What does Bad Omen do in Minecraft ? 15 Things You Need To Know About Bad Omens

What does bad omen do in minecraft ? Minecraft has numerous status effects that players can experience but there is one that stands out as especially ominous: the Bad Omen. This effect comes about when players kill a patrol captain in an illager patrol and it can have some dramatic effects.

The Bad Omen status effect in Minecraft looks like an illager face with crossed axes underneath and it will remain with the player for 100 minutes. Illager patrols spawn all over the Overworld and usually contain a small group of pillagers with a patrol captain holding a banner. Once the patrol captain is killed, the player will be alerted immediately that the Bad Omen status effect is now attached to them. This means the player has become a target for illagers and, once that player enters a village, a raid will automatically commence.

Raids are in-game events in Minecraft in which waves of different types of illagers spawn and attack a village. These hostile mobs can include evokers, pillagers, vindicators, and ravagers and can be quite the challenge. The rewards for successfully defending the village from the raid include the loot from the illagers (usually crossbows and emeralds), a totem of undying, as well as the status effect Hero of the Village. This effect leads villagers to offer the player gifts as well as discounts when trading.

What Minecraft defines as a village in this case is an area with at least one villager present and a claimed bed. This status effect can be increased in its potency in the Java edition of the game through the killing of murder of multiple patrol captains. This increases the amount of waves as well as their difficulty but also offers more rewards.

Players who do not want to participate in a raid and/or are trying not to inflict damage on villagers, must either wait the 100 minutes before entering a village or locate a cow. Cows (as well as their red counterparts, mooshrooms) are great sources of milk in Minecraft and this liquid is the only cure for any and all potion and status effects. By crafting a bucket, players can approach either animal and click on it to fill the empty bucket with milk. Drinking this milk clears the Bad Omen status and allows players to enter villages without starting raids.

The only other way to remove the Bad Omen status is through player death. This will reset all status effects but, obviously, isn’t ideal. It is important to note that the same is not true of raids once they have been started. Raids usually can only end through the death of all illagers, the death of all villagers, or if all the beds in the area have been destroyed. In conclusion, a bucket of milk, a raid, or death are the only options for those players in Minecraft looking to get rid of the Bad Omen.

what does bad omen do in minecraft

15. Unlocks Achievements

The Bad Omen status is actually tied to a few achievements in the game. On the Java Edition, there’s only one main achievement that’s received the first time around when a player kills a raid captain and at an Illager outpost. This achievement is called Voluntary Exile and warns the player not to enter a village while the Bad Omen status is active.

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On Bedrock Edition, there are two achievements related to the status. When first killing a raid captain, you’ll receive the achievement I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This. If you enter a village with the Bad Omen status, you’ll also get an achievement called We’re Being Attacked!

14. Indirect Death Doesn’t Count

The bottom line on how to start a raid is to kill a raid captain. They’re most often found at Illager outposts, but sometimes they might be patrolling around the player’s home in a small group. The one with the banner is the captain of the group and killing him will give the player the Bad Omen status.

However, the death of the captain has to be direct. Using indirect methods such as lava or fire don’t actually count, so if you’d rather not deal with the Bad Omen status effect, consider trying to kill the captain in an indirect way.

13. Weird Way Of Removing The Status

The Bad Omen status effect works in strange ways. When first entering a village with the effect, a raid will begin instantly with the health bar filling at the top. This will also remove the status effect from the player.

However, if you leave the village while a raid is happening and receive another Bad Omen status, and decide to return, the status will be instantly removed and won’t actually have any effect on the ongoing raid. A weird but handy way to remove an unwanted Bad Omen.

12. The Maximum Potency Since 1.16

Previously, the level and difficulty of a raid could go up to six levels, which is a pretty significant number. This means you would have to fight six waves of a raid provided the Bad Omen status granted to you was the maximum possible level. It’s no easy task, given how tough the Illagers can be.

Thankfully, with the 1.16 Nether update the maximum strength of Bad Omens has been toned down. Now, you’ll only fight five waves at most when entering a village with the status effect, which should increase your chances of winning in survival mode if you’re not entirely prepared.

11. A Tamed Wolf Can Trigger It

The Bad Omen status isn’t just unique to the player. Other creatures are also at risk of getting it, including a tamed wolf who is guaranteed to attack an outpost captain if they approach the player. This is why taming wolves isn’t such a bad idea: they actually help out the player.

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If a tamed wolf gets the final blow, it receives the Bad Omen status instead and can trigger a raid just as a player would when entering a village. Make sure your tamed wolves don’t accidentally get the final blow on a captain, since that could spell disaster at your next village visit.

