What does Mending do in Minecraft ? The Mending Enchantment in ‘Minecraft’ Is Useful, but Hard to Find

What does mending do in minecraft ? This Minecraft enchantment is beneficial to the player in multiple ways. It allows the player to have a sense of security, contributes towards convenience, and allows the player to have more trust in their enchanted weapon, armor, or other item.

Mending is sometimes confused with item repair, which is performed using an anvil as opposed to mending, which can only be found.

How does Mending work?

This enchantment will deduct experience from any orbs (commonly received through slaying mobs or mining coal – or most quickly, Bottle o’ Enchanting) and puts them into repairing the enchanted item.

How to get Mending in Minecraft

Mending can be applied by using an enchanted book. This can be used on an object by placing down an anvil, putting the item in one slot and the book in the other. The item should then come out enchanted.

Since mending is often considered a “treasure” enchantment, the player must find it through fishing, raids, trading, or as chest loot.


A fishing rod void of enchantments in Minecraft has a 5% chance of catching treasure, but that can be increased using the Luck status effect or through Luck of the Sea. Both of these have the same impact on a player’s odds of reeling in a treasure item.

Open water is a necessity to catch treasure.


All mobs involved in the raid will drop loot, which includes items with the mending enchant. This, of course, may come at the expense of the player’s life if they aren’t prepared.

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what does mending do in minecraft


When it comes to trading with villagers for enchanted items, those with the highest levels are the best to seek out. For example, an expert or master armorer (levels 8 and 9) offer enchanted diamond armor.

Looting Chests

The chances of obtaining an enchanted item through looting in Minecraft is slim, but not impossible. There are many places that this can take place in and the possibilities are different depeding on the location. It’s also imperative to keep in mind that other enchantments hold an equally likely chance of being found in chests.

Looting in Java

Here are the likelihoods of receiving a diamond sword or leather tunic with the mending enchantment in the Java edition of Minecraft through chest looting


It’s important to note that mending isn’t compatible with the infinity enchantment, which can only be applied to bows.

If a player has multiple items with the mending enchantment in Minecraft, they will all be restored by random selection when experience is present. However, items that are not equipped won’t be able to contest for repair. Items that are also at full durability are not eligible until they are used.

What Does Mending Do in Minecraft?

Mending is a powerful enchantment in Minecraft that gives you the ability to repair the tools, weapons, and armor using experience points. The faster you gain experience points, the faster you can repair your items!

When Mending was added to the game, everyone was so happy! If you’re a Minecraft veteran, you know that to craft and enchant your best tool is already challenging, but to keep the durability and repair the items is another story.

With mending, everything is so easy! You don’t need other tools or armor of the same type to repair the item. Or you don’t need to spend a crazy amount of level on the anvil too!

How to Obtain Mending in Minecraft?

Mending can be obtained by looting treasure chests spawned in the dungeons, desert temples, mineshafts, ancient cities, pillager outposts, underwater ruins, and woodland mansions.

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Fishing also has a 0.8% to 1.9% chance to give you a random enchanted book, resulting in a much lower rate to obtain a mending book this way.

The best way to get mending in Minecraft so far is to trade with the librarian villagers. They have a high chance to sell a mending book for around 20 emeralds. And if you cured them from the zombification, the price can be lower, down to 1 emerald.

How Does Mending Actually Work?

Whenever an item has a mending enchantment on it and it’s placed in either your main hand, off-hand or any of 4 armor slots, the item will be repaired when you gain experience. Each experience repairs 2 durabilities.

What Tool/Armor Does Mending Affect?

Mending works on armor, weapon, and tools. No matter the material you use to make the items, mending will work the same! In specific, below is the list of items:

Armor: helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots, elytra, turtle shell, and shield.

Weapon: sword, axe, bow, crossbow, and trident.

Tools: pickaxe, shovel, axe, hoe, fishing rod, shears, flint and steel, carrot on a stick, and warped fungus on a stick.

What does mending do in ‘Minecraft’? Here’s why you may want to take advantage of it.
Mending is an enchantment in Minecraft, and if you haven’t messed around with the enchanting table in the game, you may want to after this.

Any Minecraft player knows that your tools deteriorate as you use them, and eventually almost every version of a tool will break. This is why players grind to get more advanced and durable materials for their tools, like diamonds, so they will last longer and work more efficiently.

But instead of continuously running through your resources crafting and recrafting these items, you can instead enchant your tools with mending, which will slowly regenerate your tools’ lifespan as they’re being used.

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As you mine items, the XP that is dropped from the blocks will first go to your tools, mending it so it will last longer. Any leftover XP will then go to your level. This, of course, means that you will level up much slower than you may typically, but it can also save time and resources.

what does mending do in minecraft

How to use the mending enchantment on your tools in ‘Minecraft.’

Just about any tool or piece of armor can be enchanted with mending, regardless of how advanced it is. This means that, yes, while it may seem a little senseless, you can enchant your wooden tools with mending so they last longer.

The way it works is that any tool or piece of armor on your character or in your immediate inventory has a random chance of being replenished as you pick up experience orbs. One experience orb restores two durability points per item.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prioritize which item is mended first. Every item on your person with the mending enchantment has an equal chance of being reinforced.

If you want to add the mending enchantment to one of your tools, you’ll first have to find it. While many enchantments can be created using the enchantment table, mending is one that is not able to be crafted in the game. Instead, you can find it in various chests located around the map, from fishing, or by trading with a librarian.

Once you’ve done this, though, you should easily be able to add it to the tools of your choosing. If you want to enchant all of your items with mending, you’ll likely have to grind for a bit to obtain enough mending enchantments.

The only enchantment that cannot be used alongside mending is the infinity enchantment, which is used to give a player an infinite amount of arrows. A bow that has been given the infinity enchantment cannot also be given mending.

Above is information what does mending do in minecraft.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does mending do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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