What does a Lucky Egg do in Pokemon Go ? Pokemon Go!: Utilizing Incense & Lucky Eggs Effectively

What does a lucky egg do in pokemon go ? Lucky Egg and Star Piece are two of the most important items in Pokemon Go but players often end up wasting them. We’ll walk you through the best time to use Lucky Egg and Star Piece so that you take full advantage of these valuable items in Pokemon Go.

Whether you’re a new or a veteran Pokemon Go player, Lucky Egg and Star Piece are extremely useful assets. While catching Pokemon is undoubtedly the core part of the game, players need these two items to make progress in Pokemon Go.

However, many players don’t know when they should use Lucky Egg and Star Piece, so they are unable to enjoy the full perks of these items. Understanding their usage can help both you and your Pokemon level up and earn rewards quickly.

What is Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go?

A Lucky Egg is a special Pokemon Go item that gives you double XP for a limited period of time. They usually last for 30 minutes but may last longer during special events.

When to use Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go

We recommend using Lucky Eggs when you are able to earn as much XP as possible for the entire time that the item is active. So, here are the best times to use a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go:

Opening a friend’s gift that would increase your friendship level, especially Ultra and Best Friends.

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Sending 30 gifts 15 minutes before midnight and then 30 more gifts 15 minutes after midnight.

Evolving multiple Pokemon.

Hatching multiple Eggs.

Participating in multiple 5-Star Raids during Raid Hour events.

Catching the first Pokemon and spinning the first PokeStop during the seven-day Research streak.

During events like Community Day and Spotlight Hour.

what does a lucky egg do in pokemon go

What is Star Piece in Pokemon Go?

A Star Piece is a special Pokemon Go item that increases the Stardust earned by 50% for a limited period of time. Star Pieces usually last for 30 minutes but may last longer during special events.

Getting more Stardust helps you power up your best Pokemon, unlocking a second Charged Move, trading, purifying Shadow Pokemon, and changing forms of certain species in the game.

How to get Star Piece in Pokemon Go

Here’s how you can get Star Pieces in Pokemon Go:

  • Buy a Star Piece from the in-game shop for 100 PokeCoins or a set of eight Lucky Eggs for 640 PokeCoins.
  • Buy a Box that has a Star Piece in its contents.
  • As rewards from event Research tasks when they are available.
  • As rewards from leveling up.

Using Pokemon Go! items in Tangent

The first trick feels a little obvious, but it’s always worth mentioning. To get the most out of the Lucky Eggs and Incense, it’s best if players use them together. Since the Lucky Egg gives players double XP and the Incense provides more Pokemon, each catch will give players more XP than before.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the best time to use both items is when a Lure is used on a Pokestop. The Lures will attract even more Pokemon, giving players ample opportunity to catch even more XP. When all three of these items are used, it’s like the aligning of the stars. It’s rare and marvelous.

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Be Patient, Wait for a Pokemon Go! Event

Pokemon Go! events are some of the best events from a video game franchise. These events can be anywhere from region-specific to general participation. However, these events are the best times to use the Lucky Eggs and Incense, bar none.

Generally speaking, Pokemon Go! events offer players a chance to catch Pokemon that are generally harder to find in the wild. The most recent upcoming event, Community Day (February 22, 2020) is slated to provide players a chance to catch new Legendary and Shiny Pokemon. Events are the perfect time for players to use up all the Lucky Eggs and Incense that has been stored up.

During an event, Niantic generally allows players access to more stardust, XP, and items than before. If players add their Lucky Eggs and Incense to the mix, the rewards are astronomically larger.

For every new Pokemon caught, players are rewarded with 500 XP. Pair this with a Lucky Egg, and players easily will get 1000 XP. If the Incense is used on top of this, players will be able to catch heaps of new Pokemon and gain boatloads of XP in the process.

Evolve, Evolve, Evolve: The Secret of Pokemon Go!

There is nothing more annoying than constantly running into Caterpies, Weedles, Sentret, and any other super common Pokemon. The real question becomes, what do players do with this excess of Pokemon? Easy!

One of the best ways to utilize the Lucky Egg and the Incense is to evolve Pokemon players have on deck. Even if players have the evolved form of the common Pokemon, the XP given during evolution is phenomenal.

If players find that they have far too many common Pokemon on deck, just hold onto them and evolve them while using the Lucky Egg.

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The Incense will be perfect to use when evolving Pokemon as well. Because a certain number of candies is necessary to evolve a Pokemon, the Incense will help in increasing a player’s chances of finding Pokemon, thus increasing the chances of getting more candies to evolve them.

It’s also worth mentioning that some Pokemon Go! events will offer double candies or double XP for every Pokemon turned into the professor. It would be in the player’s best interest to hold onto surplus Pokemon until Pokemon Go! candy and XP events.

what does a lucky egg do in pokemon go

Pokestops, Gyms, and More Pokemon Go! Tips

As previously mentioned, using a Lure with the Lucky Egg and Incense is sure to give players more XP than ever before. However, this isn’t the only way for players to utilize Gyms and Pokestops.

For every Pokestop and Gym visited, players are granted a certain amount of XP. For every new Pokestop a player interacts with, 250 XP. This gives players that are in an area with a cluster of Pokestops the chance to receive a large amount of XP.

If this process is paired with a Lucky Egg, that amount is easily doubled for players, not to mention the amount of items players can receive for each spin.

Pokemon Gyms work a little differently than the normal Pokestops, however. The Gyms are more dependent on how many times each player has had a Pokemon in said Gym. For example, if a player is visiting a friendly Gym and the player has not been visited previously, players can receive about 31 XP.

This is contrasted with players who have never visited an enemy Gym previously with 25 XP. Although this seems like it plays a small part, this slight difference can mean a lot to players using a Lucky Egg. Additionally, defeating an enemy Gym with a Lucky Egg can definitely give players a needed XP boost.

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