What does Crying Obsidian do ? How to Craft Crying Obsidian in Minecraft

What does crying obsidian do ? A new block, the Crying Obsidian, has been added to Minecraft with its recent Nether Update. This block is unique in a lot of ways, and has some interesting uses. While this may be exciting to players, it isn’t easy to obtain in large quantities, unfortunately.

Though related, the Crying Obsidian block is not like the standard Obsidian block in Minecraft, as it can not be used to build Nether Portals. Instead, Crying Obsidian represents regular Obsidian which has been used for Nether transport too much, resulting in its crying appearance.

Crying Obsidian is relatively rare, as there are only three ways to obtain it and all three of these aren’t very reliable. Players wanting to use substantial amounts of Crying Obsidian for builds or other purposes in survival mode have quite the grind ahead of them, but shouldn’t let that be discouraging due to its unique properties.

The main use of Crying Obsidian is as a crafting material, believe it or not. By combining 6 Crying Obsidian with 3 Glowstone, the player can craft a Respawn Anchor. This block is used to allow the player to respawn in the Nether, but it must be charged with Glowstone blocks. Every time the player dies, one Glowstone is used up, and the player must continue to to recharge it by placing more Glowstone in it (it can hold up to four total). Beyond this, however, Crying Obsidian has some other properties which make it useful for building.

Aside from looking cool, Crying Obsidian actually gives off a light level of 10, meaning it can be used to light rooms or grow crops. What’s more, it has the same durability as Obsidian, so it can’t be destroyed by Creepers, Ghasts, the Ender Dragon, TnT, and other explosives. This makes it the only block in the game that is both a light source and blast resistant. It does require a diamond pick to mine, however, so players wanting to use it as a temporary structure will need to be sure they have diamond on them.

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Crying Obsidian can be acquired in three ways: It can be found in chests in Bastion Remnants, obtained from bartering with Piglins, or found as part of the naturally generating ruined Nether Portal. Of these options, the most reliable method is to trade gold ingots with Piglins, but even this only affords a ~9.46% chance for 1 – 3 Crying Obsidian.

what does crying obsidian do

What Is Crying Obsidian Used For?

Obtaining crying obsidian is quite challenging because they rarely spawn in the Minecraft world. You can find them in ruined portals, chests in bastion remnants, or letting lightning strikes hit normal obsidian.

Besides all of the methods above, bartering with the piglins is the best option to obtain a large amount of crying obsidian. And with some crying obsidian on your hand, let’s see what they’re used for!

Minecraft: What is a Respawn Anchor?

Crafted in Minecraft by using six blocks of Crying Obsidian and three blocks of glowstone, Respawn Anchors allow players to set their spawn point within the Nether. In a similar function to beds in the Overworld, if a player dies while a Respawn Anchor is active and set, they will respawn in the vicinity of the anchor’s placement within the Nether. In order to activate this effect, the Respawn Anchor will need to be charged first.

To charge a Respawn Anchor, Minecraft players will need one of the materials used to craft it, namely glowstone blocks. By using glowstone blocks on the Respawn Anchor, players will add a charge to it, and it will also change its texture and begin emitting light to show this change. There is a dial on the side of the anchor that signifies what charge level it is currently at, with the maximum charge level being a total of four glowstone blocks.

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Additionally, the maximum light level that the Respawn Anchor can emit when given enough glowstone is 15, making it a good block to use to prevent hostile mob spawning in an area.

To set a player’s Respawn Anchor, they just need to interact with it the same way they would a bed. Multiple players in a multiplayer situation can do the same to a Respawn Anchor simultaneously. As long is it retains charges, it will continue to respawn players in its designated area.

If the anchor is destroyed, runs out of charges, or is in a situation where it is unable to place a player, Minecraft players will receive an error message that the anchor was unable to carry out its purpose. They will then be returned to their original spawn point when they first entered the world seed.

Players should also keep in mind that the Respawn Anchor only works within Minecraft’s Nether. If it is used within the Overworld, The End, or any custom dimensions created via mods, the block will explode and set fire to the surrounding area.

How to Craft Crying Obsidian in Minecraft

Crying Obsidian is a new and helpful introduced in one of Minecraft’s newest updates. This guide will explain how players can craft it and explain what it does. Minecraft is not only one of the most popular games in the world but also remains one of the most important. With over 100 million players logging in, players have been given an entire universe where they could be as creative as possible. Players have gone on fearless adventures with friends, created massive monuments, modded the game to have hundreds of different playstyles, and even educate younger fans in an academic environment. Crying Obsidian is a new item that can help players on their adventures in Minecraft and this guide will explain how players can craft it.

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Crying Obsidian is a game-changing inclusion to Minecraft as it can completely change how players will tackle certain tasks. It’s normal for Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft, to go back and add new content via updates. New animals like rideable horses and wolves were added to make the game world feel more alive. On the PC version specifically, the game is constantly generating new areas full of secrets for players to discover. There is nothing like grabbing a group of friends and heading deep into a mine to find valuable materials like Iron and Diamond. Here’s how players can obtain Crying Obsidian in the game.

what does crying obsidian do

How To Craft Crying Obsidian in Minecraft

Crying Obsidian can only be obtained by bartering with a Piglin. Piglin’s can only be found throughout the Nether Realm, a dark and dangerous place in the Minecraft world. Piglin mobs also only have a 9% chance to give it to the player who gives them a gold ingot. Crying Obsidian that has been placed can only be mined by using a netherite pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe. This is an extremely valuable item as it allows the player to place a spawn location in the Nether. If the player dies, they can respawn where they placed the Crying Obsidian. The Nether is a challenging and brutal location so dying is normal, making the Crying Obsidian a massive time saver for players.

Minecraft and Mojang were purchased years back by Microsoft. Regardless of this, Minecraft can be played on almost every piece of modern hardware known to man. The game continues to perform extremely well as players jump in to create their own adventures. The only limitation to the player is the player’s own ability to imagine what they can accomplish. From younger kids to older adults, the game is perfect for all ages. Minecraft has been able to keep its relevance because its community is one of the strongest in the gaming space.

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