What does a Pitcher Pod do in Minecraft ? How to Get Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

What does a pitcher pod do in minecraft ? The pitcher pod is a brand-new seed that will be released in Minecraft with the 1.20 update. It has something to do with the sniffer, which players chose during the 2022 mob vote. Since the behavior of the sniffer was revealed by Mojang, players already knew that some new plants and seeds would also be released with the update.

How to obtain pitcher pod in Minecraft 1.20 update

Players must understand that they need to jump through several hoops to obtain a pitcher pod. Only the sniffers can smell and dig out the special seed from the dirt blocks. However, getting a sniffer is a much tougher job.

These mobs do not spawn naturally anywhere in the world. Their eggs need to be found in suspicious sand blocks within ocean ruins, specifically located in warm ocean biomes. Furthermore, not every suspicious sand block will contain sniffer eggs, making the ancient mob even harder to find.

Once players hatch the sniffer eggs, they must wait for the snifflet to grow. They will have to wait further and let the sniffer roam around the world and start digging for either torchflower seeds or pitcher pods. Of course, the mob will not always dig out the pitcher pod.

what does a pitcher pod do in minecraft

How to use pitcher pod

Use pitcher pod to grow pitcher plant

The main use of the pitcher pod is to sow it in a farmland block so that it grows into a pitcher plant.

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The pitcher plant grows in three stages as a pitcher crop. Once it is fully grown, it can be broken with anything and placed on a regular grass block as decoration.

As of now, the only use of the pitcher plant is for decoration. Apart from that, it can be used on a crafting table to produce two cyan dye items.

Use on other mobs

Even though sniffers dig out pitcher pods, they cannot be used on them in any way. The new ancient mob only eats torchflower seeds to breed and heal.

The pitcher pod can only be used to breed chickens, grow chicks, and tame parrots in Minecraft. This means that they are like any other seed in the game.

What do Pitcher Pods do in Minecraft?

Pitcher Pods have three primary uses. They are:

  • Growing Pitcher Plants
  • Breeding chickens and giving chicks a 10% reduction in growth duration
  • Taming parrots

To grow a Pitcher Plant, a Pitcher Pod must be placed on farmland. There are four total phases of growth, with the final phase being a full-grown Pitcher Plant.

To collect the Pitcher Plant, simply break it and it will drop as an item.

Pitcher Plants only have one use. They can be crafted into 2 cyan dye.

Where to Find Pitcher Pods in Minecraft

Pitcher Pods are found exclusively by Sniffers when they dig the ground for special loot. The pods are dropped on the ground next to the Sniffer alongside anything else they might’ve encountered in this search. More specifically, they can be obtained when Sniffers sniff Dirt, Grass, Podzol, Coarse Dirt, Rooted Dirt, Moss, Mud or Muddy Mangrove Roots blocks.

All will have the same chances for pods, so it’s all up to your luck to find them or not. You’ll also occasionally get some Torchflower Seeds, and each Sniffer has an 8-minute cooldown between each sniffing session, so be patient.

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What do Pitcher Pods Do?

Pitcher Pods can be planted on your farm to grow into Pitcher plants. Those plants can later be sued to make Cyan dyes, so getting pods is basically an easy method of getting as many extra dyes as you need.

If playing on Bedrock, the pods themselves have extra usages, such as being nutritious food for chickens and serving as their breeding item. Feeding baby chickens with them will reduce their remaining growth time by 10%. The dream of every farmer out there. You can also use them to tame parrots, just gotta be lucky to find them in the first place.

What are Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft 1.20

Torchflower and pitcher plant in Minecraft are new crops added in the 1.20 update. They are grown with the torchflower seeds and pitcher pods that can be gathered after the sniffer has found them. Unlike other crops in the game, these plants don’t have many uses other than the decorative one.

You can get orange dye from the torchflower and cyan dye from the pitcher plant. Though, we strongly recommend not to use them for dyes, since they’re quite rare and valuable. Moreover, their looks is special and rather unique compared to other decorative crops and plants. They represent the ancient and exotic flora that’ll make any area stand out thanks to the gorgeous and vibrant colors.

How to Get Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

The only way of obtaining the seeds which can be grown into the torchflower and pitcher plant in Minecraft is through the new Sniffer mob. This mob will every once in a while start digging and revealing the ancient seeds. We highly recommend you check out the linked guide to learn more about the sniffer.

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Moreover, to even get a sniffer you’ll need to find the sniffer egg in Minecraft and hatch it. This can be quite a time-consuming task, but it’s worth it in the end.

what does a pitcher pod do in minecraft

How to Grow Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

Torchflower and pitcher plant are grown similarly to other crops in Minecraft. You’ll need to create farmland using a hoe and place the seeds by right clocking on the tilled soil. Don’t forget to place the water nearby to allow these seeds to grow. Moreover, adequate light level is essential for the growth of these and other crops in Minecraft so keep it at least 9.

Torchflower has three stages of growth, just like most crops. It will require two bone meal to reach the last stage.

Pitcher plant is a little bit different from other crops, since it has five stages of growth. This means it naturally needs more time to grow. Furthermore, if you’re impatient and want to grow it artificially, you’ll need to use four bone meal on the pitcher pod to help it grow fully.

After the torchflower and pitcher plant have fully matured, you can collect them with a hand. Unfortunately, they are not affected by the Fortune enchantment nor do they drop seeds when broken, so you need to rely completely on the sniffer to fuel your new crop addiction.

By jumping on the farmland blocks which these seeds are planted on will break them and drop the seed items. When the torchflower is grown fully, the farmland below will just turn to dirt after being jumped on, without breaking the flower. However, that is not the case with the pitcher plant. This crop has a little hitbox in all the growth stages, and jumping can only break the seeds in the first stage.

Torchflower and Pitcher Plant Farms in Minecraft 1.20

Let’s focus on how to more easily obtain the seeds for these plants. This is simply achieved by creating a collection system for them. We are going to build it underneath the layer of diggable blocks like dirt or grass (at least a 6×6 block area). Follow the step-by-step process below.

Above is information what does a pitcher pod do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does a pitcher pod do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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