10. Activates When Entering A Village

When the player gets the Bad Omen status effect, nothing happens immediately. Unlike with statuses like Mining Fatigue that last for a certain amount of time, Bad Omens last indefinitely if they’re not taken care of. This is why their counter is pretty much infinite.

Bad Omens don’t cause any immediate adverse effects. In fact, a player can go about their lives normally, until they enter a village. Unless a player wants to be part of a raid, they should try and avoid approaching villages while this status effect is in place.

9. Received When Killing A Captain

Adverse status effects are usually gained by being in contact with a mob with special abilities. However, Bad Omens only come into effect if the player encounters a Pillager Outpost or a Patrol of Illagers. Usually, both of these can be found nearby villages.

Simply encountering Illagers won’t do. The player has to kill the Captain of the outpost or the patrol. Captains can be pretty easily recognized by their special appearance; they’ll usually carry a banner with the face of Illagers on it.

8. One Level Per Kill

Bad Omen is a status effect that actually increases in level. Each time a player encounters a patrol or goes to an outpost and kills a captain, their Bad Omen will level up once. In other words, one captain represents one level of the status effect.

Thankfully, Bad Omens don’t level up indefinitely. The maximum level for it is capped at five, so after reaching that that level the Bad Omen status effect will pretty much remain the same even if the player kills more captains.

7. Levels Determine Raid Difficulties

Now that it’s clear that Bad Omens have levels to them and that the maximum level is capped at 6, it’s important to know why this matters. Well, Bad Omens actually determine how difficult the raid is going to be when the player finally enters a village with the status effect.

If the player has killed three captains and their Bad Omen is at level 3, they will have to fight three waves of Pillager raiders. This also means that the most difficult wave will only be a level 3 wave. Due to this, it’s advised not to kill too many captains in between raids.

6. The Hero Of The Village

Not only does the Bad Omen levels determine the difficulty of the raid itself, but it also determines the aftermath of the raid. Once a player has completed a raid, they will receive a brand new status effect called the Hero Of The Village.

This status effect and its strength will be decided by how strong the Bad Omen status effect was. If the Bad Omen was at level 6, then the Hero Of The Village will mirror that level and also be at level 6. This way, players are rewarded for defeating difficult raids.

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5. No Levels In Bedrock Edition

Those playing on the Java Edition of Minecraft will have to keep in mind that Bad Omens have levels to them, and that they will increase up to level 6 with each killed captain. However, things are vastly different for players who own the Bedrock Edition of the game.

In the Bedrock Edition, Bad Omens don’t have any levels at all. No matter how many captains the player kills, the Bad Omen will always have the same level and the raids will always be the same length and difficulty. Similarly, the Hero Of The Village follows this logic, too.

what does bad omen do in minecraft

4. More Differences In Bedrock Edition

There are many tiny but notable changes that people in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft might not realize if they’ve only played the Java Edition. The reason for these changes is often to ensure that the game can be run on different platforms.

The Bad Omen itself, for instance, will appear very much like the Totem of Undying, with tiny particle effects. In Java Edition, the status effect simply remains at the corner of the screen as a silent reminder, without any special effects.

3. Getting Rid Of The Effect

While the player can pretty much ignore the Bad Omen status effect as long as they don’t walk into a village, they might want to consider getting rid of it. As of now, there’s only two ways of doing so, and one is more radical than the other.

The first way is to take on the challenge of the raid and find a nearby village. The risk here is that the villagers might suffer in the process if the player isn’t skilled enough to defeat the raid. Alternatively, drinking a bucket of milk will remove the status effect, but the player loses a chance to reap the rewards of a successful raid.

2. Approaching A Village And Starting A Raid

Players who do want to participate in a raid should walk into the closest village properly prepared for the challenge once they have the status effect. As soon as this happens for the first time, an achievement will also be unlocked in the process, and a health bar at the top will indicate the current wave’s health.

The village will be flooded with Pillagers, which need to be defeated. Some are simple Vindicators, but sometimes Evokers will be present as well. The health bar will regenerate for each consecutive wave of the raid until victory is achieved.

1. Rewards Of A Raid

While raids are not the most efficient way to get rid of a Bad Omen, they truly pay the player back generously. If villagers have been successfully protected, they will shower the player with various gifts depending on what their jobs are once they receive the Hero Of The Village status effect.

For example, farmers will give bread, cookies, or pumpkin pies. Fishermen will throw raw fish, and the fletcher will give normal and any of the special arrows. Baby villagers will offer poppies to the player.

Above is information what does bad omen do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does bad omen do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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