What does a Lightning rod do in Minecraft ? Minecraft: What Do Lightning Rods Do?

What does a lightning rod do in minecraft ? The Minecraft Lightning Rod is a device that is particularly useful if you find yourself caught up in a storm, as it can protect you from the damaging wrath of Zeus. Lightning strikes are usually harmless if they land out in the open, but they can easily zap your livestock or burn your wooden Minecraft house to the ground if you’re unfortunate enough to sustain a direct hit. The last thing you want it to return home and find a smouldering pile where you once lived, so you should prioritize constructing a Lightning Road for some peace of mind.

The Minecraft Lightning Rod is pretty easy to craft, but the recipe and finding the materials to do it can be a little tricky, so we’ll guide you through both of those elements below. We’ll also explain some of the less obvious applications for this device in Minecraft, so you know how to use it as effectively as possible.

How does the Minecraft Lightning Rod work?

A Minecraft Lightning Rod will divert lightning strikes, making it hit the rod instead of any other blocks surrounding it. In Minecraft Java Edition, the area covered by the Lightning Rod is 32x4x32. In Bedrock edition, it’s 64x64x64. You should mount it on a block that isn’t flammable, such as stone, otherwise the base and other nearby flammable blocks could be ignited by a strike.

Naturally, a Lightning Rod won’t do anything during clear weather or normal rain. You can tell the difference between normal rain and a thunderstorm by looking at the Lightning Rod: if it emits tiny white sparkles, lightning strikes are coming so get ready!

You can always remove your Lightning Rod and place it elsewhere, but make sure to use a stone or better quality pickaxe to remove a Lightning Rod, otherwise it won’t drop anything.

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what does a lightning rod do in minecraft

How to get a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

The crafting recipe for a Minecraft Lightning Rod is simple – just place three Minecraft Copper Ingots on top of each other, which is the same shape as the Lightning Rod itself. The only difficulty you may encounter is to find Copper Ore, but if you just look at some nearby cave entrances or dig around a bit, discovering enough Copper Ore shouldn’t take too long. You can then smelt them in a furnace to get the three Copper Ingots required.

How to use the Lightning Rod in Minecraft

As mentioned before, the Minecraft Lightning Rod can protect your wooden house from lightning strikes, but that’s definitely not the only use of the Lightning Rod in Minecraft. Here are some examples of its other functions

Prevent mobs from transitioning into something more dangerous. For example, a villager struck by lightning turns into a witch.
Create mobs on purpose (and collecting their drops). Just put a villager in a tiny space with a Lightning Rod in the middle, and wait for it to be struck. It’s a bit mean, but effective.

Remove oxidation from copper blocks. Just place the Lightning Rod on top of the copper and wait until it gets hit; the greenish color will disappear.

The Lightning Rod sends a redstone signal when it’s struck by lightning, which means you can use it in a redstone circuit.

All you need to do is head out and find some Copper Ore, and you’ll have a Minecraft Lightning Rod in no time!

What are the uses of the lightning rod in Minecraft?

Lightning rod uses

The image above showcases a lightning rod potentially saving a village from disaster, which is one of the most useful features of the lightning rod.

More specifically, the lightning rod will intercept any lightning strike within a pre-determined radius. This interception has the chance to save flammable buildings from being completely engulfed in flames due to the heat of the lightning strike.

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As stated above, the radius of these lightning rods varies in both of the Minecraft Editions. The Java Edition lightning rod covers a larger area, with a spherical radius of 128 blocks. The Bedrock Edition lightning rod covers the square area of 64x64x64 blocks. It is unclear why the sizes differ between these two versions.

Lightning rods will emit a redstone signal upon being struck by lightning, which is another extremely useful feature.

Lightning rods will also intercept the lightning caused by a trident with the channeling enchantment. Since the lightning rod emits a redstone signal, this feature can be utilized to create some interesting contraptions and effects. Many Minecraft players have not utilized this feature yet, so a player who creates a cool invention will likely be the first to do so.

While it is quite a rare scenario, lightning strikes intercepted by the lightning rod do not allow skeleton trap horses to spawn.

Lightning strikes will also remove the oxidation from oxidized copper blocks, which can also be used in adventure or creative maps.

The YouTube video above showcases all the features of the lightning rod in great detail. Minecraft players can utilize this video to come up with some unique building ideas that involve the lightning rod.

what does a lightning rod do in minecraft

Minecraft: What Do Lightning Rods Do?

Getting struck by lightning, even in Minecraft, is incredibly unlikely, but that doesn’t mean that players shouldn’t be prepared. The first part of the Caves and Cliffs update is here, and with it comes a ton of new content. This includes the new Copper Ore, new mobs to find like the Glow Squid, and even some new craftable items. The Lightning Rod is one such item, and players can use it to protect themselves, their homes, and even friendly Villagers and other players. For those wondering what it does, how exactly it works, and how to craft it, they are in the right place.

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The Caves and Cliffs update was split into two parts. The first part that is available now adds all of the new blocks, mobs, and other content into the game. Sometime in 2022, Minecraft will receive a complete overhaul to its world generation, making the titular caves and cliffs more cohesive. It won’t stop there, however, as everything should make a bit more sense after this second update.

To get a lightning rod, players will need to find and harvest some Copper Ore. This is a new resource in Minecraft, and it can be found and smelted in exactly the same way as Iron Ore. After smelting this ore down and receiving Copper Ingots, players need to stack three Copper Ingots on top of one another in a crafting table in order to make a Lightning Rod. Now find somewhere high up and out of the way and place this new item down.

Whenever lightning strikes within range of the Lightning Rod, it will be redirected and hit the rod instead of its intended target. In the Java Edition, this range is 32×4×32 blocks, but it is actually much bigger in the Bedrock version of the game. Any lightning that strikes within a range of 64x64x64 blocks will be redirected to the Lightning Rod in this version. Aside from looking cool, there are a few reasons that players might want to do this. For starters, lightning can strike structures and cause fires for unlucky players, but it also has a chance to hit the player, a villager, or even overcharge a Creeper.

Finally, players may also be interested to know that there is a new achievement associated with the Lightning Rod. To get the Surge Protector achievement, players must “Protect a villager from an undesired shock without starting a fire.” In gameplay terms, this simply means redirecting a lightning strike that would have struck close to a villager.

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