What does a Loom do in Minecraft ? How to Make and Use a Loom in Minecraft

What does a loom do in minecraft ? Looms in Minecraft are used to add patterns and colors to banners. Villagers also have a use for the loom as a job block for shepherds. Players use the loom by adding a banner, a color, and selecting a pattern. Gamers can choose most of the patterns available off of the loom. However, there are a few patterns that need to be found and placed in their own slot.

All that there is to know about the loom in Minecraft

Looms became a part of Minecraft in 2019 with the village and pillage update. Bedrock Edition players had the loom added into the game in March of 2019.

Bedrock Edition 1.10.0 added what was left of the major update, including the loom. Java Edition Minecraft and the PlayStation 4 didn’t have the major update until mid to late April 2019.

Depending on what version is used, there are different banner patterns available to players as usable items. For example, the Bedrock Edition has a field masoned and bordure indented as exclusive banner patterns obtained as items. Java Edition players can find the globe banner pattern.

Players can find looms in villages that have a shepherd villager. They can also be found in abandoned villages.

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Players can make them using two pieces of string and two wood planks on a crafting table. One piece of string placed above two single wood plank blocks makes up the crafting recipe for a loom. The wood planks do not have to be the same to make a loom.

After a loom has been put down, it can be mined with an ax of any kind to drop itself. A loom can be placed near a villager to convert them into a shepherd. Minecraft villagers will change as long as they are jobless or unable to reach their job block.

Patterns can be put on the same banner up to eight times. Most patterns can be found and selected in the loom. Others will need an item called a Banner Pattern that can either be bought from cartographers, crafted, or found as loot in Bastion Remnants.

what does a loom do in minecraft

How To Craft A Loom

To start using a loom, you will need to craft one first. Crafting a loom will require two strings and two wooden planks. You must place the strings horizontally at the top of the 3×3 crafting grid, followed by the two wooden planks, which you will place parallel to the strings at the middle section of the crafting grid. Remember the item pattern is important to craft a loom successfully.

Minecraft: How To Make A Loom

There are quite a few blocks that have multiple functions, as in a game about crafting, having diverse uses for resources can grant some interesting yet natural complexity to the gameplay. Looms are blocks that the player can either find or craft themselves from a few simple components.

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Gamers interested in making Banners in Minecraft should be sure to acquire one of these crafting-related blocks in their base of operations, however, it would be good to place a Loom in a village as well to create some lucrative trading opportunities.

How To Get A Loom

There are only 2 ways of obtaining a Loom: by either finding it in a village or crafting one from scratch, neither of which are difficult to accomplish, though, finding one in a village will depend a bit on luck as they are not guaranteed to spawn within settlements.

How To Find A Loom In A Village

Look around all of the houses and other structures, as well as within them, to find a Loom. If players can spot a Shepherd villager, it would be good to follow them, as they will likely eventually lead gamers to a Loom, as it is the Job Block that gives Shepherd their profession.

How To Craft A Loom

The formation of a Loom is one of the simplest out of any Job Block or crafting-related block. It can even be made in the player’s inventory crafting menu as the recipe is only 4 components arranged in a square. To craft a Loom, place 2 Wooden Planks beside each other and 2 pieces of String over the Wooden Planks.

How To Use A Loom

Using A Loom For Crafting Banners

While opening a Loom’s menu can be a bit intimidating at first due to the complexity compared to other crafting blocks, looking at it one section at a time can help players figure out how to use them to make Banners.

On the left, there are the 3 component slots; 1 for a blank Banner (top left), 1 for any kind of Dye (top right), and 1 for an optional Banner Pattern (bottom).

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Next, there are the buttons that allow one to select what kind of pattern they want to create on their Banner if one does not have a Banner Pattern in the bottom of the component slots.

Players should note that when taking a finished Banner out of the Loom, only the blank Banner and Dye will be used up, leaving any optional Banner Patterns unconsumed.

what does a loom do in minecraft

Using A Loom To Employ A Shepherd

If an unemployed villager interacts with a Loom, they will become a Shepherd and players can trade with them for Emeralds as well as items and blocks that relate to Looms.

Where Can You Find a Loom in Minecraft

The only place you can find a loom is the village biome in Minecraft. This is a peaceful biome with passive villager mobs running around. One of the houses that can generate here is the shepherd’s house. This villager has a white coat and a classical shepherd hat. That is where you will find a loom. To learn more about villagers and their use in the game, check out our guide on villager jobs in Minecraft.

How to Use a Loom in Minecraft (3 Ways)

Loom has three main functions in the game, but the most notable one is to customize the banners. These are pretty cool decoration blocks, but they’re quite plain all on their own. So, that’s where a loom comes into play. Let’s learn how to customize banners in the steps below

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