What does Efficiency do in Minecraft ? What is Efficiency in Minecraft?

What does efficiency do in minecraft ? The extraordinarily famous Minecraft game is not just creative. It is also an open-ended game that allows gamers to code different scenarios and play with mind-blowing features at hand.

The features of Minecraft are truly amazing as it extends from tools to building materials and various resources.

Let us peek into the Enchantment book and look at one very swift feature; Efficiency in Minecraft and know much more about it.

What is Efficiency In Minecraft?

Efficiency is a very important tool for miners, it helps in faster collection of the mines. In simple terms, Efficiency in Minecraft is an enchantment that increases the mining speed of the player.

Minecraft has different types of mines crafted in the game, gamers visit different cities and places within the game to collect precious mines.

Efficiency comes in handy to collecting these mines with different speed levels. The speed levels are controllable within the game. Multiple speed levels display a variant graphic effect while players are recording the games.

what does efficiency do in minecraft

What Does Efficiency Do In Minecraft?

Efficiency activates different levels of speed to break different blocks while mining. Gamers can activate different levels of speed from I-V to break the blocks.

In Minecraft, pickaxes, shovels, axes, hoes, and shears are used to break down various blocks.

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These tools work on their own harvested blocks when enchanted with Efficiency power.

For example, an Axe will chop the wooden blocks faster, whereas an Axe will break the stones at a normal speed.

How Many Levels Are In Efficiency?

Efficiency has five levels of speed, each with a different speed that can be applied at any time. Minecraft has several versions that support all Efficiency speed Levels.

Level I

In Level-I, the speed of the enchanted tool is very slow, so the gamer must hit the Mining blocks multiple times to get the mine.

Level II

In Level II, the enchanted tool’s speed is faster than in level I, so the gamer can hit the Mining block fewer times in Level II as compared to level I to obtain the mine.

Level III

Because the enchanted tool’s speed is fast in Level III, and the tool is upgraded with fast mining speed, the gamer has to hit the Mining block fewer times than in Levels I and II to get the mine.

Level IV

In Level IV, the enchanted tool’s speed is almost instant, almost in seconds, and this upgrade brings super fast mining speed, the gamer only needs to hit the Mining block a few times to get the mine.

Level V

In Level V, the speed of the enchanted tool is at an instance where we cannot distinguish much between Level IV and Level V.

The calculated time between Level IV and Level V is in micro-milliseconds, and this upgrade has super-sonic mining speed.

How To Activate The Efficiency Enchantment in Minecraft?

The gamers can activate the Efficiency enchantment through the Enchanting table.

The Enchantment table enchants the tools with special abilities, and the Efficiency can be enchanted on multiple tools in Minecraft.

To create the Enchantment table gamers have to collect the following

  • 2 Diamonds
  • 4 Obsidian and
  • 1 Book
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After creating the Enchantment table, gamers have to place this In the middle of 15 Bookshelves to activate all the 30 Level enchants.

How To Activate Level 5 Efficiency On Different Tools Like Stone And Diamond?

All the tools can be enchanted with Efficiency Level V through the enchanting table. However, the Stone and Diamond tools can be activated up to Level IV through the Enchanting table.

By combining two items with Efficiency Level IV in an Anvil, players can activate the Efficiency V on Stone and Diamond. End city and Bastion remnant chests contain diamond tools with Efficiency V.

How To Stun A Shield Using Efficiency?

The Efficiency chosen and applied to the tools enables and increases the chances of stunning the shield.

The chances of the shield being temporarily disabled with the Efficiency is greater than 25%, which is the first Level I.

Five ways that players can use the efficiency enchant in Minecraft

Efficiency enchant can benefit the player in many ways. A player can apply efficiency through the enchanting table to an axe, pickaxe, shovel or hoe. They can also apply the enchant to shears.

A player can also use an enchanted book at an anvil to apply the enchant as well. Efficiency ranges from levels I through V, with the highest level increasing the gathering speed by up to 45%.

What is Efficiency in Minecraft

Efficiency is an enhancement tool in Minecraft that allows you to increase the mining speed. The tool helps in quicker collection of mines. So, if you are a miner, this tool must be a part of your setup.

There are multiple speed levels to collect mines. The user can easily control the speed level in the game itself; increasing the speed level shows different graphic effects at the time of recording.

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What is the use of Efficiency in Minecraft?

When performing mining operations, one needs to use multiple levels of speed. In Minecraft, there are five speed levels; the game needs to use a particular level of break blocks.

There are various tools in Minecraft to break, namely pickaxes, shovels, axes, hoes, and shears, that can be used to break down various blocks. So with the help of Efficiency, the speed of these tools will increase. Remember that the speed will only increase on the item they are meant to break. For example, an Axe can only break the wood quicker under the influence of Efficiency, but it will not affect stones or any other component.

How to enable Efficiency in Minecraft?

To activate Efficiency in Minecraft, one needs to make use of the Enchanting table. With the help of this table, one can enchant the given tools with additional functionality, hence, enhancing the efficiency of Minecraft. To cultivate an Enchanting table, the user needs to have 2 Diamonds, 4 Obsidian, and 1 Book.

Once they have created the table, they need to place it amidst 15 Bookshelves to activate all the thirty levels of enchants.

Do keep in mind that the Stone and the Diamond tools can only be activated till Level IV through the Enchanting table. In order to reach Level 5, the user needs to combine these two items in an Anvil.

what does efficiency do in minecraft


Efficiency in Minecraft is an enchantment that increases the mining speed of the player. Any tool’s efficiency ranges from Level I to Level V.

Players can activate efficiency through an enchanting table and the enchanting table can grant up to Efficiency V to tools made of any material except stone or diamond.

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Above is information what does efficiency do in minecraft.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does efficiency do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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