you can get Quick Charge or would like to know more about it, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s jump straight in and find out what is Quick Charge in Minecraft.

How to Obtain Quick Charge in Minecraft?

First thing’s first, you’ll want to know where you can get this enchantment. Like most other enchantments, you can obtain Quick Charge in three main ways; trading, enchanting, and finding it in a loot drop. Plus, it can be upgraded to level three which further reduces the amount of time it takes to reload your crossbow. If you find yourself using the crossbow a lot, then this enchantment is certainly worth getting.

If you want to find Quick Charge in loot chests, you need to look for it in very specific locations. Some of the common areas where you can find it are the library in the Stronghold, Jungle Temple, the altar chest in the Stronghold, and in the storeroom chest in the Stronghold.

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However, that can take quite some time and effort since you’ll have to fight your way to get it. To obtain this enchantment in an easier way, you can trade with a villager. Once you find a villager that is willing to trade you this enchantment, grab it and it will be yours to use.

what does quick charge do in minecraft

Applying Quick Charge

Now that you have the Quick Charge enchantment, you’ll want to apply it to your crossbow. Keep in mind that this enchantment can only be applied to your crossbow, not the normal bow and arrow. Go to the enchanting table and put your crossbow and the Quick Charge book in it. You’ll see that it’ll apply the enchantment to the crossbow and you will have its benefits.

If you are lucky, you can find a level 2 or 3 enchantment right off the bat but you will usually get the level 1 enchantment. If you are curious to know how much each level makes a difference, we’ve tested them out and listed down our results. Keep in mind that the normal crossbow takes about 1.25 seconds to reload the arrow. While it doesn’t sound like a long time, it can cause a lot of problems in the heat of the combat.

Once you have the level 3 Quick Charge, you will load the arrows in your crossbows almost instantly. This allows you to deal a lot of damage while having a low reload time. The best part is that crossbows have a longer range and higher damage. With this enchantment, you will get the benefits of the crossbow while having the reload time of a normal bow and arrow.

Plus, you can even use fireworks with your crossbow that deal even more damage. The reload time applies to them as well, allowing you to spam fireworks in short succession. With this enchantment, I feel that the crossbow is absolutely worth using instead of the bow and arrow.

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