What does Channeling do in Minecraft ? What is Channeling in Minecraft: Enchantment explained

What does channeling do in minecraft ? One of the reasons why Minecraft is so popular is because of the continuous development and upgrade that is introduced in the game. Minecraft can be played in two ways survival mode and creative mode, a player explores the world, collects resources, builds as well as fights mobs.

Sometimes killing mobs in Minecraft can be boring if we only use the mainstream sword, but Minecraft has a trident enchantment called Channeling which will make your hunting experience more rewarding.

In this blog, I’ll talk all about what is channeling in Minecraft. With only one level of upgrade, Channeling makes your trident be able to work together with tremendous lightning bolts.

I’ll start with its uses and continue with more important details, so make sure you read this until the end!

What is Channeling in Minecraft

Channeling is a Minecraft enchantment that is used with your trident, a Minecraft weapon that you use to defeat mobs.

If there is a thunderstorm when hitting a mob, Channelling summons makes it easier to defeat the mob by giving them a lot of damage.

In simple terms, the Channeling enchantment allows you to summon lightning to kill mobs faster; however, a thunderstorm must be present and the mobs must be exposed to the open sky for this enchantment to work.

what does channeling do in minecraft

What does Channeling do in Minecraft

With Channeling enchantment, your trident will summon a lightning bolt directly to a mob after you hit the mob with your trident.

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The lightning will cause more damage and affects multiple mobs nearby. Just like Minecraft lightning in general, it will also charge creepers, turns villagers into witches, and do other interesting stuff.

How to Get Channeling in Minecraft

In survival mode, you can only get tridents from killing Drowned zombies (be patient as the chance to drop their trident is quite low).

You also need to craft the enchanting table to create a book enchanted with Channeling (again, be patient until you find the enchantment).

After that, you can use Anvil to apply Channeling on your trident. Now you’re all set!


Channeling can only be used if the mob is in an open area and the weather is stormy. Make sure there are no objects on top of the mob, so the lightning can strike from above.

The mob cannot be in the water, lava, powder snow, cobweb, soul sand, honey block, snow (if the snow layer is 8), or in a minecart/boat while being hit.

But, mobs inside a minecart/boat can still be struck passively, since the lightning also affects mobs nearby.


Don’t be surprised if you cannot combine Channeling with Riptide using the Anvil. They can’t work together since Riptide makes your trident impossible to throw.

However, you can still combine these two enchantments using a Minecraft command, but only the Riptide will work (which means you can’t throw your trident).


You can get two Minecraft advancements by using Channeling.

The first one is “Very Very Frightening” which you can easily get by hitting a villager using your Channeling trident and letting them get struck by the lightning.

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The second one is “Surge Protector”, but you need extra patience since it’s much harder to obtain.

You can obtain it by putting a lightning rod near a villager (to ‘protect’ them) and then hit the lightning rod with your Channeling trident.

Make sure no villagers get struck and no blocks are set on fire.

Significant Changes to Channeling Enchantment

The Channeling enchantment was first introduced into the game, alongside tridents, during the 1.13 update to the Java edition of Minecraft on July 18th, 2018.

With the introduction of lightning rods, Channeling was made to be compatible with hitting lightning rods in the 1.17 update on June 8th, 2021.

Channeling Enchantment Incompatibilities

This Minecraft enchantment is not compatible with the enchant riptide. If a command is placed on the trident, forcing it to be enchanted with riptide, channeling will no longer work while technically still applied.

Channeling can only be used to enchant tridents in survival Minecraft.

Advancements with Channeling in Minecraft

A trident enchanted with Channeling can be used for two different advancements in Minecraft. A player can throw a Channeling trident at a lightning rod near a villager to get the “Surge Protector” advancement. However, that is only as long as the villager is not harmed and no blocks are set on fire from the lightning.

The player can also get the advancement “Very Very Frightening” by striking a villager with lighting.


This is one of the cooler enchantments in Minecraft that came along in the aquatic update and the trident. It’s effortless to get swept up in playing pretend as Zeus, the Greek god of the sky.

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This is a great way to have fun with the trident and overall a great means to protect oneself in storms when monsters are perusing about.

How to get a Trident in Minecraft

To retrieve a trident in Minecraft, the player must defeat a Drowned. This is an aquatic monster with a drop rate of 8.5% for a trident. While this seems low, it is possible to get one since they tend to fight in hoards.

Before going to fight these hoards with the intent of obtaining a trident, the player should have an attack plan ready with a retreat prepared as well. These mobs have the ability to sneak up on players with the element of surprise under the veil of darkness and murky waters.

what does channeling do in minecraft


Channeling is one of seven trident enchantments.

Your trident will summon a lightning bolt directly to a mob after you hit it with your trident if you have the Channeling enchantment.

You can also get much better results if you combine Channeling with other enchantments noting its incompatibility with Riptide.

Now that you know what Channelling in Minecraft is and how to use it, you can start practicing right away and impress your Minecraft friends with this exciting trick.

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Above is information what does channeling do in minecraft.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does channeling do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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