What does Loyalty do in Minecraft ? What does the Loyalty enchantment do in Minecraft and how to get it?

What does loyalty do in minecraft ? There are about 40 different enchantments available in Minecraft, with most of them having multiple levels. Many of them, like Unbreaking or Efficiency, are self-explanatory and do exactly what the name says. Others, such as Smite or Loyalty, are less clear.

Loyalty is also one of the rarer enchantments due to the limited amount of items it can be placed on. Here’s how it works, how to get it and more.

Complete guide to Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft

Loyalty is an enchantment that causes a thrown item to return to the player’s hand. The level of enchantment, in this case III, causes the item to return faster. Since III is the maximum level, the item will return to the player at the greatest speed possible.

Since it is used on throwable items, that limits it to tridents. Tridents are the only weapons that can be thrown in-game. Other items, such as snowballs or fire charges, can be thrown but they cannot be enchanted.

Loyalty is useful for players who prefer to attack from afar. It can be used to ensure mobs never get close enough to cause damage. Players can target mobs from very far away to kill them before they can even consider hitting back.

There is only one difference with this enchantment from Minecraft Bedrock to Java Edition. In Java Edition, a Loyalty-enchanted trident that is thrown into the void in The End will be destroyed. In Bedrock, it will return after traveling 15 blocks.

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Loyalty and Riptide cannot be placed on the same trident. Riptide allows the player to fly on the thrown trident if they are wet, which is the opposite effect of Loyalty. The same is true of Channeling, which summons lightning to the trident in a thunderstorm.

Different levels of the loyalty enchantment in Minecraft

Enchantments are a part of one of the most interesting game mechanics Minecraft has to offer. Enchanting allows players to make significant improvements to their weapons, tools, armor sets, and other items in the game. Most enchantments in the game are item-specific, meaning that they are specifically designed for an item or a class of items.

The trident is a unique weapon in Minecraft that can only be found underwater and has a rare chance of being used by the “drowned” mob. While they do a ton of damage if a player is struck with one of them, they can also serve as one of the most effective weapons in the game. Tridents can serve as both ranged and melee weapons. The ranged aspect of the trident also includes an option to charge it like a bow.

Four different enchantments can be applied to the trident in the game. These include Channeling (allows players to strike other mobs or surfaces with lightning during a thunderstorm), Impaling (deals some extra damage to aquatic mobs), Riptide (launches the player forward in water or rain), and the loyalty enchantment, which is the subject of this article.

what does loyalty do in minecraft

What each level of the loyalty enchantment signifies in Minecraft

Loyalty is an enchantment that is specifically designed for tridents. It allows the trident to return to the player once it has hit its target. This ensures that the trident is not lost or misplaced, as finding another one can be quite difficult. However, according to the Minecraft Wiki, if a player dies after throwing a trident, it just drops as a random item and can be despawned after some time.

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There are three levels of the loyalty enchantment: Loyalty I, Loyalty II, and Loyalty III. The increasing number or level of the enchantment indicates how fast the trident will return to the player who has thrown it.

A Loyalty I trident takes the longest to return to the player, with a Loyalty II trident taking a little less time. However, a trident enchanted with the Loyalty III enchantment returns to the player in the shortest time possible.

While the effects of the loyalty enchantment on a trident that is thrown can take place anywhere within the same dimension, it is imperative to note that tridents cannot travel between realms.

Therefore, if a Minecrafter is traveling from the nether dimension to the overworld and happens to throw their loyalty imbued trident in the nether, they will not receive it once they come to the overworld. The trident will be inside the nether, not despawn, and return to the player when they re-enter the nether.

Here’s How to Get Loyalty & What It Does in Minecraft

While Loyalty is somewhat niche in its use, it’s still a great enchantment to have at your disposal. Not only is it useful, but it’s straight-up cool as well. Before diving in how to get it, let’s talk about what it does.

What It Does

Loyalty is an enchantment that became available with the Aquatic Update and it can be added to any trident in the game. When you enchant a trident with Loyalty, your trident will automatically return to you after you throw it.

Basically, when you throw a trident enchanted with Loyalty, after it lands on its target, it will return to your hand.

Now that we know what Loyalty does, let’s talk about how to get it.

How to Get It

To get this enchantment, you first need to make an Enchanted Book. To do this, you’ll need a book and Lapis Lazuli.

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With those in hand, open the Enchant menu and place the book in the first section. Then, place three Lapis Lazuli in the other sections. This will craft an Enchantment Book and now you can enchant tridents with Loyalty.

To do that, head to an enchanting table or anvil. Open the menu and place the trident down. Use your Enchantment Book to find Loyalty and select that. Enchant the trident and you’ll be all set.

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what does loyalty do in minecraft

What is the Loyalty enchantment?

The Loyalty enchantment only applies to Tridents in Minecraft and makes it so the item will return to the user who throws it as a weapon. There are three levels of this that can be applied to a Trident, each one deciding the speed at which it will return to you.

If you throw a Trident while you die or go into a teleporter before it comes back, the Trident will fall to the ground as an item that can be picked up and eventually despawn. It can not be put on a Trident that has the Riptide enchantment attached to it, but it is compatible with other enchantments.

How to get the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft

To get the Loyalty enchantment, you will need to find or create its Enchantment Book. You can potentially fish it up from water source blocks or find it sitting in a Chest hidden within a structure. You can also create it by taking a Book and three pieces of Lapis Lazuli to an Enchantment Table. Paying some experience levels will allow you to create an Enchantment Book with Loyalty attached to it. Take it and a Trident to an Anvil to combine the two.

Above is information what does loyalty do in minecraft.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does loyalty do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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