What does Punch do in Minecraft ? Punch Enchantment in Minecraft

What does punch do in minecraft ? If you’ve been playing around with the enchantments in Minecraft, then you may have wondered what the “Punch” enchantment does and how it’s used in the game. Simply put, it’s a bow enchantment that knocks foes back further when they’re hit with your arrows.

This may sound simple on the surface, but this enchantment can be used in some unique and interesting ways. So in this article were going to break down everything Punch does in Minecraft. And how you can use it the next time you play the game.

How to Get Punch Enchantment in Minecraft

Let’s get more specific. The Punch enchantment gives any bow imbued with it the ability to knock foes back further than usual when they get hit, which is usually by half a block or so. The enchantment comes in two variations. “Punch I” lets you knock mobs three blocks away, and “Punch II” knocks enemies six blocks away.

If this sounds like something you want for your next bow, there are two things you’ll need to get; a bow to enchant and the Punch enchanted book. The bow can be crafted using three sticks and three pieces of string. Or you purchase a bow directly from a Fletcher Villager or by getting lucky when exploring the world.

The Punch enchantment book can be contained when enchanting any book at your Enchantment Table. From there, simply head over to an Anvil and enchant your bow to gain the Punch I enchantment. For the Punch II enchantment, you’ll need to use an Enchantment Table surrounded by bookshelves. Then use some Lapiz Lazuli and experience points to upgrade the bow.

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Now that you have your bow with either the Punch I or Punch II enchantment, how can it be used in Minecraft? Well, luckily there are two main ways, for combat and for mobility, which we’ll cover below.

what does punch do in minecraft

Using Punch in combat and PVP

Combat utility is likely the biggest reason that most people would be using Punch on any of their bows in Minecraft. Being able to push your enemies away and get in some more shots before they can do heavy damage. Or putting some distance between you and a mob to run or to reposition. These advantages can be the difference between life and death in any game of Minecraft.

For PvP (Player versus Player) it’s especially useful as you can keep other players at a distance. Or even use a well-placed arrow to knock them off platforms and off the map when possible. Ultimately, this enchantment is worthwhile to get you out of tough spots or give you a tactical advantage.

Using Punch to double jump in Minecraft

Last but not least, the Punch I and Punch II enchantments can be used for a tricky movement hack in the game. By firing an arrow straight up with very little power, and letting it hit you while jumping, you will then apply the knockback onto yourself.

This results in you flying through the air far higher than before. This is useful if you want to experiment with creating obstacle courses. Or just getting to some tricky areas when you run out of resources in the wild. Granted, this does take some practice and is not the most functional application for the Punch enchantment, but it’s still good fun to try.

Minecraft Power vs Punch

What does the Power enchantment do?

Power is an enchantment in Minecraft that increases the amount of damage dealt by the arrows shot from the bow; thereby, increasing the amount of damage that mobs and other players take.

Power raises the amount of arrow damage by 25% on each level. Players can achieve this enchantment by using an enchanting table or an anvil.

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What does the Punch enchantment do?

The Punch enchantment in Minecraft increases the arrow’s knockback, similar to the knockback enchantment prevalent with melee weapons. Mobs and other players will experience greater knockback when struck by a Punch-enchanted bow.

This enchantment does not increase the amount of arrow damage that is dealt, it only increases the amount of knockback damage. That is the main difference between these two enchantments.

What are the max levels of enchantment?

For Punch, the max level of enchantment is level two. Players can find an enchanted book with Punch ll in it located around the Minecraft world, or on an enchanting table.

The max level of enchantment for Power is level five. Players can acquire this enchantment by combining two Power lV bows, or finding it as an enchanted book.

In order to get the maximum levels of enchantment from an enchanting table, players need to place bookshelves around the table in a 5×5 square, leaving space for a door opening.

What it does

If you shoot an Arrow to a mob or a player and hit them, they will receive an increased knockback. This means that they will be pushed away from you by 3 or 6 blocks more than the base knockback. The base knockback can vary, depending on the mob or player’s knockback resistance: for example, Iron Golems, Shulkers and the Ender Dragon are immune to knockback.

If your targets are going to be pushed by 3 blocks or by 6 blocks depends on the level of the Push enchantment: level I Push gives an extra 3 blocks knockback, level II Push (the maximum level) gives an extra 6 blocks knockback.

The Push enchantment gives the exact same benefit of the Knockback enchantment, that you can apply to Swords.

Note that the Push enchantment does not increase the damage dealt with your Bow.

Is it worth it?

The Punch enchantment can be quite situational, is not an enchantment that you always want on your Bow by default.

It can be very annoying to push away enemies that are running away from you, giving them extra distance. A Push enchanted Bow is not suited for chasing enemies, but it can be helpful when you are being chased or when you are surrounded by enemies, so that you can give yourself extra space.

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You can also use a Push enchanted Bow to perform Arrow jumps, particularly useful in PvP to surprise your enemies. If you don’t know what an Arrow jump is, check this video tutorial

How to get it

We already covered how to get every enchantment in the article How to get Silk Touch easily. The methods explained in that article will work for Push as well.

If instead you want to get this enchantment using cheats, you just need to check below.

How to obtain the Punch enchantment in Minecraft

Punch is a bow enchantment and can only be applied to bows in Minecraft. You can technically apply it to anything else using commands, but it wouldn’t have any effects.

You can obtain it the same way any other enchantments in the Minecraft are obtained. One option is to use an enchantment table by placing the bow in the enchantment table, then selecting the enchantment from the list. Another option is to find an enchanted book and combine the bow with it on an anvil.

Punch isn’t mutually exclusive with any enchantment in the Minecraft, meaning you can combine it with anything else on the same item.

what does punch do in minecraft

What does the Punch enchantment do in Minecraft?

The Punch enchantment can be considered an analogue of the Knockback enchantment for swords. This means that they have more or less the same effects.

Punch increases the knockback on hit when you shoot a mob or player with an arrow. For every level, it adds 3 blocks of distance to the base knockback, with the max level being level 2. You can technically go higher with commands, but the level cap is 255.

Where can you use the Punch enchantment?

This enchantment can be used in all combat situations, since knockback is always a useful feature considering it gives you the ability to heal or reposition while the enemy is further away from me.

It is especially useful in sky-based PVP game modes, where one of the things you can do to defeat an opponent is knock them into the void, and Punch can do that easily.

Above is information what does punch do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does punch do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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