What does a Fletching table do in Minecraft ? Minecraft: How To Make & Use A Fletching Table

What does a fletching table do in minecraft ? The fletching table is one of many blocks in the Minecraft game, and it is a rare block that can be found in certain villages. Several types of villagers will differ in their profession in the Minecraft village; they will wear different clothes and have different trades to offer the players, one of whom is a fletcher. As a result, fletchers are naturally generated in villages.

When Minecraft players are unemployed villagers and want to trade, this is where the fletching table comes in. This table helps turn an unemployed villager into a Fletcher. Fletching tables generate naturally inside the fletcher houses, but the players do not have to worry because we can also craft them to encourage more villagers to become fletchers.

The fletching table in the Minecraft game looks similar to a tan block with a bow and arrow on one side and a target on the other. Fletching tables are available in all current Minecraft versions, including the Java Edition and Pocket Edition. But we cannot find the fletching tables on Xbox 360, PS3, and so on. Not to worry, Manoj might make a change so that we can access these versions too.

To check if the villager has naturally spawned a fletching table, the players can enter each house to find it or look for a fletcher villager roaming about. The fletcher can be identified by a brown hat with a feather on it; this is a common way for players to obtain the table.

what does a fletching table do in minecraft

How can we use Table Fletcher? 

As we have already read, the fletching table helps to employ any villager as a fletcher, and the player can trade several items related to archery like arrows, bows, crossbows, etc.

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In Minecraft games, Fletcher is a great opportunity for the villagers as they give emeralds for sticks, and sticks are extremely easy to craft. You need not worry about the emeralds because the players can get a lot of emeralds from them.

Fletching tables are not old. The players can see the UI for a split second in spectator mode, but the UI can be crafted. Many players have noticed a potential user interface with this particular block, and in spectator mode, the players can see that and deduce that a future update (i.e., in 2022) might introduce a clickable use for the table, as we do for the arrows.

Unfortunately, there is no vanilla Minecraft version. But there are a few useful uses of fletching tables.

The fletching table in the Minecraft game can be used as a target block. Although there are many dedicated target blocks in the game, the fletching table also has a small target on one of its faces. So, the players can place the block as they choose and practice their arrow shooting.


In Minecraft, fletching tables have a unique look when compared to other Minecraft, which presents a great opportunity for decoration. However, the players do not have a function to click on, but they can be used to spice things up or add some personality.

Fuel source

All wooden blocks can be used as fuel in a furnace, smoker, or even a blast furnace in a pinch, but they are not valuable fuel sources. When the players don’t have coal or any other sources, then a wooden block might be more convenient to use because they are going to smelt 1.5 items in a furnace.

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In the Minecraft games, the fletching tables can be used as fuel in furnaces, smelting 1.5 items per block, and they can be placed under note blocks to produce the “bass” sound.

How to Craft (& Use) a Fletching Table in Minecraft

Introduced in 2019’s “Village & Pillage” Update, the Fletching Table in Minecraft has been a mixed bag for many in the community. On the one hand, many are pleased with its current use as a Job Site Block for Villagers. Conversely, others believe the block should have much more utility as an interactive Utility Block. In November 2022, the Fletching Table was featured as the official “Block of the Month,” with the developers teasing that the table “might gain additional functionality in the future.” Nevertheless, as of January 2023, any substantial changes to the Fletching Table remain to be seen, yet it still holds some utility for those who know how to craft it.

To make a Fletching Table block in Minecraft, players will need Wood Planks and Flint. Acquiring Wood Planks is extremely simple, as it is one of the first activities of any veteran or newcomer during a Survival Mode playthrough. Cutting down a tree and breaking apart its Logs to make Planks is a simple and effortless procedure. Any Wood type, from common Oak to rare Crimson, will work for the Fletching Table’s recipe. Conversely, Flint is more of a challenge to procure.

what does a fletching table do in minecraft

Crafting the Fletching Table in Minecraft

Flint for the Fletching Table block in Minecraft is acquired from Gravel, a block that can appear near or in bodies of water, such as oceans, rivers, and lakes. This block of crushed rock will also generate in clusters underground within caves and mine shafts. Players might also find patches of Gravel blocks while exploring the lava lakes of the Nether realm. Shovels are the best tool for harvesting Gravel, and Flint has a base 10% drop rate whenever a Gravel block has been collected. If adventurers wish to increase this meager drop rate, they must enchant their Shovesl with the Fortune Enchantment.

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Once players have procured Wood Planks ×4 and Flint ×2, they can combine the materials at Crafting Table to assemble a Fletching Table block in Minecraft. As noted above, this block serves as a Job Site Block for Villagers, namely the Fletcher. This NPC Vendor sells items related to archery, including bows, arrows, and crossbows. Fletchers are an excellent source of Emeralds since players can trade ordinary Sticks for the rare green gemstones.

Additionally, Fletching Tables can be creatively used as a decoration. For instance, YouTuber JayDeeMC has suggested that players place a Hay Bale under a Fletching Table to create a makeshift target practice dummy, using the target art to face the player character in Minecraft.

Above is information what does a fletching table do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does a fletching table do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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