What does a Recovery Compass do in Minecraft ? How to Make and Use Recovery Compass in Minecraft

What does a recovery compass do in minecraft ? Dying in Minecraft isn’t that big of a deal. You drop your stuff, you respawn, you walk back to where you dropped it, you pick it up again, and get on with whatever you were doing.

But there are a couple of situations where it’s a bit more annoying. The first is when you die in lava. Most objects burn up in lava, so you’re not going to be picking them up again – wave goodbye to that enchanted diamond pickaxe. You can avoid this by avoiding lava.

The second is when you don’t remember where you died. Maybe you popped your clogs at the bottom of a twisty cave, in the depths of a huge forest, or far from your portal in the Nether. That’s where our item of the week comes in

The recovery compass was added in the Wild Update in June 2022, and it has one job – pointing to the location where you last died. It’ll do this constantly, unless you’ve not died or you’re in a different dimension to your death location. In these cases, it’ll just spin around randomly.

A recovery compass isn’t easy to craft. You’ll need to use a crafting grid to surround a regular compass with echo shards. Those echo shards are only available in ancient city chests, so be prepared to get friendly with the wardens before you venture forth.

Here’s an important tip – don’t take your recovery compass with you when you’re adventuring. It’s only useful in a situation where you’ve died, and if you die holding it then you won’t be able to use it to find your way back to that location.

Leave it in a chest at home instead – ideally with a set of high-quality armor and a decent sword and pickaxe. This is your emergency kit in the unhappy event that you do perish, and should allow you to recover all your possessions with minimum fuss.

In the real world, there are no recovery compasses because dying works the same as it does in Minecraft’s hardcore mode – it’s permanent. Scientists are pretty much unanimous that there’s no coming back from death, though some major religions disagree.

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what does a recovery compass do in minecraft

Minecraft’s recovery compass tracks where you’ve died

Unlike a normal compass that always points north, the recovery compass always points to the last spot your character died in. This means that you can use the recovery compass to track down where you died and recover any items you dropped.

The recovery compass will work no matter how far away you currently are from the spot you died in. But you do need to be in the same dimension (the Overworld, the Nether, or the End), otherwise the needle will just spin randomly.

How to make a recovery compass in Minecraft

To make a recovery compass, you’ll need one normal compass and eight echo shards.

To make a normal compass, combine one unit of redstone dust with four iron ingots. You can mine redstone and iron ore underground, but you’ll need to smelt the iron ore to turn it into ingots.

Echo shards are a new item, also introduced in the Wild Update. You can find them in Ancient Cities, massive structures located deep underground at Y coordinate -51. They’ll be hidden away in treasure chests, but there’s only a ~30% chance that they’ll spawn in any given chest.

Once you’ve got a compass and eight echo shards, go to a crafting table. Place the compass in the crafting table’s middle slot and surround it with echo shards.

You’ve now got a recovery compass, ready to find your last death spot. Put the compass in your character’s hotbar, take it out, and follow the needle.

How to Craft a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

The first step toward crafting a Recovery Compass is to obtain a regular Compass, and that can be done in several ways. The easiest of those ways is simply to craft a Compass by combining four Iron Ingots with one Redstone Dust in Minecraft. More specifically, players should place the Redstone Dust in the center of the crafting grid and then put the Iron Ingots above it, below it, to its left, and to its right.

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With a Compass in hand, players are ready to move onto the next phase of crafting a Recovery Compass: obtaining eight Echo Shards. These items can only be found in chests in Ancient Cities, large underground structures that have a chance to spawn at layer -52 in Deep Dark biomes. While there is no guaranteed method for locating Ancient Cities in Minecraft, players that spend some time exploring caves, particularly those that appear beneath large mountains, should eventually encounter one.

After finding a Deep Dark biome in Minecraft, entering an Ancient City, and looting eight Echo Shards from its chests, fans will have everything that they need to craft a Recovery Compass. Again this is performed in the crafting grid, and players should place a regular Compass in the middle and then surround it with Echo Shards. Indeed, this marks the end of the process, and fans will now be ready to use the item as needed.

What Does the Recovery Compass Do in Minecraft

With respect to the Recovery Compass’s functionality, it points players in the direction of their most recent death. This allows fans to easily resume their adventuring if they should die while exploring, and it is recommended that players keep Recovery Compasses in chests near their spawn points to make this process very streamlined. Notably, these special Compasses only work when the player is in the dimension where they died, and their needles will spin randomly in all other Minecraft dimensions.

what does a recovery compass do in minecraft

Recovery compass in Minecraft

How to get a recovery compass

Recovery compasses are a crafted item. They are made using eight echo shards and a normal compass. Recovery shards can be found in chests throughout ancient cities as part of the structure’s chest loot. They are found in groups of one to three in around 30% of all ancient city chests.

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This means that, depending on players’ luck, it could be that there are only three required chests or up to eight. And that’s assuming that every looted chest has echo shards. They might need to search through several ancient cities before they can craft a recovery compass.

Players will also need a compass, which is a much easier component to acquire. They can craft a compass with a redstone dust and four iron ingots, which players will almost assuredly have ample access to before exploring an ancient city.

Players can also find them in several structures such as shipwrecks in around eight percent of chests, strongholds in about 11% of library chests, in cartographer’s chests in villages about 26% of the time, and even inside ancient cities themselves, in about 16% of all ancient city chests.

Players can even trade for them with villagers with the librarian profession at the cost of four emeralds for a single compass. Though this trade only occurs in 50% or 33% of expert librarians in Java and Bedrock, respectively.

What the recovery compass does

A recovery compass pointing towards items dropped by death (Image via Minecraft)

A recovery compass pointing towards items dropped by death (Image via Minecraft)

The recovery compass is a very simple item. It solves an iss

The recovery compass is a very simple item. It solves an issue that many players have experienced: being on an adventure or deep in a twisting cave system hundreds or thousands of blocks from a respawn point. And then dying, dropping all the hard-earned loot onto the ground, surely to vanish before players can find their way back to them.

Instead of pointing back to the world spawn, the recovery compass will point players back in the direction of their last death. This means that players can follow the point of the compass and eventually be led back to their lost items, and assuming they are fast enough, they will all be there on the floor.

Even though player death tends to happen rarely, especially in the late stages of Minecraft when players have fully enchanted armor, a recovery compass makes a wonderful item to have in a chest as a backup plan.

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