What does hero of the Village do ? Hero of the Village in Minecraft

What does hero of the village do ? Who doesn’t want to be a hero? Doing well for others is great, but getting something in return is even better. In Minecraft, you can be a hero of the village and get some benefits in return.

Villagers in Minecraft are not always the nicest people, especially when doing business. They often trade unfairly and charge more than the item’s actual worth. Well, won’t you be happy to get a discount from these villagers?

In the hero of the village effect, you can do that. Let’s not waste any time and get straight to it.

What is a Hero of the Village in Minecraft?

Hero of the village is a valuable status effect in Minecraft that allows you to trade with villagers at a meager rate.

It started after killing the pillagers’ caption, which activates the bad omen effect. Therefore, when you enter a village with this effect, pillagers raid. To get the hero of the village effect, you have to save the villagers from this raid.

Now you can get gifts and trade at discounted prices until the effect wears off or you leave the village.

How Does The Hero of The Village Effect Work?

After defeating the raid, you get the status effect of the hero of the village. That allows you to get a 30% discount on all purchases at level 1.

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There are five to seven levels of this effect. At every level, the number of pillagers, Vindicators, Witches, and Ravagers increases, and you have to defeat them all to get a higher level in the game. As levels go up, you can trade at a more discounted price.

what does hero of the village do

For How Long Does the Hero of the Village Stay effective?

The hero of the village effect stays activated from 40 to 60 days, depending on the version you are playing in. A condition to get a discount on everything is to remain in the same village where you defend the villagers. The villagers will show their gratitude by giving low prices.

If you try to move to another village, the effect will wear off within a few seconds. In other words, the range of the effect is 20 blocks. If you move away from this radius, you lose the hero of the village status effect.

Items You Get as Gifts from Villagers

In Minecraft, villagers also throw gifts at you to show appreciation and gratitude. But for that, you have to have the hero of the village effect and stay within five blocks radius where villagers can see you. That is an excellent way of getting items you can’t farm in Minecraft, like leather, coal, and books. Here is the list of objects you can get

Java and Bedrock Edition Comparison

This effect favors Java over the Bedrock edition. You have five levels in Java but only one level (30% discount) in the Bedrock edition. However, you can use commands to increase as much level as you want.

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In the Java edition, the effect will remain activated for 40 minutes, and 60 minutes in the Bedrock edition.

What Does the Hero of the Village Effect Do in Minecraft

The primary result of having the Hero of the Village effect is that Villagers in the town you defended will greatly decrease the cost of trading for items. Depending on the version of Minecraft you are playing, this effect will last either 40 or 60 minutes. The version you are playing can also affect the level of the effect you receive.


The Hero of the Village effect does more for Java players than it does for Bedrock players. On this platform, the effect only last 40 minutes, but you do not risk losing it be exiting the Village’s radius. It also randomizes the level of the effect, which can increase your discount when trading.

The minimum effect level you’ll receive is Hero of the Village I, which gives you a 30 percent discount while trading. Each additional level beyond Tier I gives you an additional 6.25 percent discount. Since the maximum effect level you can receive is Hero of the Village V, this means the greatest discount you can receive is 55 percent.

How players can unlock Hero of the Village achievement in Minecraft

Achievements allow players to feel a sense of accomplishment when playing the game. Also, upon gathering these achievements, earn bragging rights.

The more achievements a player gets, the more they can check off the list. However, some achievements are hidden, and players can have a tough time until they are unlocked. The Hero of the Village achievement is one of these hidden achievements.

So what does a player need to do to unlock this achievement?

Unlocking the Hero of the Village achievement in Minecraft

The Hero of the Village achievement is unlocked when a player successfully defends a village from a raid in Minecraft. However, the specific criteria required is that they must defeat at least one mob during the raid, and then wait until the village has been completely cleared of the raid.

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Once they have met these requirements, the achievement will be rewarded to the player.

What causes a raid to happen in Minecraft?

A raid is triggered when players enter a village with the Bad Omen effect applied to them. When a raid happens, the village will be attacked by many enemies.

These enemies generally comprise of various Illager mobs, which include Pillagers, Vindicators, Ravagers, Witches, Evokers and Ravagers being ridden by Illigers.

With so many mobs coming at the player and the village, they will need to be prepared to fight back. This means they should have access to a good set of armor and weapons. It is also recommended that players have enough food to stay healed during the encounter.

How to get the Bad Omen effect in Minecraft

The Bad Omen effect is caused by either the player, or a tamed wolf attacking an Illiger Captain. When a player or wolf kills the Captain, they will receive a stack of Bad Omen which can stack up to 5 times. The more stacks the Bad Omen has, the more intense the raid will be.

This means that if a player has maximum stacks of Bad Omen, the raid will have more waves of Illigers. The effect can be cleansed just like any other status effect, by drinking milk or death.

what does hero of the village do

Claiming the achievement

Once the player has the Bad Omen effect, it’s time to find a village. Once there, it should trigger a raid on the village. Simply help the villagers defend it, and the Hero of the Village achievement will be earned.


Here is all the critical information about the hero of the village status effect, its uses, powers, and benefits. You can get it simply by fighting and winning against the raids.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your status effect and enjoy the perks of being a hero.

Above is information what does hero of the village do.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does hero of the village do .Thank you for reading our post.

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